David Price vs Eric Molina: Who Wins?

David Price of Liverpool, UK: a gutsy puncher with a suspect chin. Eric Molina of Texas, USA: a hard-hitter, also possessing heart and courage but also a resume that tells you he too has lost his biggest fights. Together in a ring, in a must-win fight for each – why not? Price needs a dance partner for October 5 now that original foe Sean Turned has pulled out. Molina is hoping the BBB of C does the right thing and allows him to fight in the UK again despite his spuriously failed drugs test from after his losing battle with Anthony Joshua in December of 2016.

Molina, via his team, has called for the opportunity to step in at late notice and fight Price. Price wants to give it at least one more go after losing to (but first decking) Alexander Povetkin back in March. As far as available late replacement opponents go, Molina seems to be just about perfect for Price. And between them, these two big guys, each holding a big punch (if not so proficient at being able to hold a big punch themselves) might just give us a great action fight.

Styles make fights of course, and these two heavies, who are both around the same size, are possessing the same ability, are around the same age and are both armed with the same absolutely, definitely need to win attitude, would surely give it their all if they rumbled. Price needs an opponent, Molina is more than up for it. What else is needed?

Price is currently 22-5(18) and he is so far winless here in 2018. Molina is currently 26-5(19) and he has yet to box this year. Something tells me – and maybe the same thing tells you – these two would indeed give us a memorable action fight if they are permitted to get it on next month.

No, it would not be a hugely significant fight in the heavyweight division, but fighters fight and these two flawed giants are, we must never forget, fighters. Give this one a chance.