Following Logan Paul Exhibition Bout, Floyd Mayweather Announces His Retirement – Again

So did you tune in and watch last night’s hyped-up Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul exhibition bout? If you did, chances are you do not feel as though you got your $50’s worth.

(Photo credit; Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME)

Plenty of fans have expressed their disappointment over the lack of a KO, with plenty of people both hoping and expecting to see “Money” punish his 0-1 opponent for his trash-talk.

It never happened – in fact, it never came close to happening. Mayweather, giving away a lot in weight but having an overwhelming edge in experience, boxing ability and sheer talent, was content to “move around and have some fun.” Hey, it isn’t as though he didn’t warn us. Anyone who felt last night’s offering was anything close to a real fight got exactly what they deserved.

In terms of entertainment, Mayweather-Paul was on a par with the Mike Tyson-Roy Jones exhibition bout of last year, where there was also no winner, that one being called a draw. The question now is, will there be more high-profile exhibition bouts to come?

It seems there absolutely will be more, whether you like it or not. But as far as Mayweather is concerned, now that he has pulled in many more millions of dollars (last night’s gig was “a legalized bank robbery,” Floyd said going in) he has had his fun. Mayweather again announced his retirement from boxing following last night’s easy payday.

Floyd Mayweather - Boxing News

“Will I make a comeback? Absolutely not,” Floyd said. “I have retired from the sport of boxing. I probably won’t do an exhibition again either. If he would have fought more, it wouldn’t have lasted eight rounds. I am just blessed to build a legacy and build a fortune from it.”

“We did what we had to do tonight,” Floyd signed off by saying.

In terms of pulling in so much cash for such little risk, of course, Mayweather had to do it. But will his retirement stick this time? Who knows. But maybe, in time, when and if another impossible to turn down money grab presents itself, Mayweather will back to take it. It must be tough saying no to X number of millions of dollars for an easy night at the office.

Floyd Mayweather - Boxing News