Adrien Broner Still Wants To Fight Floyd Mayweather

By James Slater - 08/06/2022 - Comments

“The Whole World Is Gonna Watch It”

Adrien Broner still wants to fight Floyd Mayweather, in what he believes would be nothing but a hugely lucrative fight that “the whole world” would tune in to see. Broner, once dubbed “The new Floyd Mayweather,” is to return to action on August 20, when he will take on Omar Figueroa Jr, 28-2-1(19) in what really is a must-win bout for “The Problem.” But Broner is still hoping to get “Money” in the ring.

Broner, 34-4-1(24), spoke with TMZ Sports, and the 33 year old said that if he and Mayweather did fight, the bout would pull in $100 million, maybe more. Broner is open to the idea of an exhibition bout with Floyd, too.

“Me, as a real n***a, If I was Floyd and he was me, he would never have to fight again,” Broner said. “This is so easy! This is layup. We can do an exhibition, 10 rounds, and the whole world is gonna watch it and we gonna get in there and go to work. Hug and go in the back and get a bag but at the end of the day, I don’t know what’s his feelings.”

Would a Mayweather-Broner fight, or even an exhibition, be a big deal? Yeah, it probably would. If promoted right, this still-kind-of-perhaps-possible match-up would pull in the casuals along with some hardcore fans. If Mayweather insists in boxing exhibition bouts, then he could at least face an interesting opponent. And say what you want about him, but Broner is an interesting fighter/personality. Sure, these days most fans tune in to a Broner fights hoping to see him get beaten, but Broner remains a draw.

He’s not as big as he once was and he never will be again, but Broner, who has never been stopped in a fight, refuses to go away and be quiet. And Broner still dreams about raking in the mega-money he feels a fight between he and his buddy Mayweather would generate.

And you’ve got to admit it, you would watch if Mayweather and Broner did get it on.