Forthcoming Documentary, “The Trilogy” To Tell The Tale Of The Epic Barrera Vs. Morales Wars

By James Slater - 02/01/2024 - Comments

On Tuesday of this week, Mexican boxing legends, former fiercer than fierce rivals, Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales attended a presser to present a forthcoming, three-part documentary entitled “The Trilogy.” The three 45-minute episodes directed by film maker and avid boxing fan Christian Cavazos will give fans a whole new look at the three epic wars Barrera and Morales engaged in from 2000 to 2004, with new and previously unseen “inside stories” to be told.

Director and producer Cavazos said at Tuesday’s media gathering that he has long since dreamed of being able to “tell the story from all perspectives but also knowing the inside stories.”

We have seen many, many boxing documentaries over the years, and some have been superb, others not so good. This one has the look of one to get excited about, the three-parter made by a passionate fight fan, this with the full approval and the help of both great champions. Barrera said at the media event how he feels the three fights he and Morales engaged in “remain in the minds of the fans.”

This they do, and perhaps always will. Morales and Barrera are also proud of the fact that each of the three fights they had took place at a different weight – super-bantam, feather, and super featherweight. Both legends made it clear at the presser they they will not be engaging in an exhibition bout with one another, this trend of big-name boxing exhibitions not one either great is keen to be a part of here (although Barrera did box an exhibition with Ricky Hatton recently).

As of right now, the documentary does not have a platform, but all concerned insist the three-parter will “reach all homes.” The official premiere will take place some time this summer. The new documentary promises to have untold stories, with boxing figures who were involved in various capacities giving fans exclusive inside stuff from behind the scenes.

Again, this documentary looks like one to really look forward to, while it’s likely the three-parter will see younger fans learn how truly special these three wars really were/are.

The first fight, which took place in February of 2000 and was won by Morales, is generally regarded as not only the best of the three fights, but as one of THE greatest fights in modern day boxing history regardless of weight division. All three fights went the distance and all three battles were close, with both men giving their all.

Right up there with Ali Vs. Frazier, Zale Vs. Graziano, Gatti Vs. Ward, and Bowe Vs. Holyfield, Barrera Vs. Morales just might be the greatest lower weight boxing trilogy ever seen.

Barrera won the series 2-1, but the two men who were once intense rivals are now good friends; Barrera likening their relationship to that of a “toxic marriage.”

“The Trilogy” cannot come out fast enough.