Oscar Valdez laughs at Shakur Stevenson, says ‘Send the contract’

Oscar Valdez laughed on Friday when told that Shakur Stevenson has been calling him out nonstop and saying he’s ducking since his win over WBO super featherweight champion Jamel Herring on October 23rd.

The unbeaten WBC 130-lb champion Valdez (30-0, 23 KOs) says he’s ready to fight Shakur (17-0, 9 KOs) and he just needs him to send the contract and they can make it happen.

Unfortunately for Shakur, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum has other ideas on who he wants to match against Valdez next, as he wants to have Oscar defend against Emanuel Navarrete.

Arum plans on having Stevenson defend against former WBC 130-lb champion Miguel Berchelt next, and then the winners of those two fights will battle with two belts on the line in the second half of 2022.

Valdez waiting for the contract

“It’s the contract. I’m waiting for the contract to be sent,” said Oscar Valdez to Fight Hub TV when told that Shakur Stevenson has been telling him to stop running.

“He has a promoter, I have a promoter. We’re the same. It should be an easy fight [to put together] to make. Send the contract, let’s not make it difficult. I’m waiting. He has a belt, I have a belt. Let’s make the fight happen,” said Valdez.

Stevenson should know by now that he’s NOT going to get the fight with Valdez next. He would be doing himself and the boxing public a big favor by clamming up already on the idea of him fighting Valdez.

The fight that Shakur needs to be talking about is Berchelt because that’s who Top Rank will be offering him for the first defense of his WBO 130-lb title.

Oscar Valdez laughs at Shakur Stevenson, says 'Send the contract'

Valdez says Ryan Garcia needs to be disciplined 

“Ryan [Garcia], I wish him nothing but the best,” said Valdez when told that Canelo Alvarez admonished him for wasting his potential by not staying in the gym.

“Ryan has got a lot of talent, but he needs to be focused on discipline and on his career because he has everything that makes to be a star. He’s battling his own mind game. I wish him nothing but the best,” said Valdez.

Ryan Garcia was dumped on last week by Canelo for him lacking the dedication to stay in the gym. But at this point, it’s hard to see Ryan’s career going anywhere.

He’s made a lot of money in the sport without ever fighting anybody, and it doesn’t look like he’s got the hunger needed for him to take his career to the next level. It’ll be interesting to see how much longer Ryan will continue to train at Eddy Reynoso’s gym before he stops coming altogether.

“I’m excited for Canelo and Plant and for the future,” said Valdez. “Shakur Stevenson just came out of a great fight, and you got [Miguel] Berchelt, who wants a rematch. They’re throwing a lot of fighters in the line, and I’m ready for whoever.

Valdez picking Canelo by stoppage over Plant

“It’s going to be a great fight, but there are levels,” said Valdez about Saturday’s fight between Canelo and Plant. “I think Canelo is at another level in this fight. I just expect it to be a good fight for both fighters. I’m predicting a knockout through the eighth and the tenth.

“The discipline,” said Valdez when asked what sets Canelo apart from other fighters. “You’ve got hundreds of fighters with talent, but when you mix talent with discipline, it just goes to another level.

“Canelo has that. I bet next week, he’ll be in the gym training again because he’s a gym rat and a very disciplined fighter that people should admire,” said Valdez.

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13 thoughts on “Oscar Valdez laughs at Shakur Stevenson, says ‘Send the contract’”

  1. You psudo sports journalists, especially in the UK, encourage Anthony Joshua and fury to run from Luis Ortiz and Deontay Wilders For eternity. Covering for and making excuses for them at ever turn. We whites are much better at working together in a warlike manner, whites don’t stand a chance at fair fighting in boxing if the Queensbury rules of boxing are enforced. Maybe you should go to the UFC.

  2. Deontay Wilder can’t be beat legitimately and Luis Ortiz, Anthony Joshua and fury, and Dillian Whyte all are avoiding a past his prime Ortiz.

  3. Mr anonymous you are a racist pig your jealous because black fighters are the best and have always been the best that’s y cowards like canelo p. Y garcia and valdez needs peds to beat the best without reynosos steroid camp they ain’t sh..t but ducking cowards! Facts racist boy!

  4. All these African American boxers thinking like they’re the best boxers and that everyone is ducking them smh . Stevenson las fight was against a 35 year old fighter. I’m sure Berchelt will test that boiiiiii watch 😬!

    • American, not afro american, american. The people you Europeans call indians . That’s what Deontay Wilder, Luis Ortiz and sugar hill Stewart are. Some have a.little African blood, because the European lied in history books. Just like they lie about everything else
      You have fraudulent, fake so called champions avoiding good fighters and cheating when forced too.

    • Maybe …
      Unfortunately, guys like Shakur and Haney aren’t exactly sizzling hot…. They’re fairly boring to watch and aren’t in any kind of demand. Sorry.
      They’re more than just good, but they’re also more than just boring …..

  5. Agreed
    After seeing Valdez get his jaw broken and he remain steadfast and pushing it, you gotta have respect for him. He was put in predicaments in his last fight as well, but he comes to fight.
    Shakur probably has more natural talent and athleticism, but a determined, disciplined, and prepared fighter can push him to adversaries he hasn’t had to face in that ring.
    Remember, Joshua was miles above Ruiz in talent and skill…. And still got KTFO!

    • I agree when you said that Valdez had his jaw broken and pushed through it. Much respect and admiration for being a warrior. But let’s not mistake or confuse anything here. He got gift wrapped a decision in his last fight which he clearly lost, as evidenced by all the lumps and cuts on his face. Maybe it was that judge who was affiliated with the WBC who “hooked” him up. And let’s not forget that “tainted tea” he supposedly drank. Hmmmmm…..and now he’s in the same gym training that happens to be saturated with fighters who’ve tested positive for some sort of PED. There always be question marks to his career now. He did it to himself.

  6. Valdez is laughing to keep from crying. He knows that he doesn’t want any parts of Stevenson..Bob is doing him a favor but doing boxing a disservice

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