Tyson Fury returning in 2021, won’t fight December 5th

Tyson Fury has given up on his December 5th in London, England, and will now be fighting in 2021. Fury (30-0, 21 KOs) took to social media on Sunday to let his fans know that he’s done for the year.

It was expected that WBC heavyweight champion Fury would change his mind about fighting on December 5th after Deontay Wilder and his management initiated mediation to force his third fight.

Fury had been in negotiations with Agit Kabayel to fight on December 5th, but no longer.

This wouldn’t have been an issue if Fury had stuck it out with Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) rather than choosing to turn his back on the trilogy match and go in a different direction.

While some boxing fans aren’t thrilled at the prospects of Fury fighting Wilder again, it’s a heck of a lot better fight than the mismatch that he was planning against Kabayel. That was a gawdawful fight that only the most loyal Fury fans would love.

It looks like Wilder will get his way and will get the third fight that he’s asking for against Fury. It’ll be fun to see how well Wilder does against Fury if he comes into the contest 100% healthy this time.

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For Wilder to have a shot at winning, he’s got to use these things:

  • Backing up against the ropes
  • Avoiding Fury’s punches to the back of the head
  • Don’t stand in front of him
  • Stay on the outside

There’s still a lot of money to be made for Fury and Wilder in a third fight. Weirdly, Team Fury wanted to get out of the fight, but they’re obviously worried about Wilder potentially landing one of his big bombs and scoring a knockout.

The fight that Fury wants is the unification with Anthony Joshua, and Wilder can upset those plans.

Fury may not like the idea of fighting Wilder again, but if he a problem with it, he shouldn’t have agreed to the second fight with him. The trilogy was part of the contract. If Fury didn’t like it, he could have taken his toys and moved on. But since it happened, Fury will have to deal with it and be happy that he got the second fight.

If Wilder knocks Fury down as he did in the 12th round in the first fight, it’ll be interesting to see if the referee plays it old school as we saw with Jack Reiss. That’s risky for a referee to give a count when a fighter is unconscious the way Fury was.