De La Hoya Vs. Trinidad II; Oscar Asks Fans – “Who Would Love To See This Fight Again?”

As fans might have read, former multi-weight champ Oscar De La Hoya, inspired by Mike Tyson’s incredible physical condition at age 53, is “seriously thinking” about making a comeback of his own. Maybe. The 47 year old says he will wait, that he wants to “see what Tyson can do, if he can got past three or four rounds” before making his mind up.

But De La Hoya might have put out a feeler to see what fans think of the idea of a fight he has in mind: one with fellow retired ex-champ Felix Trinidad. A few hours ago, De La Hoya put out a tweet asking fans, “Who would love to see this fight again?” A photo of De La Hoya and Trinidad in action against one another accompanies the tweet. Is this the fight De La Hoya wants if he does come back? Is there any chance at all Trinidad, a little over a year older than De La Hoya and inactive since his January 2008 decision loss to Roy Jones, would be interested in a rematch?

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The Trinidad-De La Hoya fight of September 1999 marked the first time as a pro De La Hoya lost, yet the decision proved hugely controversial. Many fans felt De La Hoya clearly won the fight, despite “running away” in the final three rounds. Does the loss still hurt all these years later? Is Oscar still itching for revenge?

If ageing, former champ is determined to come back and fight again many years past his prime, then a match-up with a fellow veteran is at least a lot safer than putting the forty-something former champ in with a young stud. And despite the negativity the fight would undoubtedly get, fans would watch a Trinidad-De La Hoya II; maybe even pay for the fight.

De La Hoya has asked the question, so what’s your answer – are you a person who would love to see this fight, between De La Hoya and Trinidad, again? Stranger fights have happened. Crazier events have taken place in boxing over the years.

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So far, De La Hoya’s question has received mixed replies – one fan saying “No! He beat you already at your peak.” Another fan tweeting “Brooo I was there. You won that fight.” While a tweet from KOTV Boxing states how “Who do the fans think won the first fight should be the question?”

Here’s another question – will De La Hoya actually box again, or not?