Crazy Scenes In Poland As MMA Fighter Reverts Back To MMA Move In Boxing Debut!

By James Slater - 03/03/2024 - Comments

This one is racking up the hits on the net! Last night in Poland, on the card that saw former heavyweight contender Adam Kownacki get stopped in a flash (a :45 second flash), former MMA fighter Marcin Sianos, who was having his boxing debut, suddenly appeared to forget that he had switched combat sports.

Facing fellow Pole, unbeaten, 8-0 prospect Artur Bizewski, Sianos caused quite the sensation in round two. Having boxed well, with Sianos dominating the action, the former mixed martial artist hurt his rival with some hefty wallops upstairs in the second round. Then, astonishingly, Sianos grabbed his hurt foe by the waist, slammed him to the canvas, and then proceeded to go for the finish with some ground and pound stuff!

YouTube video

Yes, Sianos was hit with a DQ, and he later apologised for what he himself referred to as “my unsportsmanliness in the ring.”

8-7 as an MMA operator, Sianos was at a loss when it came to trying to explain what he did, and why he did it, in his boxing debut.

“There is no explanation for this,” he wrote on instagram. “It is reprehensible and I clearly deserved disqualification. Throughout the difficult preparation period, a similar situation has never occurred during any of the sparring matches. I didn’t knock anyone out or elbow anyone, we were training pure boxing. I myself can’t explain my behaviour yesterday.”

And neither can anybody else!

It was indeed wild. But imagine if you will, this same scenario, with another MMA fighter who is engaging in a boxing match, suddenly ‘forgetting’ he is in a boxing match, not an MMA fight. Imagine further, this scenario happening this coming Friday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia when Anthony Joshua will rumble with former MMA king, former UFC heavyweight champ Francis Ngannou.

If such an incident did occur (and nobody is saying it will), it would absolutely smash the internet. The thing would literally explode! But as far-fetched as this is, it could happen. In the heat of battle, even solid professionals can do crazy things; especially if they are being frustrated.

Hopefully, what we saw in Poland last night will prove to be a one-off. But who knows??

As for Sianos and Bizewski, a return fight between the two would no doubt be a big attraction. The storyline that would hype up a rematch has been written large!

Check out the crazy action now via YouTube.