Bradley: Benavidez’s Challenge Demands a Response From Canelo

By Jeepers Isaac - 04/30/2024 - Comments

Boxing analyst Tim Bradley isn’t holding back his thoughts on David Benavidez’s challenge of Canelo Alvarez needing a response from the golden goose of the sport.

Bradley says Benavidez’s disrespect for Canelo and his refusal to answer the call says a lot about him as a man. The money that Canelo wants, $150-200 million, shows that he respects Benavidez and knows how tough of a fight that would be for him.

Where’s the Champ We Thought We Knew?

“That’s his price. If you want to see him get in the ring with Benavidez, that’s what it’s going to take,” said boxing expert Tim Bradley to the Fight Hub TV YouTube channel about the 150-200 million that Canelo Alvarez wants to fight David Benavidez.

“That just tells me that he respects Benavidez. If he ain’t done nothing then why are you asking for 150 million dollars, dawg? You’re talking about Mexican pride. You ain’t got to be a Mexican. You just got to be a man.”

If Canelo waits Benavidez out, it won’t matter because there’s a chance he’s going to get beaten at 175, where he’ll be fighting guys close to his own size.

Disrespect and the Need to Defend

“If you have another man coming to your house, coming to your sport, and he’s calling your name, and you’re the guy, you’re the cash cow, you’re the face of boxing, and you don’t answer that call? That says something about you,” said Bradley.

So there it is. Bradley wants Canelo to show some backbone to face Benavidez instead of hiding behind his absurd money demand, using that as a pathetic excuse for why he’s not willing to fight him.

“You supposed to stand up. You’re supposed to say, ‘Oh, really? You think you better than me? Okay.’ You get everybody, ‘He’s proven enough.’ I get it. He has proven himself enough, but Benavidez is disrespecting him. He’s telling him to ‘Grow some balls,'” said Bradley.

Well, some would argue that Benavidez didn’t accept David Morrell’s challenge when he did the same exact thing to him by disrespecting him. The money is obviously a little different for Benavidez fighting Canelo than it would be for the dangerous and young 26-year-old Cuban fighter. Bradley isn’t focused on that. He’s too busy going after Canelo, and enjoying lashing the Mexican star.

“If you being Canelo Alvarez have any pride and dignity, I don’t care. Step up and face that man. Everybody around you is saying, ‘What the hell is going on?’ Deep down inside with Canelo fans, they know what I’m talking about,” said Bradley.

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