Eduardo Nunez Scores KO Of The Year Contender In Flattening Ceyca

03/05/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

We may well have been treated to a Round of the Year candidate in Germany last night, this the second round of the slugfest between Agit Kabayel and Agron Smakici (see below article), and we may well have witnessed a KO of the Year contender in Mexico last night.

Super featherweight contender Eduardo Nunez of Los Mochis absolutely vaporised countryman Jesus Martin Ceyca with a huge right hand to the jaw in the second round of their fight in Culiacan, Mexico.

The instant the right hand bomb made flush contact with Ceyca’s chin it was over, Ceyca falling down hard, onto his back, with zero chance of beating the count. Indeed, the stricken Ceyca was down for some time. Thankfully he was okay. Last night’s KO was nasty as well as special. The time was 2:14 of round two.

Ceyca, who entered the ring with a 17-0(8) record, mostly made up of wins over pretty limited opposition, it must be said, literally didn’t know what hit him. Nunez, now 24-1(24) (the sole loss coming via six round decision, against Hiram Gallarado, this back in June of 2018 in what was Nunez’ 11th pro outing) has an insane amount of power in his fists and fans who saw last night’s destructive handiwork will want to see more of the 25 year old known as “Sugar.”

Fight fans simply love a big puncher, and Nunez is clearly that, as his 100 percent KO ratio shows. Last night’s vicious knockout was one of those that shook even hardened ringside observers. We are of course only into the month of March and there will surely be plenty more thrills and spills to come by way of big KO’s before the year is over.

However, it’s entirely possible that Nunez KO2 Ceyca will be the recipient of The KO of the Year award when the time comes.

If you haven’t yet seen it, go check it out now!

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