Canelo Alvarez Says He’ll Retire At Age 36, 37 “At The Max”

By James Slater - 04/22/2020 - Comments

Just recently, Canelo Alvarez’ trainer Eddy Reynoso said his fighter’s best years and performances are still ahead of him. Canelo, who turns the age of 30 this July, has said he plans on retiring at the age of 36 or 37 “at the max.” So if both men turn out to be right in what they have said, it means we fans will be seeing some special ring performances from the Mexican star over the next six or seven years.

Canelo, for many the reigning pound-for-pound king, has already won four world titles in as many weight classes – 154, 160, 168 and 175 – so this begs the question, how much more can Alvarez achieve? Six years is a long time, and if Canelo does stick around for that long, or maybe for seven years, he will run the risk of being beaten. But it will take a very good fighter to do it. So far, only the sublime skills of Floyd Mayweather have been able to hand Canelo a pro defeat.

Canelo says he will continue to “train like a rookie” so as to ensure victory in as many fights as he has left.

“Boxing is my life,” Canelo said to Box Azteca. “My body asks me to fight. I keep training because I love boxing, I train whether I have a fight or not….36 years old – for me that’s a good time to retire, 37 years old at the max. I always have discipline, work ethic, and dedication. The only thing that has changed are my successes, I train every day as if I was a rookie.”

Canelo is currently 53-1-2 (with 36 KO’s), and with an average these days of two fights a year, this means that, if he can stay unbeaten, Canelo could in theory reach something like 67-1-2 before he’s done. That sure would be an amazing record to exit the sport with. But can Canelo do it? Six/seven years is a long time in boxing and who knows how Canelo will deal with things when he hits, say the age of 35. Some boxers become different fighters when they reach the age of 30; their style and approach simply having to change.

Canelo is certainly a far more experienced fighter now compared to when he fought Mayweather. Maybe Canelo will prove to be as durable as Floyd, and have as long a career as him (Canelo went pro in 2005). It will of course be interesting to see which weight class Canelo chooses to fight in when he does box next.

If he can do what he says he will, Canelo has a good, long ride ahead of him yet. Which is great news for his millions of fans.

Last Updated on 04/22/2020