Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua II In Saudi Arabia On December 7

It has yet to be officially confirmed, but a number of publications strongly feel the big heavyweight title fight rematch between Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua will take place in Saudi Arabia on December 7th. The Telegraph broke this exclusive news story. According to sources who The Telegraph spoke with, the huge sum of $100 million secured the deal, the Saudi money men successful in getting the fight for Riyadh.

The fight will go out live on DAZN in the U.S and on Sky Sports Box-Office in the UK. According to The Telegraph, an official announcement is imminent.

There have been a few big boxing nights staged in Saudi Arabia over the past few months: including the recent Amir Khan-Billy Dib affair and before that, the World Boxing Super Series final at 168 pounds, fought between Callum Smith and George Groves. Nothing has been as big as Ruiz-Joshua II is expected to be, however. If the fight proves to be a success, in financial terms and in terms of the fight being an exciting, memorable bout, there will almost certainly be more fights held in Saudi Arabia over the coming years.

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There is big money on offer for fighters to go there, as has been shown here. But of the two heavyweights, who will benefit most from fighting in Saudi Arabia – Ruiz or Joshua? It’s a neutral venue in as much as neither man will be enjoying home country advantage. Ruiz recently said he wanted to have the rematch in Mexico, of failing that New York again or Los Angeles. Joshua was hoping to get the rematch in the UK.

We fans really don’t care too much where the big fights are held, as long as we get to see them (and at a reasonable hour). Who wins in Riyadh (aside from the money men?) Ruiz has plenty of support from both fans and experts, who feel he can and will prove his big upset win in June was no fluke. Others still say AJ can and will avenge his first pro loss.

Joshua himself says he will be a totally different fighter and athlete in the return rumble.

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