“Gervonta wants the fight to be off” says Rolly Romero’s trainer Bullett

05/27/2022 - By Will Arons - Comments

Rolando’ Rolly’ Romero’s coach Bullett believes Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis intentionally pushed him off the stage during the weigh-in because he wants the fight to be off because he’s “scared” of what will happen on Saturday night.

Tank Davis (26-0, 24 KOs) shocked the media & fans during Friday’s weigh-in when he wordlessly reached out & pushed challenger Rolly Romero (14-0, 12 KOs) off the stage after the two fighters had weighed in.

What was really strange is that there was zero hostility up to that point in the weigh-in, which made it all the more bizarre that Tank would decide to shove Rolly off the stage, thereby putting the entire fight at risk.

As the WBA secondary lightweight champion, Tank had no reason to push his opponent off the stage. Why do something wacky like that and risk the fight being called off due to injury?

Bullett says he’s going to test Rolly’s ankle tonight and in the morning to see if it’s healthy enough for him to fight on Saturday night against Tank Davis. If not, they won’t fight.

“You cross the line when you touch another fighter at a weigh-in or press conference,” said coach Bullett to Fighthype about Tank Davis pushing Rolly Romero off the stage at the weigh-in.

“The Commission already told us that anybody that touches anybody, the fight is off,” Bullett continued. “This mother f****fight is still going off.

Tank wants the fight to be off. You got to have self-control and be professional. This is a boxing game. It’s not a sport, we understand that. All kinds of s*** happen, but you don’t cross those lines.

“Before he goes to bed and when he wakes up,” said Bullet when asked when he plans on testing his ankle to see if it’s injured.

“I’m going to do a little assessment, twist & turn it to see if there’s any pain laterally and front and back when he’s doing shadow boxing. In the morning, I’ll do the same thing.”

“He’s not going to because his adrenaline is up,” said Bullett when asked if Rolly felt any pain in his ankle immediately after being shoved off the stage by Gervonta.

“We got to wait. I got to get a doctor and check him out. Of course, Rolly has been in his head from day one. Rolly has been in his head. He’s [Tank] weak-minded just like Calvin, weak-minded.

“They’re trying to avoid this. This is not a choice fight. This ain’t Mayweather. PBC ain’t picking a fight for him [Gervonta] no more. This is the WBA mandatory for everything against a real killer.

“Hell, yeah,” said Bullett when asked if it were up to Tank, would he have avoided the fight with Rolly. “He avoided us in sparring.

“What Tank did, I seen another side of him and that’s good for the fight,” said Bullett about Rolly being angry about being pushed off the stage.

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