Rolly Romero’s Coach Says Tank Davis Pushed Romero Off The Stage “Because He Wants To Fight A Fighter With An Injured Ankle!”

By James Slater - 05/27/2022 - Comments

As was not at all a shock, there was an altercation at today’s weigh-in for the Tank Davis-Rolando Romero fight. This time, Davis actually shoved his bad blood rival off the stage just after they had weighed-in. Romero was naturally fuming and all hell almost broke out. These two we know do not like each other but Davis perhaps went too far. What would have happened if Romero had suffered an injury in the fall from the stage?

This is the question Romero’s trainer, Coach Bullet, asked when speaking with Fight Hub TV. And the trainer asked what would have happened if Tank had been shoved by Romero? Coach Bullet said that Tank pushed his fighter, blatantly, because he was hoping Romero would suffer an ankle injury and have to fight tomorrow’s grudge-fight whilst carrying an injury.

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“He wants to fight a fighter that’s got an injured ankle – because you scared,” Coach Bullet said of Davis’ act. “I’ve never seen no bullshit spectacle like that in boxing, where a guy pushes another guy off a stage of that height, on a weight cut. When you cutting weight, you’re a lot weaker and things can get hurt easier than when you’re at full weight. These idiots that let this m********r get away with shit…..what of Rolly did that to him? It just shows that we’re in their f*****g heads, and they ass is a f*****g bitch. They playing games. We don’t play games.”

It’s an interesting point the trainer makes. Fighters are in a compromised, vulnerable state in the minutes after making weight, or at least they can be. We’ve all seen fighters too weak to barely walk after having struggled to make weight. Romero could well have suffered an injury and the fight could have been ruined as a result. Shame on Tank for this stunt.

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We wait and see if Davis suffers any penalty for his actions. What do you guys think – should Tank be punished for what he did at today’s weigh-in?

As for the fight tomorrow, the bad blood is even thicker now and things could get nasty when the bell goes (or, heaven forbid, even before then). Not too many people think this one will go the distance, that we will see a KO. But who will be the man left standing? There is some major, major buzz around this fight, that’s for darn sure.

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