Carl Froch Pleased Tommy Fury Defeated Jake Paul

02/27/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

You could maybe argue that it’s unsportsmanlike to put the boot in when a fellow fighter is down. And, boy, has former two-time champ Carl Froch laid into Jake Paul after the YouTuber’s loss to Tommy Fury. But Froch would no doubt argue how it was Paul who let loose with the boot first, this by calling Froch out, insisting the former champ is “mad” because of the vast earnings Paul has pulled in during his short career.

Froch felt he was being badly disrespected by “clown” Paul, who was also disrespecting the sport by challenging him to a fight (and setting terms no less). Now, having lost his unbeaten record and with it, maybe, a good amount of his appeal, Paul will surely stop calling out Froch or any other former champion. There are levels to boxing, as Froch was at pains to point out in the run-up to yesterday’s fight in Saudi Arabia.

Froch, a guest in the BT studio, and then also uploading a video in which he spoke about how bad Paul was against Fury, said he doesn’t think his phone will be ringing now, that he feels Paul will be quiet now.

“He [Tommy Fury] has done professional boxing purists a massive favour by shutting up Jake Paul,” Froch said. “He got obliterated. He can’t call himself a professional boxer because he went in with a novice pro and got absolutely whooped. He wasn’t really in the fight, let’s be honest.”

But Paul doesn’t figure to go away quietly, if at all. Armed with a rematch clause he said in the ring post-fight that he fully intends to enforce, Paul will surely come again, if only for one more fight. Declaring himself “a winner already, in life,” Paul was, to be fair, pretty humble in defeat. Who knows, Paul may actually earn himself some new fans due to his apparent humility, as well as for the way he dug in during last night’s at times entertaining fight.

Paul is not for everyone, and he never will be. But the 26 year old tried his best in the Fury fight. Froch has perhaps been a little harsh on his would-be foe. But what did you really expect? Froch was dissed and he has been unable to hide his enjoyment over the fact that the guy who did the dissing has been humbled.

For now.

Over to YOU guys: do you want to see a Tommy Fury-Jake Paul II?

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