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Meco Hart

Much Respect to Mr Mike Tyson for all of his accomplishments in and out of the ring , I know as a Fight Fan that it has not been an easy road, To be a champion does not start in the Gym , It starts in your Heart, The preparation of his Heart to insure everything that will come across you in His quest to be a Champian, The Tutoridge of his handlers early on would prepare his mind to be a Gladiater and Warrior all in one, To be a Champion you have to sacrifice your life to be the Ferocious Animal like Man, To go amongst Men on the Battleground to Intimidate them before the Fight ever started, I heard him say he new the opponents fright as soon as he stepped into the ring because of the way there eyes looked, Congradulations to one of the Best Heavy Weight Fighters of our time.

Posted February 14, 2014 6:08 pm 

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