Conor Benn vs. Chris Eubank Jr possible for May in Abu Dhabi

01/19/2023 - By Michael Collins - Comments

Promoter Eddie Hearn says he’s considering scheduling the Conor Benn vs. Chris Eubank Jr mega-fight for May in Abu Dhabi.

Although Benn (21-0, 14 KOs) still hasn’t been given a ruling by the WBC for their investigation over his two positive tests for clomifene, he’s been cleared to box in the meantime.

Hearn has been waiting for the WBC to finally make their ruling on Benn’s case, as he wants to resume his career, but if they’re not going to clear his name soon, he’ll get him back in the ring so he won’t sit inactive.

Even if Benn were cleared already, many boxing fans will still believe he was dirty and was able to swerve punishment due to his legal team outmaneuvering the WBC.

“The next show in Abu Dhabi is in May, and we’re working on that at the moment,” said Eddie Hearn to Boxing Social. “Look, Eubank Jr – Benn would be huge for that time of the year as well, but we’ll see. Lots of options.

“Try to put yourself in our shoes or Conor’s shoes. The jurisdiction this test is under is the WBC, and that is why the WBC is ruling on this incident,”  Hearn said about Conor Benn’s two positive drug tests for clomifene.

“We were asked to provide all our information to the WBC, so they could have a hearing, and we could ultimately go through that process so the public people would get a result.

“That is confidential. That’s not our ruling that is confidential. The whole process is confidential. Early in December, Conor Benn’s legal team submitted a 280-page report on why he’s innocent.

“People say,  ‘If it was 280 pages, why was it that long?’ Because this is his career, and he needs to make sure his name is cleared. He’s not trying to baffle people. It’s factual information that support his case.

“[WBC president] Mauricio [Sulaiman] came out and said ‘By the end of December, we should have a result.’ We’re now in the middle of January. This is a very difficult situation for the WBC.

“So now the WBC’s position and Mauricio’s position is, ‘Conor, you are cleared to fight at the moment.’ This is a WBC test.  This is VADA with the WBC. They have to rule on this, so we’re in a really difficult spot where we want a decision.

“We don’t want to fight without a decision, but what do you want us to do? Conor Benn is now saying, ‘When am I going to get a decision on this?’ I’m saying, ‘I don’t know.’ It could be a month, it could be three months, and everybody is telling Conor Benn he can fight right now.

“He’s back in training, he wants to fight. He’s been told that he can fight, but we’re kind of holding him back for that decision. He’s saying, ‘If I’m being I can fight and I believe I’m innocent and if this document and it’s compelling and shows my innocence and a commission will see that document and license him, I’m ready to fight.’

“At what point do we say, ‘That’s enough waiting. It’s time to fight again.’ A lot of people are using Conor Benn’s name to drive promo for fights, especially this weekend. A lot of what Chris Eubank says is correct.

“Conor Benn, until this decision comes out, and even when this decision comes out,  you have to face the facts this has happened, and you will be the bad guy, and Eubank is right about that.

“Conor Benn will have to put up with this. He will put up with the abuse, put up with the boos. It’s going to be mentally & emotionally tough. At what point do we say, ‘Enough is enough?’

“This happened seven months ago, and soon it’ll be a year since he boxed,” said Hearn.