Floyd Mayweather – Don Moore Bout Postponed As UAE President Passes Away

It’s been announced that this Saturday’s scheduled exhibition bout between Floyd Mayweather and Don Moore, along with its supporting card, has been called off. The reason, as per a report from Mirror Boxing, is the passing of UAE president Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed. The card was to have taken place atop a glitzy hotel in Dubai, on the hotel’s helipad, with Mayweather and Moore to fight eight scheduled rounds in front of just 20 spectators, each having paid the handsome sum of £150,000 for the exclusive privilege of being there.

The word now is the card will be rescheduled to take place at a later date. So are you disappointed? Were you planning to fork out the pay-per-view cash so as to sit back and watch Mayweather’s latest exhibition bout? Maybe you were, maybe you weren’t. Mayweather sure was talking up the event, promising fans a great show, while Moore was telling anyone who would listen to him that he was going to become the first man to defeat “Money.” Now we will have to wait.

At time of writing, Mayweather had yet to make any official comment on the news. One thing though, Mayweather had put in the work for the bout, his body looking lean and trim, especially for a 45 year old who has not had a “real” fight in some years. Say what you want to about Mayweather, but he is a gym rat, and seemingly a life-long one at that. As for Moore, he is bound to be very disappointed, aiming as he was to “shock the world” and then engage in further lucrative fights down the road.

How soon the whole “Showcase in the Skies of Dubai” event is rescheduled remains to be seen.