Floyd Mayweather Says He’ll Have Four More Exhibition Bouts This Year, Pull In $80 Million

It seems Floyd Mayweather cannot get enough when it comes to boxing in exhibition bouts; or to be more accurate, “Money” can’t get enough of the easy money these big-paying exhibitions can net him. Mayweather, speaking with TMZ Sports, said his next exhibition bout will be against a “Japanese boxer” and that the three-round bout will take place in July.

After this bout, Floyd will have three or four more.

“It’s about being smart. My faculties are very important to me,” Mayweather said. “Yeah, I got an exhibition. I got another one in July, like $10 million, three rounds. Always my rules. [It’s a] former Japanese boxer, from what I heard. I got a call today. Just for exhibition, for four fights, it’s about $80 million this year. I don’t have to do the real thing. I am the real thing. I proved myself.”

If Mayweather can pull in the kind of monster money he is talking about from mere exhibition bouts, he would of course be mad to take a pass. Also, Mayweather has no real need to fight any “real” fights. At a secure 50-0 (no amount of exhibition bouts will change the numbers here), and having won all those world titles, Mayweather’s legacy, his place in the history books is secure.

It’s bad news for fellow superstar Manny Pacquiao and all those Pac fans who would love nothing more than to see their hero get a second shot at Mayweather and defeat him, but the ongoing exhibition tour is great news for Floyd and his bank manager. But just how long can this particular gravy train run and run for? And will you watch the next Mayweather exhibition? And the one after that?

That now infamous Tenshin Nasukawa blow-out on New Year’s Eve sure left fans with an empty, still hungry for action feeling, and it’s entirely possible the July exhibition will have pretty much the same effect. Just which “former Japanese boxer” Mayweather winds up facing this summer is at this point anyone’s guess.