Deontay Wilder Posts Rare Twitter Message, But It’s Nothing To Do With His Own Career

As fight fans know, just lately it is a rare thing to hear something – anything – from former WBC heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder. Everyone is wondering, and asking the question: Where’s Wilder? Eddie Hearn has even suggested Wilder might have retired from boxing (Hearn also recently stated how Wilder, by not taking that third fight with Tyson Fury, the contract instead expiring, will “not get a title shot until 2022.”

So where is Wilder and what is he doing? Earlier today, Wilder broke his “twitter silence,” posting a short message – this his first since back in August. Wilder’s tweet is not anything relating to his own career, so we are still in the dark as far as that goes, but as least we know “The Bronze Bomber” is still out there and that he is still interested in the sport of boxing.

“Man I #can’twait for this fight. Who y’all got this Saturday? #TeamDavis or #TeamSantaCruz??” Wilder wrote.

Like the rest of us, Wilder is excited about the upcoming clash between Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz. It would of course be great if Wilder took the time to assure his fans that, yes, he is still hungry, he is still determined and that he WILL fight again. But until Wilder speaks about a date, an opponent, a venue, we will have to continue to wonder what his plans are; what his state of mind is.

If Wilder is frozen out of a title shot next year (with the grand plan, of course, being for Fury and Anthony Joshua to fight not once but twice), what will his plan be? Who might Wilder fight upon his ring return assuming he does make one? The clock is ticking, that’s for sure. Wilder turned the age of 35 last week, and he has now been out of the ring for over eight months (and counting).

Can Wilder bounce back from that hammering at the hands of Fury? Or is Wilder merely a fight fan these days?