Plant vs. Benavidez – Official Showtime Weights

By Rob Smith - 03/24/2023 - Comments

Caleb ‘Sweethands’ Plant got a badly emaciated-looking David Benavidez riled up during Friday’s weigh-in when he put a finger on his face during their head-to-head after they’d both successfully weighed-in for their main event clash on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Benavidez weighed in at 166 3/4 lbs, while Plant came in heavier at 167 1/4 lbs. This is perhaps the thinnest Benavidez has ever looked for one of his fights as a pro.

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WBC interim super middleweight champion Benavidez (26-0, 23 KOs) looked like he was too weight-drained to do anything about Plant putting his finger on his face during their face-off. Benavidez’s reaction time was slow, perhaps because he was weak from having dropped too many pounds during camp.

Full weights:

  • David Benavídez 166 ¾  vs. Caleb Plant 167 ¼
  • Jesús Ramos 153 ¼ vs. Joey Spencer 153 ¼
  • Chris Colbert 134 ½  vs. Jose Valenzuela 134
  • Cody Crowley 145 ¼ vs. Abel Ramos 146
  • Kevin Gonzalez 121 ½ vs. José Sanmartin 121 ½
  • Orestes Velazquez 142 vs. Marcelino Lopez 141 ¾

“166 1/2, and the f***ing guy keeps calling David ‘Fat’, and he puts his finger on David. That’s not cool,” said Jose Benavidez Sr to Fighthype.

“It’s time to fight. Let’s make it happen. Let’s just do it. It’s okay to talk s**t, but you don’t touch nobody. We never done that, bro, and for him to go and touch David like that, I’m happy David pushed him. We don’t have to get to that point.

“He’s got a different body, he’s looking great and super motivated. I have no idea,” said Benavidez Sr when asked what weight David will rehydrate to. “I think they’re going to come in at the same weight.

“Caleb was bigger than him. He weighed in a little bit more. I think 167 something, and David weighed in at 166 something. I think was weight-perfect, and people shouldn’t be talking about the weight, making that an issue.

“F**k Charlo. Let’s make that fight happen after this fight. No matter what happens, let’s make that fight. He’s a b***ch.  I think we should make that fight happen,” said Benavidez Sr. about wanting to make a fight between David and Jermall Charlo, who hasn’t fought in two years.

“I think around the eighth round. David is thinking the sixth, and I’m thinking the eight,” said Benavidez Sr when asked what round Benavidez will knockout Plant. “We’ll be happy in any round.”

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