Angry Chantelle Cameron Speaks On Katie Taylor Loss: “I Had Everything Against Me”

By James Slater - 12/13/2023 - Comments

After allowing the smoke to clear on her loss to Katie Taylor last month, former unified women’s 140 pound champion Chantelle Cameron has broken her silence and has made numerous angry comments about the close decision defeat she suffered in the return meeting with Taylor. Cameron, who many feel scored a legit knockdown in the opening round of the Taylor return (the ref, Roberto Ramirez, ruling a slip), has asked plenty of questions about what went on in the second fight.

Cameron, who now wants a third fight with Taylor, said “everything was against me” on the night of November 25th.

“It wasn’t just me and Katie in that ring. If it was, I’d take the loss and say the better woman won on the night,” Cameron said in speaking on BBC Radio Northampton. “I had everything against me. The ref on the night….it was such a high status fight, why would you put in a referee that no-one heard of? That’s not my job, it’s my job to fight. I don’t look into who’s reffing, who’s judging. I’m just frustrated – if I could turn back the hands of time, I would make sure all that was looked into. I’ve learnt my lesson. It’s been really difficult. It just sucks because I lost my belts as well. It’s not just a loss. Eddie [Hearn] and Frank [Smith] haven’t even contacted me once after the fight. Everything that I see on instagram….I see it before I’m actually approached. I want the trilogy. It doesn’t matter where it is. I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do to make sure the trilogy happens.”

Both Cameron-Taylor fights took place in Dublin, Ireland, and it’s no secret Taylor wants to have a massive fight at Croke Park. It seems there is very little chance of a third fight taking place outside of Ireland. No, this is not fair, but Taylor is a star and she has star privileges. Both fights were closer than close, both being scored majority decisions. It seems a third fight would be just as close, just as tough to score.

Taylor is the fighter with options, however. Taylor, who is also the unified champ at 135 pounds, could drop back down to lightweight and have a big fight there, maybe a rematch with Amanda Serrano. But the fight the fans wants is Taylor-Cameron III. And Cameron has made it clear she badly wants it. No matter what.