Froch Wins and Will Again, but Not Against Ward

froch644Froch dominated Kessler, and will again if they have a third fight. Kessler’s style is too predictable and not busy enough. He lost because he failed to manage distance very well. He failed to take advantage of his hand speed and straighter punches. Ward did not and will not make those mistakes.

Froch got away with his unorthodoxy, because (to use a baseball phrase), Kessler failed to keep his eye on the ball. Froch hardly ever makes that mistake, and Ward never does. He is always focused, and ready to take advantage of miistakes at an instant. Froch gets away with throwing looping shots, because someone like Kessler’s defense is too simple. He either tries to block the punch, and many times unsuccessfully, or duck under it.

Unfortunately for Kessler, when he ducks under the punch he doesn’t go down and around. In other words, he doesn’t comes up on outside of his opponents blow. Instead, Kessler’s back remains there there for Froch to push down on. Froch would does it just momentarily to be effective, but not long enough to receive a warning. Then when Kessler comes back up, he’s right in front of Froch, and available for Froch’s left.

Kessler also moved straight back too often. He would avoid the first two punches of Froch’s combination, but not the third. He should have been letting his hands go, with fast straight shots inside the looping punches of Froch. That not only would break up Froch’s combination, but would also catch Froch moving right into the punches. Kessler seemed reluctant to do so and it cost him the fight. It will again if they fight a third time.

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But, if Froch fights Ward a second time, he will find out once again that he cannot get away with his unorthodox tactics. Ward will make him pay for carrrying his hand low. He will make him pay for looping his punches. And, he will not be there to be pushed down on as Kessler was in their second match Saturday.

Froch admitted after his first loss to Ward that Andre was the ring general. He admitted that S.O.G beat him on the inside, and on the outside. He couldn’t get him to fight at his best distance. More than one of Ward’s opponents have felt the same way. That fact will not change if they fight again. Froch is like the tiger who can’t change his stripes. His vulnerabilities will not miraculously disappear. Just because Kessler couldn’t expose them doesn’t mean Ward won’t. Ward is faster, smarter and more versatile than either Kessler or Froch. He can fight inside, outside and side to side. He can transition from right to left, and up and down. Certainly there’s the outside chance he could get caught with one, but it’s doubtful one will be enough to do him in.

No, it’s a pretty good bet that Ward could repeat his victories over either man, and just as easily as he did the first time. Like most fighters, both men need their jabs to work off of, and neither can land it against Ward, but the reverse is true. Ward will once again let Kessler over extend and run right into the top of his head. He will seemingly be moving out, and then shock and surprise either man by being right back in their face. No one has been able to defend against that move. For one thing, they never know when it migt be coming. But, just as they relax, he’s back in their face before they realize what’s happening. Kessler will also be vulnerable defensively, as he was against Froch, by moving straight back. Ward will make him pay.

With Froch, Ward will get inside the London Looper’s punches, but he won’t stay there like Kessler. He will be inside only long enough to inflict his painful sting and then be gone in an instant. Froch will once again be frustrated, and then make even more mistakes trying to retaliate. He will catch one or more of Ward’s blows, and Ward is even better at Froch’s style of transitioning. Froch has been known to move from righty to lefty in such a way as to frustrate and confuse his opponents. But, with Ward he’ll once again experience that Andre is faster, smoother and more accurate with punches thrown from either side. Ward will make Froch pay for keeping his hands low. Look for Ward to unload lead rights followed by a left hook. Froch’s normal tremendous concentration and focus will be break down, because he won’t understand that even his unorthodox style will be easily read by the master. He will feel bogged down, twarted, and muzzled like a disobedient terrier.