David Benavidez coming down to 160 for Jermall Charlo fight

David Benavidez (24-0, 21 KOs) says he will cut weight to get down to 160 to take on WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo. It won’t be easy for the 6’2″ Benavidez to meltdown to 160 because he’s struggling as it is to make 168.

The two-time former WBC 168-lb champion Benavidez, 24, has already been told by Charlo (32-0, 22 KOs) that if he wants to fight him, he’ll need to come down to 160.

Benavidez, he’s willing to do just that because he wants Charlo’s scalp to use as bait to get a fight with Canelo Alvarez.

He needs a trophy to entice IBF/WBA/WBC super middleweight champion Canelo (to fight him. If Benavidez can knock out the unbeaten Jermall, it’ll make a fight between him and Canelo (56-1-2, 38 KOs) a bigger money-maker.

Additionally, it’ll put Canelo in a position where he can’t deny him the opportunity to face him. Thus far, Canelo has shown about as much interest in squaring off against Benavidez as Jermall has, which you could see as a sign of respect.

If Canelo thought Benavidez was an easy mark, he would have challenged him for his WBC 168-lb title before losing it on the scales a year ago.

“That’s a dream setup for me. They’re talking about 160; I’ll probably try and go down to 160. I want my people to believe in me. I’m here to stay. I’ll fight whoever and whenever,” said David Benavidez to Little Giant Boxing.

David Benavidez, Jermall Charlo - Boxing News

“I thought he was going to stop Juan Montiel, but that shows there are flaws in his game too,” said Benavidez about Jermall in his recent fight against Montiel.

When you got a guy like Jermall, who is nervous about taking on risky opposition, he’s not going to be dragged into a fight that he doesn’t think he can win.

This means that Benavidez may end up being put on ice for years if he comes down to 160 expecting Charlo to fight him. It’s pretty clear at this point that Jermall doesn’t fancy the fight with Benavidez. If Charlo liked the fight, he would have moved up to 168 to face Benavidez.

The only way Benavidez will get Charlo to fight him is if the WBC orders the fight. If they do that, it wouldn’t be surprising if Charlo vacates the belt.

Benavidez is a bad match-up for the 31-year-old Charlo because he can punch, he’s got excellent stamina, and he’ll be able to wear him down.

As we saw in Charlo’s last fight against Montiel, he weakens rapidly when hit to the body, and he can be hurt. Benavidez is a bigger puncher than Montiel. Charlo might go to pieces in a fight with Benavidez.

“He’s [Charlo] talking about everybody else has flaws, but he has flaws of his own,” said Benavidez in talking about Jermall. “He got a bad cut on his eye. He’s got his own eyes to worry about too.

“I feel like I would [stop Jermall Charlo]. It would be a great fight. I’m not saying it would be easy, but I know I can stop Charlo,” said Benavidez.

It would be great for the sport if Charlo willingly agreed to fight Benavidez if he came down to 160 to fight him. But everything points to Charlo continuing to avoid him and not taking that fight.

David Benavidez, Jermall Charlo - Boxing News

Yeah, the World Boxing Council could help force Charlo to fight Benavidez, and I don’t know that they would do that. It’s not just Charlo that the WBC would be upsetting if they ordered him to fight Benavidez.

It likely wouldn’t make PBC happy because they would see one of their revenue streams ripped away if Benavidez fights Charlo and destroys him.

The WBC likely won’t help Benavide get the fight with Charlo if he moves down to 160. PBC has got to know by now that Jermall is a fragile champion.

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  1. Canelo is King He Ducks everybody but no one’s saying nothingAbout team DuckerFight statues that just want to fall down and get paid

    • Why david not chasing canelo? He’s talking about going down to 160 for what? Where’s his anger to beat canelo? He should be saying those things about a guy 8n his weight class canelo not charlo!

    • Yet another casual comment. You’re just regurgitating the PBC false narrative that Canelo is ducking its fighters. Canelo fought the lineal champ at 160 in Cotto. Then went on to fight the consensus best fighter in Golovkin. Charlo and Andrade WERE the easy fights. He the moved up to 168 and took on the consensus best fighter in Smith while Benavidez was serving a suspension.

  2. How about Benavides fights Plant since it seems like Plant wants to price himself out of the undisputed fight with Canelo, makes more sense! Charlo is at 160? Last i checked Canelo wants to unify 168? I believe Benavides takes plant out. Then he gets his big pay day fight with Canelo

  3. Boxing disappointed me when they score a draw on canelo and GGG first fight it was so clear that GGG won Then on the second fight could of been a draw but I till know that GGG won both of them

  4. I’m 55 boxed 7 years as a mature and pro, been serious boxing fan since I was 12 when my Dad took me to Ken Norton training camp in Palm Springs getting ready to fight the Easton Assassin, Larry Holmes….I was star struck, when I saw Ken Norton sparring my head was inside the ropes where I kept saying…’ I wanna be like him”….over and over, then on the way home my Dad stopped at a liquor store where he bought me my first The Ring magazine and from that day I was hooked…boxing is my first love but I love UFC too. I have a Rocky Marciano tattoo on my left shoulder..49-0 (43 KO’s)…..I’m in Dallas Texas now and there’s a lot of fights in Texas, almost as much as California

  5. Everyone talking about Charlo ducking fighters. Why isn’t Canelo fighting him. They’re in the same weight class. I like Canelo but who has he fought lately that anyone can remember

    • That was about as bias and article as I’ve ever read in my life.

      The real issue is why isn’t this article written about Canelo not fighting DB and they’re in the same weight class while it is actually saying that the sanctioning body should make Charlo fight someone that’s not even in his weight class.

      Pure BS!


  6. Yep, some of these boxers don’t want to fight a fighter they can’t beat in there weigh class . They still pick there fight and shame on them

  7. #LionsOnly @Charlo would destroy DB, and I like DB allot but every fighter needs a big matchup to make them stronger and better which montiel was that for Charlo! Now he got him outta the way he’ll focus on what’s best for him and his brand and if fighting DB was an option big Charlo ain’t running from nobody it’ll be a great fight though @UBK @BigTwinCharlo @LionsOnly @HUp @HTownStandUp

    • Yeah ok lol you’re stupid if you really think David benavidez would lose to Charlo. Smh the Charlo sisters? Fragile champions bro.

    • You are stupid to think that Charlo could beat DB. He just barely beat Montiel and was clearly hurt a few times. DB would have knocked out Montiel easily. Charlo is only fighting easy fights. He talks alot. Never heard him seriously challenge Golovkin, Andrade etc. DB would wear him down before knocking him out.

    • The only two fighters that are challenging the best and are actually worth the fight are getting ducked and this is some obvious stuff. David Benavidez and Demetrius Andrade are the only people stepping up wanting to fight the greats. But the greats are professional duckers. Charlo talks smack then ducks. Canelo thinks he’s invincible yet he fights some of the weakest opponents that match the style he likes (soft fighters that fight inside with hopes their chin outlast yours). I like the Charlo’s style but they are running their mouths and not backing it up. Andrade and Benavidez are oppo, Andrade put up 8 million to fight Canelo but he said he’s to trash (for 8 million why wouldn’t you fight trash) but b/c Andrade style, we won’t see that fight. Oh and Lara beat Canelo but the fans helped the judges make their decision. Boxing has become a ducking event

  8. Ahhh IDK!! I like Charlo he is frm my Nieghborhood. He didn’t look good in the Montiel fight @ all. And this Benivedez Business don’t look good either!! If Benivedez can make 160 I think the WBC will order that fight

  9. All the boxers say they want to fight the best ! But they never do they are all talk !! Bóxers in the 70’s 80’s 90’s all fought each other they just didn’t all talk !!!

  10. Benavidez will take charlo and wear him down and go for his main weapon and that is shots to the body and finish him with the favorite Mexican cherry on top the vicious punch to the kidney. Plus both Charles have never been tested with real hard punching boxers to the chin. Ronny shields needs to advise both of his wards not to !!! Thry would have a better chance of working @ Walmart.

    • Jermell no longer works with Ronnie Shields dude, im jus sayn. However youre not wrong, Jermall is turning out to be the less exciting Charlo, and demonstrating some serious Duck maneuvers!!

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