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I really like Tark giving his opinions.I am sure it helps coaches and boxers around the world too. It is all about the sport…..God bless….kenny weldon

Posted November 26, 2012 7:11 pm 


Guy without a name who posted under my name. Don’t like me giving an opinion huh .Good time for you to consider what I said. I spend about 18-20 hours a week training people to box.I have written a book and did instructional boxing videos for people all over the world .We have sold over 11 million now I hear,with proceeds going to churches and everyone but myself,with exception of expenses I understand…..I hope you continue giving your opinions ,even the one you have of me. Boxing needs them.I will be glad to argue opinions with you. If not….OK….its is what it is….God bless….kenny weldon

Posted November 26, 2012 7:08 pm 


FOR THE GUY WHO POSTED IN MY NAME…..WHY DONT you tell us who you are ?Chumps like yourself are getting us beat up all over the world. No one can win here except phonies like yourself….I am not moving my gym nowhere .Why should I . I love what I do and have been asked to go overseas next week for a coaches clinic.My goal was reached many years ago and I love giving back. Of course,if one has nothing to give,like yourself,this would be hard for you to understand….God bless….kenny weldon.

Posted November 24, 2012 2:38 pm 



Posted November 24, 2012 2:29 pm 


America did spectacular in the 2012 Olympics.. We have outstanding swimmers, basketball players, track & field athletes, gymnasts, shooters, archers, whatever… We ran away with the medals race—to everyone’s amazement—because China was expected to win it this time… But we suck at Boxing. Our stinky “old-school” programs are the worst in the world… It shouldn’t be that difficult to find out what the UK, Ukraine, Germany, and other countries with great boxing teams are doing with their ramped up modernized programs … Whatever their doing it’s better than what we’re doing.

Posted November 24, 2012 2:24 am 


This is too bad. I have produced several Olympians and World Champions working at every level of the sport.Knowledge wins at this sport .World champions are made not born.America should recognize politics for what it is.World Championships are also the hardest product in the world to buy. “The program” is what wins for the boxer.The past 20 years have been nightmares for American boxing and its input for world matters in boxing has been bad to say the least. It is now time to get going with what wins.Please,lets not waste the past 100 years and the blood shed by our elite fighters with a program that does not work. My program works…..God bless….kenny weldon

Posted November 23, 2012 7:25 pm 

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