Massive For The Weight, Devin Haney Says Only Big Fights With Tank And/Or Shakur Will Keep Him At 135

05/02/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

The lightweight division is arguably the most exciting, talent-rich and tantalising division in the sport right now. There are, again, arguably, ‘Four Kings’ currently operating at 135 pounds – these special fighters being, in no particular order: Devin Haney, Shakur Stevenson, Gervonta Davis and Vasiliy Lomachenko.

As we know, Haney, the unified ruler at 135, will face former champ Lomachenko later this month, and fans are braced for a fascinating fight; or a fascinating boxing match, a display of The Sweet Science that will really hit the spot. But what after the May 20 duel? Will the huge-for-the-weight Haney stick around at 135 pounds (this assuming he beats Loma, which, despite Haney’s considerable size advantages, is no definite, so super-clever and special as Lomachenko still is)?

Recently, Haney put it out that “The only way I’m going to stay at 135 is because of guys like Stevenson and Tank.” And we’d sure love to see these fights happen. For, aside from a Tank Vs. Stevenson showdown, Haney against Tank and/or Stevenson is the kind of potential magic we want/need/ are most desperate to see happen.

Who is the best lightweight in the world right now? Talk about a tough question. We will know more on the morning of May 21, and then, if the above-mentioned fights take place, even more later on this year. Haney is a special talent, as is Tank Davis, as is Shakur, as is Loma.

Back in the glorious 1980s, all ‘Four Kings’ met each other, often more than once. This seems to be too much to ask of today’s (possible) ‘Four Kings,’ but we’d settle for three or four match-ups between the four major players at 135.

Maybe Haney beats them all if he gets the fights. Maybe Tank beats all in his path if he gets the fights we want to see. Maybe Shakur dazzles and defeats them all. Or maybe veteran Loma and his Matrix does a job on all.

If we get the fights we want, it sure will be fun finding out who is the top dog at 135. As talented as they are, though, it’s tough to see either young star – Haney, Tank, or Stevenson – ever losing. Loma has lost as we know, but has anyone ever comprehensively beaten him? Will anyone ever do so?

For sure, the current lightweight division is the hottest in the sport.