Courageous Nick Blackwell Tweets how he is “on the mend,” gives thanks for the overwhelming support he’s had

In good news, Nick Blackwell has felt well enough to return to Twitter, for the first time in a month. As fans know, the gutsy middleweight engaged in a brutal fight with Chris Eubank Junior and was placed in an induced coma shortly after lapsing into unconsciousness after the 10th-round stoppage defeat. Thankfully, no brain surgery was needed and Blackwell, who regained consciousness a week after the fight, now says he is “on the mend.”

“Just want to say a massive thank you for all the support and messages – means the world to me. I’m on the mend now so I’ve been very lucky,” Nick Tweeted.

“And a massive thank you to everyone who raised money for me it’s been overwhelming!”

Brave Blackwell now faces months of rehabilitation and it goes without saying, we all hope he can make a full recovery. What happened to Blackwell gave us a stark reminder of how hard and dangerous a sport boxing really is. Another thing the near-tragic events surrounding the Blackwell-Eubank Junior fight showed is the camaraderie boxers and people from the boxing world display whenever one of their own is in trouble.

It will be great if a dinner fundraiser can be organised, with Blackwell himself attending, once he is well enough. Blackwell showed enormous heart and courage in the fight with Eubank Jr, and though he lost the bout, he is close to getting back on his feet due to this same courage and determination.

25-year-old Blackwell leaves the sport he helped make proud with a fine 19-4-1(8) pro record. The former British champion will always be remembered as a genuine warrior. Recovering “day by day,” Blackwell is indeed lucky to have not suffered permanent injury.

Meanwhile, Eubank Jr said shortly after the fight, without being uncaring, how the Blackwell fight will not stop him being aggressive in the ring in future fights. Eubank Jr really can fight and he says he will reach the very top in the coming months. Chris Eubank Senior also went through the emotional distress of seeing an opponent sent to hospital, in his 1991 fight with Michael Watson. Eubank Senior was never the same fighter again. Thankfully, as we all know, Watson made enough of a recovery to be able to live a productive life today.