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anyone who thinks this is going to be an “exciting” fight hasn’t seen Moreno’s snoozefests before. big mistake for warrior Mares to take on run run moreno. Moreno wide ud

Posted August 25, 2012 8:32 am 



Posted August 20, 2012 12:38 am 


I’m getting sick and tired of this silly Goldenboy & Top Rank bull crap. Why the hell does Goldenboy have to keep scheduling their fights the same night as Top Rank. Oscar is so full of crap it’s scary. He keeps sayn how he wants to fixed things with Top Rank and then turn around and make his fights the same night as Top Rank. It’s bad enough he has Alvarez fighting the same night as Chavez and Martinez but now he goes and set this great fight the same night Donaire finally fights another good fighter. He continues to make fans decided and pick & chose when he could’ve set this fight up a week b4 or after-I mean it’s waay more money with no comp then when there is. He need to set up big fights when there’s no other fights going on the same way with big movies-they don’t want any comp so they’ll put out a big movie @ the right time with no comp-thats how u get more-Oscar give me a freakn break

Posted August 19, 2012 4:33 pm 

Proud African

I’m with Anselmo Moreno to defeat ‘low-blow’ Mares.

Posted August 18, 2012 10:56 pm 


This an awesome fight, plus it’s on the same night as Donaire/Nishioka! Moreno is one of the slickest fighters in the game, but it is gonna be tough to keep Mares outside all night long and he can’t beat Mares on the inside. I think Moreno will definitely have his moments, but Mares size, power, pressure and workrate will ultimately be a bit too much for Moreno to handle in the long run. Hats off to both men for making this fight happen. We, the fans are the real winners this time!

Posted August 18, 2012 4:51 pm 

The Mad Scientist

Seems like most don’t think much of Mares heading into his fight against Chemito..hopefully these same cats are not on here after the fight making excuses down playing Abner’s win if he pulls it off wich I think he will..war Mares!

Posted August 18, 2012 2:56 pm 


Moreno by UD or TKO, very experience boxer and 4 more pounds it not when to change nothing for Moreno, maybe heavier hands. This fight will be great show of brave.

Posted August 18, 2012 12:00 pm 


I love Moreno as a slick lefty he is more skilled the Guerrero pound for pound for sure.The way he dissected Vic was awesome.Mares will go down the same way.This guy Moreno in my book needs to challenge Donaire & Rigondeaux not Abner as I don’t think he is good enough.

Posted August 18, 2012 4:24 am 


I actually like Moreno in this one by decision. Mares is going to have trouble with the southpaw Moreno .

Posted August 17, 2012 8:25 pm 


Mares by decision in a great one!

Posted August 17, 2012 8:11 pm 


Mares om a controversial decision win.

Posted August 17, 2012 8:01 pm 


Looking forward to this fight. This will be a damn good boxing match. I havent seen to much of Moreno but I have seen enough of Mares to know he can box and brawl. So definitely looking forward to this fight, actually I look forward to any Mares fight

Posted August 17, 2012 7:11 pm 


Good list until you mentioned Donaire. The guy is a ducker. Can’t wait until he gets in there with someone as fast as him like Rigo and gets outclassed.

Have to agree with you, there are some good quality fights. However, I don’t think Dawson v Ward will be exciting. Ward will not let it be exciting, expect Dawson to be pinned to the ropes with Ward’s head. It will be about as exciting as Bradley v Alexander.

Toss up between Mares v Moreno. I like Moreno due his skill and defense but Mares is going to be big compared to him. I hope Moreno wins but I’m not betting against Mares.

Posted August 17, 2012 6:09 pm 


Refreshing to have two top boxers actually wanting to fight each other instead of making any excuse not to. Both these guys are great fighters – I can’t wait for this one; I only hope that it’s shown in the uk.

Posted August 17, 2012 6:09 pm 


This exactly what boxing needs: top fighters going against each other, and we have really 4 possibly classic fights coming up now. You got to give it to Mares, this kid will fight anyone and he’s not waiting around for the big payday, he’s going to beat his way up the ladder. Having said that, Chemito is going to be a tall order.

Posted August 17, 2012 5:34 pm 


Mares vs Moreno…what’s not to love about this fight between 2 young champions! I am leaning towards Moreno on this one…excellent skills, more experienced and more elusive in the ring. Not to say it will be an easy fight for either man.

Posted August 17, 2012 4:49 pm 

da ugly truth

Mares has fought tough opposition back, to back to back, to back fights and still no props.. he beat abeko, Vic, and a draw with perez… No fighter in recent times has put himself in a tough road like mares has… This fight with moreno will be a great one… If Mares wins this fight, hands down he will destroy donaire…

Posted August 17, 2012 4:44 pm 


Anselmo Chemito Moreno by wide UD or by late TKO.

Posted August 17, 2012 4:38 pm 

The Kingslayer

Solid fight.

Posted August 17, 2012 4:10 pm 


one of the best fights this year,of course nothing tops chavez vs martinez,that fight has been asked for a while now,chavez/mtz…mares/moreno…rios/alvarado to me are the fights i’m looking forward to this year,,,dawson/ward is ok but i don’t like the idea of dawson coming down in weight i think it will hurt him plus they kind of boring to me,they just hold way too much,

Posted August 17, 2012 4:03 pm 

The Mad Scientist

Yes the winner of this fight shouls be able to crack the top 10 P4P list with no questions asked, good fight between Moreno and Mares..

Posted August 17, 2012 3:01 pm 


Props to GBP for making a tough fight for Mares.. they coulda gave him a bum or former champ past his prime and keep waiting out a fight with Donaire or moving him up.. but they gave him Moreno.. I like it.. a good fight for two young really talented fighters.. the winner should be p4p ranked hands down… and should get a fight with Donaire pronto… but the chances Big Bob lets that happen… enhhh….

Posted August 17, 2012 2:37 pm 

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Abner Mares vs. Anselmo Moreno on October 13th

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