Fury Says Wilder “Would Knock Out Joshua In The First Round”

Will we ever get to see Tyson Fury fight Anthony Joshua? Will we ever get to see Anthony Joshua fight Deontay Wilder? We fight fans have been teased, by the possibility of both fights, yet for a number of reasons both fights fell apart. Fury of course now faces Wilder in a third fight, while Joshua is set to fight Oleksandr Usyk next.

Fury, speaking with Sky Sports, said he has to get past Wilder first but that after he does, he will “give them the biggest beatdown they have had in their lives.” Fury was referring to both Joshua and Eddie Hearn.

“I’ll deal with these guys later – the most important thing to me is Wilder, the most dangerous heavyweight in the world who would knock out Joshua in the first round,” Fury said. “I’ve got to get past Wilder then those guys will get their five minutes of fame. I’ll give them the biggest beatdown they have had in their lives. As I’ve told Eddie Hearn, the difference between me and them is they are businessmen and I’m a spartan.”

It’s interesting to think that Fury, perhaps, is the only man capable of beating Wilder. Would Wilder really take out Joshua in double-quick time? We may never know. But then again, maybe we will. It would be quite amazing if Wilder got his revenge over Fury and then fought Joshua in a massive unification showdown. Stranger things have happened, haven’t they?

Fury of course is adamant he will beat Wilder again, he says even quicker this time. If Fury is as good as his word once again, the world may never see Deontay Wilder in a ring ever again. Where would Wilder go if he got knocked out for a second time by Fury? Wilder’s entire career really will be on the line on July 24.

Does Fury do it again next month, or will Wilder pull off one massive comeback sensation? And where does the winner of the three-match go next? Also, does Joshua beat Usyk?