Chisora: Malik Scott will gas out; he’s going to get stopped

By Michael Collins - 07/20/2013 - Comments

chisora6Heavyweight Dereck Chisora (16-4, 10 KO’s) is predicting that American Malik Scott (35-0-1, 12 KO’s) will run out of gas tonight at some point from his pressure and end up getting stopped before the finish line at the Wembley Arena in London, UK. Chisora thinks he’ll wear Scott down with his constant pressure that he puts on him.

Chisora said to The Sun, “Malik Scott is going to get stopped because he ain’t got a clue. He’s going to gas out. When the thing starts hitting the fan most people fold.”

The thing with Chisora is he doesn’t always win even when he wears down his opponents with his pressure. We saw Chisora tire WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko and Robert Helenius both out and still lose to both of them.

The problem that Chisora has is he sets a fast pace by coming forward all the time, but then he fails to let his hands go and that causes him to end up losing fights he might otherwise win. Look at how Chisora was against Vitali.

Chisora had a tired, one-armed fighter and was still unable to beat him, mostly because Chisora was pretty much only capable of throwing one shot at a time. I don’t how good of a pressure fighter Chisora is, if he can’t throw enough punches to beat his opponents then what’s the use of putting so much pressure on his opponents?

Chisora would be better off learning to throw combinations instead of just looking for one big shot all the time. He doesn’t have the power to be knocking guys out with one punch anyway, so he should be learning how to throw nonstop punches to make up for his lack of power.

I don’t think Scott is going to gas out tonight, no way. He’s too light on his feet and talented for him to gas out in this fight. If anyone’s going to be gassing out in this fight it’s going be Chisora, and that’s because he took off all that blubber with his recent dieting.

When you take off that much blubber it tends to weaken you to where you’re not the same fighter you were before you started taking off all that lard. Chisora looks good from the weight he’s lost, but I think he’s not in fighting shape to pressure Scott for 12 rounds. We’re probably going to see Chisora looking weaker than normal and tiring out by the 6th round.