A Coming Golden Age?

In many areas of life there are periods of excellence. Moments when a group of people explode with genius and set a higher standard for the future. The Ancient Greeks had it with philosophy, the Italian Lombards had it with art, and… I postulate that the British may have it with heavyweight boxing.

At the moment, the heavyweight division is dominated by the Klitschko Brothers. They are tough guys; great fighters. I have even heard one may say that Wladimir Klitschko is unbeatable at his best. But they are old. Neither of the brothers have had may 50/50 fights.

The emerging talent in Britain is different. Tyson Fury, David Price, and, in the future, Hugie Fury are all potentially world-class; but they are also evenly matched. This is the first condition for great fights; and the second condition is their natural rivalry.

Although he cannot be considered a prospect, David Haye was the first British heavyweight of this era to fight for the undisputed world heavyweight title. He lost; but still has massive ability. He should, however, be considered a gate keeper for the young British heavyweights who want a shot at Klitschko. Haye is on the verge of retirement.

Tyson Fury hates him. A Tyson Fury-David Haye match-up could happen by the end of the year. Fury is a giant. Haye is highly skilled. It has the potential to be a super-fight. A victory would push Fury into the elite level and Haye onto the next plane to Hollywood – Haye wants an acting career.

David Price was knocked out in 2 rounds by Tony Thompson; so he needs to win the re-match on July 6th. He is capable. Another giant, he has been rivals with Tyson Fury since the unpaid ranks. If either he or Tyson Fury win the undisputed title and then defend it against one another, it will make British boxing legend. World legend. The potential is there.

Hugie Fury is a former world amateur champion. He may become a better fighter than his cousin Tyson. Hold that thought. Imagine a division with Tyson Fury, David Price and Hugie Fury in the word tops. Hugie Fury is 18; he’s already knocking out fully grown heavyweights.

At the moment it is impossible to predict how fat the aforementioned British heavyweights will go, but it is possible they will dominate the division like the Americans in the last century and the Russians in the last decade. Time will tell, but with young fighters like Antony Joshua waiting in the amateurs, it looks likely that Britain is moving towards a heavyweight Golden Age.