Canelo vs Chavez Jnr could happen on Cinco de Mayo weekend on HBO ppv

There is always a tremendous buzz around the big fight that plays out on Cinco de Mayo weekend, the huge celebration in Mexico, and next year it could be an all-Mexican showdown that gets the big stage. As fans may have read, there is talk of a Saul Alvarez-Julio Cesar Chavez Junior fight taking place next year – with both sides interested in the fight and currently in talks – and according to Dan Rafael of the fight could be staged on May 6.

According to Rafael’s report, the biggest issue with making the fight is weight, as in how low Chavez is willing/able to go, and how high Canelo, a natural 154-pounder according to Oscar De La Hoya this week, is willing to go. A catch-weight fight if it happens, Canelo-Chavez would likely take place at an agreed weight of 164 or 165. This would be quite a jump for Canelo, who has yet to fight as a middleweight. While Chavez, who made 168 for his return win over Dominik Britsch this past Saturday, would have to work hard to get as low as 164.

But money talks and this fight would make plenty if it took place. Mexican star Vs. Mexican star on the country’s biggest holiday = huge! And as ridiculed as this particular match-up might have been back when Chavez (who also wants to fight middleweight king Gennady Golovkin) first called for it, it seems the idea is growing on fight fans. Certainly, if he’s in top shape, Chavez, who would likely enter the ring at around 175 or more on fight night, would have a chance of winning a physical battle/streetfight if he can make it that kind of a rumble.

Canelo isn’t all that hard to hit and neither is Chavez, while both enjoy a rough and tough fight, meaning the action would almost certainly be thrilling for however long the fight lasted. Would Chavez, who has had well-documented weight and dedication issues over the years, run out of gas, or would he be able to give Canelo one of his toughest ever fights?

If a deal can be agreed we might be paying to find out next May, as the fight would go out on HBO ppv if it did get made. Would you pay to see it?