Carl Froch On Andre Ward: “Performances Were Dull, He’d Put A Glass Eye To Sleep”

By James Slater - 05/09/2023 - Comments

Throughout his Hall of Fame ring career, Carl Froch only ever ran into one man he could not defeat. That man was fellow Hall of Famer, Andre Ward. As fans know, Ward, who never lost to anyone in the pro ring, and only lost five of 120 fights at amateur level, decisioned Froch in the final of “The Super Six” back in 2011. Two judges had the fight close, the other had it accurately wide for Ward.

There was talk of a rematch but it never happened. Froch, though, has never quite been able to give Ward much in the way of respect. Ward was a “boring fighter,” Froch has always said – and is still saying. Speaking on his now regular podcast, “The Cobra” said he would never invite Ward to come on the show as a guest. Froch declared how Ward was so dull in his fights, he could “put a glass eye to sleep.”

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“I wouldn’t invite Andre Ward, he’s not a bad broadcaster but, he used to fight a bit boring, he’d put a glass eye to sleep,” Froch said. “Performances were dull, let’s be honest. He knew how to win, he was talented etc, he got a win over me, fair play. Talented kid. Would I invite him on the show? Probably not, but he’d probably reject the offer anyway.”

This may seem like sour grapes from Froch, and maybe it is, at least partially. But to be honestly blunt, Ward was often involved in dull fights. Can YOU point to a thriller that Ward was involved in during his 13 year, 32-fight pro career? And as much as plenty of people can and do appreciate the Sweet Science, the silky skills boxers like Ward possess, the sport is entertainment at the end of the day. And fans want, and pay to see, drama, action, blood and guts.

In this regard, special as he was, Ward was lacking. Still, Froch should invite Ward onto his show, it would be great if Ward called Froch’s bluff and agreed to come on the show. Imagine the back and forth, often testy conversation/debate these two would have!

Froch has his own critics, of course, people who feel he has and always will be just a little bit too big-headed for his own good. Froch may well agree with such thinking. But Froch was a proud ring warrior, one who boasts some quite incredible ring resume. And whatever else you may say about Froch, he was never in a boring fight.

Who did you most enjoy watching out of the two: Ward or Froch?

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