Canelo tells Andre Ward: ‘You can get it in the ring too’ after Caleb Plant

Canelo Alvarez reacted hostility this week when asked about his thoughts on Andre Ward training Caleb Plant for their November 6th clash in Las Vegas.  Canelo (56-1-2, 38 KOs) said he could beat both of them in the ring instead of dismissing it as no big deal.

Interestingly, it seems to have infuriated Canelo that Plant has chosen one of the best fighters in the last decade to help him get ready for their fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Such a strange stance that Canelo has about the subject of Ward helping Plant. It’s as if he didn’t like that idea of Plant (21-0, 12 KOs) getting training tips from the outstanding former super middleweight champion Ward.

Ward likely has pretty good ideas about how to beat Canelo, and he’s going to make sure he has Plant fully ready on November 6th.

Earlier on Friday, Ward remarked that Canelo never showed a hint of wanting to fight him before he retired in 2017. Canelo had the chance to fight Ward if he wished to but never showed interest in facing him.

Canelo says he’ll fight Plant AND Ward

“They both can get it in the ring, no problem,” said Canelo Alvarez in reacting to Andre Ward helping Caleb Plant in training.

“It’s only going to be me and him [Plant] in the ring, but if they both get in there, I still don’t have a problem,” Canelo said about him being open to fighting Ward as well as Plant.

Andre Ward, Caleb Plant, Canelo Alvarez boxing image / photo

“The one that is talking too much is him,” said Canelo. “I’m going to tax him come November 6th. I like to leave my emotions in the ring and let go of my shots with intelligence

“Being the first to do it is really motivating us,” said Canelo about him wanting to become the first undisputed super middleweight champion. To keep making history. These last few months, we’ve been winning many titles, and we’re close to becoming one of the few to win all the titles.

“He doesn’t worry me in the absolute meaning of the word,” said Canelo.

Weirdly, Canelo is sounding angry about Ward helping Plant. You don’t see Plant getting angry and wanting to thrash Canelo’s trainer Eddy Reynoso for getting him ready for the fight.

If Canelo is as good as he believes himself to be, he should be able to adjust to whatever game plan Ward has for Plant.

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  1. Plant will lose to Canelo…Plant has no power to get Canelo respect and his offense and defense isn’t good enough to last 12 rounds…Canelo had his chance to beat an old Mayweather but he didn’t…Ward before retirement would totally destroy Canelo…his work rate, defense, intelligence and him being physically in shape would be too much for Canelo to handle…

  2. mayweather beat canelo convisingly. yeah canelo was young, but mayweather was old. peak canelo probs knocks out peak mayweather, because mayweathers physical peak was at lightweight/welterweight. peak canelo is now at super middleweight. ward did what he did and he is equally as great as mayweather and canelo. does ward beat canelo, it’s a 50/50 which is what boxing is all about (or should be). should ward come out of retirement and fight canelo absolutely not, ward is 37 and has been out of the ring for
    a long time. canelo hasn’t really shown many vunerabilities accept when he lost to GGG (joke). lets hope he doesn’t have a bad day in the office againt plant. he obviously won’t, but he is due a bad in the office.

  3. Canelo is trying to unify a weak boxing division; I think he’ll succeed and be lauded. He’ll eventually be forced to fight good opponents, and I feel that we’ll see Canelo as just an average fighter

    • Just an average fighter..? Who else has been fighting champions or highly ranked contenders in their own division? Jealousy and bitterness seems to be running rampant on these forums

    • Hope you are a true boxing fan Canelo is the best I hope you recognize some this top rank boxing warrior. AMIR KAHN.MIGUEL COTTO.SERGI KOVALEV.ROAD RUNNER MAYWATHER.GGG.EVERY BODY NEED TO GET IN LINE for Canelo even Bum fights Jake Paul

    • All get in line for The Champ Canelo Alvarez even bum fights Jake Paul, Ward that’s about all he can do is show some one else his bad boxig thats why his retired.

  4. Mayweather is undefeated because he cherry picked his opponents. He was a great fighter, but he chose not to display it vs decent fighters. He should have given de la hoya and victor ortiz a rematch. He probably would have beaten both, but he chose not to prove he was the best. Undefeated fighter when you cherry pick, is not a legitimate record.

  5. Canelo would destroy ward . Ward never fought nobody like him he would fall victim like the rest if Canelo would have waited a little bit he would had knocked out Mayweather .

    • Ward will not show any trick to caleb. The ring experiences gained in real fights. A 21 and 0 does not make him a legitimate contender. He is a wannabe contender, he was not able to defeat his opponents convincingly, hence, will have a real rough time vs canelo. Caleb should look study his previous fights zo he can see how much skill he lacks in defeating a decent opponent.

    • If Canelo would of waited a few more years he would bod knocked out Mayweather? Do you mean wait a little longer as in now when Floyd is almost 50 & several weight classes smaller than him? Lol. Canelo would destroy Ward? With what logic or knowledge about boxing made you come up with that? We’ve seen Canelo lose too many fights & end up being gifted a decision. Didn’t GGG just beat him, decision or not, & what about Lara? We’ve seen Canelo out boxed & beaten by being out worked, like him or GGG. THE ONLY THING THAT IMPRESSES ME IS Canelo’s ability to make you mentally forget about his shortcomings.Ward, Mayweather, & Lara are racially, naturally great technical, slick boxers; they didn’t become that way as a pro like other ppl we know. 🙄

    • Lol. Canelo couldn’t touch or see Mayweather. Leave it as lost that he learned from. He wanted the Fade and hes learned from it.

  6. Ward is just another fake champ…Canelo is the real man,Ward’s intention is not let Camelot achieve so much…but Plant is way too for Canelo..

    • Canelo. Good fighter, no doubt. But, he lost my respect as a fighter when he lost to Mayweather… Meaning, that strut he displayed after that fight as if he even came close to beating Mayweather. God had Mayweather’s back. Because it seemed to me the fix was in and, Canelo knew it. Undisputed, fine. I am so glad he can never say, UNDEFEATED!

  7. This reporter and a couple others all turn the storyline into this mysterious and almost defensive stance on Canelos part on why he would take this stance on the question instead of dismissing it as no big deal. Then going on to blame the reason because Plant went out and got a world champion to help prepare him for the Nov 6 bout. SMH 😶 Dude be an actual reporter and research your assignment instead of turning this into an opinion column. Canelos hostility comes from the b.s. thats come from the other camp. Its supposed to be a brotherhood and when somone comes out with false accusations or spitting out b.s. with no facts that tarnishes the boxer and the sport. Its one thing when its blatant cheating but a whole other when its out of context or a mistake. This is why podcasts are putting you essay writting asses out of work (eventually)

  8. Ward is retired him coming back to try and fight this Mexican beast not a good idea. Try GGG who i don’t think Ward can’t beat also.

  9. Nope you’re wrong Canelo would definitely win because he already has his ace up his sleeve with a totally rigged judges scoring, and a pass on Peds.

  10. Ward is a total h8ter. He doesn’t want the smoke from canelo. Canelo hands down 24/7 champ and way better than ward.

  11. Your observations are obviously not from a boxing point of view, rather media fanboy…look at their career accomplishments based on their dedication to the sport and you will totally change your bias narrative.

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