Amanda Serrano Defeats Ramos In Historic 12-Round Fight – Boxing Results

By Amy A Kaplan - 10/28/2023 - Comments

The glamorous Amanda Serrano showcased her dominance once again, retaining her featherweight titles against Danila Ramos through a unanimous decision. Serrano sailed smoothly through the 12 three-minute rounds. For reference, women’s fights typically span 10 two-minute rounds.

Picture this: the first time since way back in 2007, women throwing punches in the ring for the same length of time as the guys. Yup, we saw Serrano dominate after 12, yes 12, thrilling three-minute rounds. Remember the days when women’s fights were limited to 10 two-minute rounds? Those days are history now.

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With her win against Danila Ramos, Serrano once again proved why she’s the crème de la crème. It wasn’t just her exceptional skill set that was on display, but her tenacity, willpower, and unwavering commitment to push boundaries. Navigating through 12 three-minute rounds with the finesse of a seasoned pro, Serrano left no stone unturned, no punch uncounted.

At 35, where most would expect a seasoned athlete’s performance to start dipping, Serrano seemed to be in her prime. Her ability to adapt, her tactical mind, and her impeccable timing make her a force to always be reckoned with in the ring. She doesn’t just fight; she dances with precision, ensuring every jab, every hook, and every uppercut finds its mark.

The fight against Ramos wasn’t just about retaining titles or marking another victory on her belt. It was a testament to her enduring spirit and unparalleled talent. It was about shattering the glass ceilings, proving that when it comes to talent and heart, gender has no bearing.

Fast forward to the post-fight interview, and 35-year-old Serrano throws this zinger: “Really, was that three minutes? Or did someone turn back the clock to two minutes?” She was chatting with ESPN, glowing from retaining her WBO, WBA, and IBF world featherweight titles. She went on, all heart and spunk, “I felt amazing. Prepped hard for this. Whether it was to show supporters they were right or naysayers they were wrong, I wanted everyone to see women can achieve anything.”

Though Serrano holds the WBO, WBA, and IBF world featherweight titles, there’s one she didn’t have to defend in this fight – the WBC title. And why not? Because the good ol’ WBC, based in Mexico City, decided not to support the three-minute round idea for the ladies, claiming “health and safety” reasons. Oh, please! If only they were as concerned with keeping up with the times as they are with “health and safety.”

Serrano wasn’t alone in her desire for equality in the ring. Earlier this year, she, along with over 20 other current and former female boxers, expressed their wish to fight for three minutes. And honestly, who can blame them? The chance of witnessing a knockout intensifies, making the spectacle even more exciting.

Danila Ramos, the brave Brazilian, embraced this important fight with grace. She voiced, “This was my moment to shine, to let the world know who I am. I’ve consistently stood up for equality and women’s rights.”

While we didn’t get a knockout, the two fighters showed immense skill and stamina as they navigated the full 36-minute journey. Our girl Serrano showcased her dominance, clinching all 12 rounds. Reminds me of 2007 when Layla McCarter took on Donna Biggers and Melissa Hernandez in a similarly timed fight.

So, hats off to the phenomenal Amanda Serrano, here’s to your exceptional talent and the countless accolades that await you. The boxing world is richer with you in it!

As for the WBC, maybe it’s time for some introspection? Just saying! Stay fabulous and fierce, everyone! Until next time!

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