Amir Khan Picks Crawford Over Spence; Would “Love” Crawford To Fight Mayweather

03/28/2020 - By James Slater - Comments

British star and former 140 pound champ Amir Khan has shared the ring with a number of elite fighters, beating some of them, yet when it comes to the last man to stop him, Terence Crawford, Khan has especially high praise. Indeed, in speaking with FightHype, Khan said the unbeaten Crawford is the best in “the whole weight division” when it comes to today’s 147 operators.

Not only that, but Khan picks “Bud” to defeat Errol Spence should this fight, THE biggest fight that can be made at the weight today, take place the way we all hope it will. However, Khan has another, possibly even bigger fight (for a number of reasons) that he would love to see – but there seems to be almost zero chance this one will ever happen.

“In the whole weight division the best fighter in the welterweight division is Crawford,” Khan said. “Crawford is on a different level when it comes to boxing. Because, look, I’ve shared the ring with him and I know how his his IQ is so high, his speed is good, the power is there – so he’s got everything. It will be very hard to see a fighter beat him. The fight I would love for him to have is Crawford versus Mayweather. What a fight that would be because you’ve got two technical all-around fighters.”

If you as a fan feel it’s being optimistic thinking the Crawford-Spence fight gets made this year, then you must be super-duper-super-optimistic if you think Mayweather will ever agree to fight Crawford now. Not at age 43 will Floyd take this, the biggest risk to his unbeaten record you could point to at welterweight. No way. But when it comes to Crawford-Spence, Khan has made his pick on who wins.

“I think Crawford, no disrespect to Spence – Spence has power, he’s a good boxer as well, but I feel with Crawford he has that extra edge on that fight with his movement, his slickness; it just depends on how [Spence] is gonna deal with a southpaw, and a big, heavy, strong southpaw. It’s hard to call that fight. I think it’s a brilliant fight but I edge more towards Crawford but I just don’t know what Spence is going to pull out of the bag.”

We all have to wait and see whether or not Spence will be 100 percent upon his ring return, that he hasn’t suffered any ill effects from that nasty October car crash. But if “The Truth” is as good, or as great, as he was, then a fight between he and Crawford really is a 50/50 affair between two special boxers. Fans are split down the middle when it comes to who wins. Let’s just hope we get to see it unfold, live and in living colour!

As for Crawford-Mayweather: that one is confined to Dream Fight status now.

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