Just Imagine……THE Ultimate Dream Card!

By James Slater - 04/30/2024 - Comments

While the boxing world is buzzing – due to the, shall we call them mega-cards, the ones that are being presented to us, and on a rapidly growing regularity, this courtesy of ‘game-changing’ Saudi investment in the sport, chiefly from a man who really and truly is a fight fan in Turki Alalshikh – why don’t we really push the boat out and come up with the ultimate Dream Card, the ultimate stacked card, one consisting only of greatness? One that could never have happened aside from inside the mind of a passionate fight fan’s crazy brain!

Okay. Imagine if you can, and I’m certain you can, unlimited funds (these are actually in existence, or so it seems, in Saudi Arabia), a time-machine, and a venue of your choice. And off ya go, get busy creating the greatest fight card in history! In terms of rules, and there sure aren’t many here, let’s say there are six fights, with the headliner taking place at prime time (yes, this is impossible across the globe, but whatever, we are dreaming, after all!).

From all the great fighters, from all the boxing weight divisions, over all the decades this beautiful, life-giving sport of ours has been thrilling us, how on earth could you pick your six Dream Fight bouts, and venue?

For what it’s worth, here’s a fanatical shot at it.

Venue: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

The most beautifully stunning of all the hotels on The Strip, and once the chosen location for any and all super-fights.

The fights (and all are scheduled for 15 rounds, you know, the way it used to be):

Opening bout:

Lightweight: Roberto Duran Vs. Benny Leonard.

Why? If any two men most share the unprovable distinction of having been the greatest 135 pound fighter ever, its Leonard and Duran. Who on the planet of earth wins this one? How much pure boxing skill would we have been treated to here? In short, this fight would have been a classic example of the Sweet Science, writ large.

Second fight: Thomas Hearns Vs. Floyd Mayweather.

Why? Because the so-called “T.B.E” never, ever met a fighter like Hearns, and Hearns never met any fighter who was so protective of his unbeaten record. And of course, these two had so many brilliant fighting qualities. Hearns, with his power, his long reach, his ring IQ. Mayweather, with his speed, his defensive prowess, his timing, and his ring IQ. What you have here is a truly fascinating encounter.

Third fight: Marvelous Marvin Hagler Vs. Carlos Monzon.

Why? Are you crazy! Why not. This one would have been a real, genuine and not for the faint-hearted ‘Battle of the Baddest.’ Hagler, with his rock chin, his brutal power, and his sheer desire, against Monzon, with his rock chin, his damaging punches, and his utter refusal to ever accept the notion that any man was better than he was at fighting. Both men did lose, in the run-up to world glory, but once they got their hands on the title, these two greats were willing to give it their all in order to maintain their stature. This fight would have been an absolute war. WAR.

Second fight: Sugar Ray Robinson Vs. Sugar Ray Leonard.

Why? Okay, some older fans say, no, they are adamant…….there is, was, and only ever will be only Sugar Ray. And I get it. But Leonard was special. Maybe even special enough to have tested Robinson. Who of us all would not have wanted to find out! Sugar Vs. Sugar. Speed Vs. Speed. Ring IQ Vs. Ring IQ. In short, Greatness Vs. Greatness. And you know what (I can hear the groans already), this one would not have been a walk in the park for the original Sugar Ray.

Main Event: George Foreman Vs. Mike Tyson.


No, there is no why. Not with this fight. Two of the most explosive punchers the division has ever seen. Two of the most intimidating big men the world has ever seen. Two of the most popular, and endearingly popular, fighters the world has ever seen. This fight was actually close to reality for a while, back in 1990, and again in 1995. It never happened, and we fans never got to see which great would lower the boom, score the vicious KO……..lay the other man out in a fashion that would be watched again and again and again.

But on this Dream Card, we get to see. Once and for all. Would it be Foreman (yes), or would it be Tyson (maybe) scoring the fight-ender? What we all know is this: this particular once-in-a-generation fusing of let-loose bombs, of missiles, of haymakers, of nuclear weapons….call them what you will…..would never have had a shot in hell of being boring.

That’s my ultimate Dream Card. So what’s yours??

(and I have some more Dreamers for me/you: Ezzard Charles-Roy Jones Jr. Muhammad Ali-Jack Johnson. James Toney-Dwight Muhammad Qawi. Naoya Inoue-Azumah Nelson…..Oh, I could go on.)