Jake Paul says Canelo Alvarez is ducking Benavidez and Andrade

YouTuber Jake Paul came out swinging on Tuesday in reaction to Canelo Alvarez kicking two kids out of the ring for wearing T-shirts with Jake’s and Ben Askren’s pictures last Saturday night after his mismatch with Avni Yildirim in Miami. Florida.

DAZN showed WBA/WBC super middleweight champion Canelo’s title defense against his WBC mandatory challenger Avni Yildirim last Saturday, and it ended with the dull non-competitive fight being stopped after three rounds. It was a horrible fight.

Jake said Canelo is angry because DAZN had to renegotiate his contract because he wasn’t selling enough and that he’s fighting unknown guys from Turkey. Jake also said that Canelo is ducking Demetrius Andrade and David Benavidez.

A lot of boxing fans would agree with Jake about Canelo ducking Andrade and Benavidez, but those are just two of many fighters that they feel the Mexican star is avoiding. You can also add these fighters to the list of guys that Canelo has shown no interest in fighting:

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  • Jermall Charlo
  • Dimitry Bivol
  • Jermell Charlo
  • Artur Beterbiev
  • Gennadiy Golovkin

Jake Paul slams Canelo

“A lot has happened in the boxing world in the last couple of days. I feel like I need to rant on it because some of it is funny, it’s hilarious, people are calling me out,” said Jake Paul on social media.

“Canelo’s fight [with Avni Yildirim]. Two kids break into the fight, sneak onto the stage, and the kids are actually wearing a picture of my face and Ben Askren’s face.

Canelo sees that they’re on stage, he double-takes, sees that the kid is wearing a picture of my face. He’s like, ‘Oh, get the f*** out of here. Get the f*** out of here.’ Canelo, what’s your problem? Why do you hate me so much?

“Canelo is mad. He has this thing about me, says I’m bad for the sport, I’m disrespecting it, which doesn’t make sense at all.

“I’m actually bringing more eyeballs, more awareness to the sport of boxing,” Jake Paul continued.

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With Jake’s millions of followers on social media, he’s great for boxing because bringing young fans to the sport that otherwise would have never taken the time to watch.

Unfortunately, a lot of boxing nowadays requires fans to spend money to see it, which is something that limits the growth of the sport.

Yeah, there’s boxing on regular network TV, but you don’t get the great match-ups that you do on the platforms that fans have to pay to see.

Canelo ducking Benavidez & Andrade

“But Canelo, since you want to start this beef, let’s do it. Bro, you’re mad because DAZN had to renegotiate your contract because you weren’t selling enough. You’re mad because there’s someone new coming into the sport.

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“You claim you’re the pound-for-pound best fighter, but you’re fighting these guys from Turkey [Avni Yildirim], that no one has ever heard of.

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“You’re a minus 5000 favorite. Why not fight Caleb Plant, David Benavidez, Boo Boo Andrade? You’re ducking them. You’re ducking them. Canelo, you’re an old hater, that’s what you are,” said Jake.

It is a big disappointment that Canelo isn’t fighting guys like Charlo, Andrade, and Benavidez. At this point, it’s obvious that Canelo is ducking them.

What’s interesting is the network platforms like DAZN aren’t putting their foot down and insisting that Canelo fight better opposition.

It might sound valiant that Canelo wants to become the undisputed champion at 168, but it’s not a big deal because the champions in that weight class aren’t guys that would give Canelo problems.

Jake wants Tommy Fury to speak for himself

“Then I wake up, and I see Tyson Fury, the heavyweight champ, Tweets me and he was talking s*** about Canelo too, saying it was boring and nobody was watching. So I was laughing along with it.

“Then I get to the bottom of the Tweet and he’s calling me out to like fight someone, and the Tweet is about his brother.

“Oh, I didn’t even know he had a brother. Then he’s calling me out to fight his brother, and I’m like, ‘Bro, what the f*** is going on here?’

“I didn’t know Tyson Fury had a bro? I like Tyson Fury. I don’t want a beef with Tyson Fury, but damn, if Tyson Fury took a s***, it would be his little brother.

“He’s literally like this little kid. My point is here. You’re Tyson Fury’s little brother. If you want to fight me, don’t let your big brother do s*** for you.

Log in to Instagram or Twitter and call me out for yourself, bro. What’s going on in this boxing world?” said Jake.

The 21-year-old light heavyweight Tommy Fury (5-0, 4 KOs) would be at a huge risk of being knocked out if he took on a slugger like Jake Paul.

Tommy clearly doesn’t have the same kind of power, and the knack for the sport that Jake was born with. If Tommy takes that fight, it’ll likely end badly for him.

Tyson Fury needs to let his brother Tommy continue to slowly build his career because he’s not ready to face someone like Jake right now, and I’m not sure that he ever will. There are certain individuals that are born to be boxers, and Jake is one of them, Tommy isn’t.

19 thoughts on “Jake Paul says Canelo Alvarez is ducking Benavidez and Andrade”

  1. Wow!
    The youtuber guy likes to stir up mess!
    Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and put up a offer they can’t refuse and then you will see who is ducking who.

  2. Jake should fight a real boxer. White Chocolate he body punches so hard Jake will be passing blood for a week. Check him out on you tube he’s no joke.

  3. jake the joke comments shows his ignorance of the sport, all these so called duckers have’nt established careers so they think they qualify for a lucky moon shot. let them grind each other out to prove who’s ducking who.

    • You are right on point brother canelo is ducking everybody and the stupid fights he’s taking are no good nobody wants to see him he’s going to lose a lot of fans and he will never be one of the best fighters in Mexico.

    • What are u talking about they are the best guys in the division, Benavidez is the top and he’s 24, floyd faught canelo when he was 23 why because he was one of the best at the time

  4. This is basically click bait, and I am angry with myself for having read the article. Jake paul is a clown. Canelo had every right to kick those kids from the stage, they had no business being there in the first place. Canelo fights worthy opponents on a regular basis. Every real fan knows this.

    • You are crazy he fighting puppets fight triple G fight the Charlotte brothers fight those 2 Mexican fighters no he ducking the competition cuz he knows if he fights one of those guys I mention he tskin a L he not stupid dazn got it twisted just like he does when he was with golden boy n oscar he was fighting great opposition now look at him he us to great of a fighter to duck people not good for him n definitely not good for boxing period

    • The Charllo brothers would make quick work of Canelo just like the 2 Mexican fighters would too n GGG fight the best not puppet mandatory challengers u spars with

    • Umm Jake paul is no wanna be boxer he has skill and only gonna get better since he just started a couple years ago, askren getting knocked the f*** out , bet it

  5. Most stupidest thing I’ve ever read. Tell this Jake guy fight a real pro boxer before you talk smack to a champion!! Wow

    • Canelo is no champion he’s ducking everybody you tell me what fighter she’s fighting just look at all the fighters he’s fighting that last fight how many punches did that guy throw maybe eight I won’t even pay that guy canelo is afraid to fight good fighters he’s ducking them.

  6. Why is this article even written?? Dudes a clown looking for hype. Canelo obviously had to fight Avni to retain his belt in order to be able to collect the rest of the belts. Canelo is a no fear type of fighter… He should honestly bring Jake to his gym and “spar” him to teach him respect.

  7. Stupid article, the guy who wrote this shouldn’t be talking about boxing, got all the facts wrong and of course That Jake is a Clown but I agree of him been able to bring some fan to the sport. Fury’s brother will kill him.

    • Exactly. The writer is dreaming. Paul has fought a YouTuber and a retired point guard, and this guy is acting like he’s a champion.

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