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Gon…, You’re the world’s dumbest idiot… Ripped Fuel doesnt contain streroids you moron, it contains Ephedrine.. They didn’t ask for a follow up test — and that couldn’t prove that he was clean on the night anyway.. You’ve never been a top athlete so you don’t know how testing is conducted, or that they divide your sample into enough portions for future tests … in the event they have to verify positive tests.. They also may want to come back and retest the samples with more advanced testing technologies in a few years. You are such an oblivious Simple Simon it’s clear you can’t read or comprehend a damned thing. You’re 3rd grade level you clueless punk assed fairy.

Posted May 14, 2013 7:15 pm 

Gonzo of Nazareth

Where is my post?

Posted May 13, 2013 10:10 pm 


You’e a raging moron Gon… Everyone knows it. Talking sense to you is impossible because you have none.

Jones didn’t have to submit another sample idiot. They had more samples to test from the night of the fight. They divide up your samples and freeze them so they can do more tests in the event of a positive test. They need samples from fight night … It might be a false positive test so they test again from the same batch you idiot.. But keep spewing your vile moronic babblings. You’re paving your way.

Posted May 13, 2013 12:31 pm 


LMFAO…. Nothing Goodman or Hall said indicts Roy Jones. It’s all speculation and leading questions from the interviewers, which is not allowed in a court of law. There is no evidence you could take to a DA to indict anyone—and lawyers always say you can indict a ham sandwich—but getting a conviction is another matter because you need rock-solid evidence. They indicted, but couldn’t convict, Barry Bonds of simple charges of taking steroids. They had 10 times as much on BB as they had on Mosley or Jones. Nothing in any statement Goodman or Hall ever made would be construed by any intelligent person, as an assertion that Jones was definitely guilty of steroid use. Nowhere did they say the follow tests were positive. It’s all speculation about a false positive test. You cannot support your accusations with speculative data and conversations where potential witnesses have no concrete knowledge, so he or she says, “From my understanding.” That’s hearsay.

Posted May 11, 2013 5:55 pm 

Gonzo of Nazareth

And for the last time. I am not a Jones hater.

Posted May 10, 2013 10:42 pm 

Gonzo of Nazareth

In an all out effort to set the record straight and truly dispel rumors and flimsy attempts at damage control, we decided to have a Q&A with the man who headed the Indiana Boxing Commission at the time Roy Jones, Jr. defended his WBC, WBA and IBF titles against Richard “The Destroyer” Hall.

Indiana Commissioner Jacob Hall has been very gracious, providing us with a sequence of events that will probably stun most readers. I know he shocked yours truly. Furthermore, we requested -and were provided with- several documents which will irrefutably put to rest the real rumors and will prove once and for all the TRUTH.

Here is a copy of the letter the IBF sent to Roy Jones, Jr. informing him that he had tested positive for anabolic steroids.

Posted May 10, 2013 5:34 pm 

Gonzo of Nazareth

Marian Muhammad was the Secretary of the International Boxing Federation back in May of 2000 when Roy Jones, Jr. and Richard Hall met up for all of Roy’s baubles at Canseco Fieldhouse in Indiana.

In addition to all the evidence we have discovered regarding a double positive test for anabolic steroids on the above named fighters, we decided to speak to Ms. Muhammad, hoping to add another dimension to this intriguing story. Although Ms. Muhammad was only the Secretary at the time of the event, we felt that her input would be helpful in sorting out the TRUTH.

This is what we talked about…

BRC: Ms. Muhammad, may I ask you if in fact the IBF was the lead organization for the Jones-Hall championship fight in May 2000?

Muhammad: No, it was the WBA’s lead…

BRC: May I ask you then why did the letters notifying Roy Jones, Jr. and Hall about their positive tests for anabolic steroids came from the IBF?

Muhammad: Because they tested positive for substance(s) that are supposed to be banned by our organization. Roy took our title into the ring; it doesn’t matter who the lead organization was. It doesn’t matter if you tested positive for something that was against any of the organization’s rules.

BRC: To the best of your knowledge can you tell me if you know whether the other organizations took any kind of action on this matter. Did they send a letter, anything?

Muhammad: No, not to the best of my knowledge, they didn’t and I communicated directly with Mr. Jones, Mr. (Richard) Hall because I got the positive specimens back. I told them what the IBF rules said.

BRC: I realize that you were not the president of the IBF when this fight took place, so I hope this is not an unfair BRC. But, was the IBF supposed to have acted on those positive tests?

Muhammad: To the best of my knowledge, yes.

BRC: Should the organization have done something?

Muhammad: The rules state that if he tested positive the second portion of the specimen should have been sent to a lab of his choice and the local Commission for testing, and if that specimen came back positive, then that could be grounds for vacating the title.

BRC: According to my conversation with Jacob Hall, Richard Hall’s attorney asked that the second specimen be tested, and it is my understanding that nothing was done regarding Richard Hall. Did the rules not apply to him?

Muhammad: Remember, the WBA was the lead here, it was a WBA mandatory. If Hall had been the IBF champion… the only thing we could do was test the winner, and the winner happened to be Roy Jones, Jr. who was the champion. Richard Hall wasn’t even rated by the IBF.

BRC: And to the best of your knowledge, (and ours), they didn’t, correct?…

Muhammad: Well, I only know that on Richard Hall we got nothing but I have a positive test from Roy Jones, Jr. that was directed to Mr. Jake Hall at the Indiana Boxing Commission, indicating that Mr. Jones tested positive for anabolic steroids.

BRC: I realize that 2-1/2 years have gone by, and perhaps you don’t remember… but I have copies of the letters sent by the IBF to Richard Hall and to Roy Jones, and they both bare your signature, as then Secretary of the organization…

Muhammad: That’s correct and there was also another one that Ms. Knight herself asked me to send… She asked me to send them, (the letters), I sent them. Then she herself sent one to … it was directed to Roy Jones telling him that she hadn’t heard from him about the results from Specimen B and that she was directing him to contact this office no later than the close of business on Friday, August 25, 2000.

BRC: The fight was in May? Why such of long lapse of time?

Muhammad: I can’t tell you… Once I did what she asked me to do, it went from there… I don’t know what happened after that…

BRC: Can you think of any reason why this situation was never unearthed before the Richard Hall interview with Bragging Rights Corner’s Aladdin Freeman?

Muhammad: Well, I really don’t know… I know that I saw something on the net at one time, immediately after the fight, but nobody never called me, and when I spoke to Jacob Hall after I got his letter, he said that the Indiana Commission had no way to deal with anabolic steroids intake because it was not covered in their rules, not even banned by Indiana, so he couldn’t do anything anyway, that’s what he told me.
I was not aware of any of the arrangements that were made between Fred Levin, Roy Jones’ attorney and Mr. Jacob Hall from the Indiana Boxing Commission.
(Editor’s Note: Ms. Muhammad is referring to the charitable contribution which was asked of Roy Jones, Jr. and which he submitted, in the form of a check for $250, dated Oct. 27, 2000, to the Indianapolis Police Athletic League).

BRC: I would like to ask you if you have been asked by anyone other than BRC regarding this incident and Roy’s use of a sinus medication which, according to some members of his camp, could have caused the positive test results…

Muhammad: No one has… I’ve only spoken to Jake Hall, period. I’ve never spoken to anyone from Roy’s camp including his attorney. I haven’t spoken to anyone from any internet sites, I DON’T READ THEM, believe it or not. Nobody has ever called me about Roy Jones testing positive.

BRC: Are you aware that members of Roy Jones, Jr.’s camp have gone on record saying that his sinus medication could have been the culprit for his positive reading?

Muhammad: This is the first I’ve heard of any of it since 2000, nobody has ever contacted me about anything, and like I said, when it was going on I only communicated with Jake Hall, period.

BRC: Now that you head the IBF, are you attempting to make strides toward implementing drug testing in all states? Are you working on that at all?

Muhammad: No, what we do is in whatever jurisdiction we sanction a fight, the promoter is obliged to get drug testing. The doctor, whomever the state assigns as the doctor, the promoter has to pay him and the laboratory for the drug tests, whether the state has a law or not, because it’s one of our rules. That’s how we went through all of this in Indiana, because they don’t have any drug testing.

BRC: Do you think that in your position of leadership, as someone that people look up to and respect in the sport, do you think that perhaps you could take a more active role -aside of your organization- to help make the implementation of drug testing in all states a reality? To take it a step further, how about testing for communicable diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis, which is not mandatory in the great majority of the states either?

Muhammad: Yes, that is correct, there is no testing for communicable diseases…

BRC: But, how can that be? Boxers bleed, they bleed for a living…

Muhammad: All I can tell you is that the states have autonomy. Each state has its own individual laws and just like you have just told me you are floored by the things that the states do not require, it floors me that the Association of Boxing Commissions, which each state has appointed an overseer, like a sanctioning body, if you can’t clean your own house how are you going to clean somebody else’s? So, what we have done is try to work with Senator John McCain, (R AZ), to come up with some minimum safety standards that will be required by EVERYBODY, and that would include HIV testing, hepatitis testing, drugs, whatever it is that could cause a problem or magnify a problem in the sport of boxing.
I don’t know personally how I can get anymore involved at this moment but through dialogue hopefully we can all do our part.

BRC: I have found out that there is a serious lack of knowledge regarding the dangers of steroids use. In closing, would you like to address that for our readers?

Muhammad: The only thing that I know about it is that according to our medical doctor the anabolic steroid has an effect on the neurological system and it’s also a PERFORMANCE ENHANCER. That is why we at the IBF have BANNED IT.
When I received the report from Jake Hall, I called a few people, one of them being the Pennsylvania Commissioner, Greg Serb, because he is a former wrestler and he has done studies on anabolic steroids. I was told by him that there are levels of intake of that stuff, if you are under a certain level, then it doesn’t enhance your performance. He told me that there are over the counter items that have the substance in them, and you could consume them not knowing, and not trying to enhance your performance. I didn’t understand that explanation then and I don’t understand it now, but my doctor -the IBF doctor- says it doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t be involved with anabolic steroids at all.
To get into the really details of the stuff, I must be honest with you, I was never in a position before where I had to address it, now that I am, I will get into it.

BRC: Ms. Muhammad, I want to thank you for granting us this interview. In closing, I want to say that this has never been a witch hunt against Roy Jones, Jr., Richard Hall, the Indiana Boxing Commission or the IBF for that matter. We, at Bragging Rights Corner, simply followed a story and we have been very careful to investigate every allegation that has been made along the way. We are thankful for your candor and for the information you have shared with us, which hopefully will clear up some of our readers’ concerns.

***To view a copy of the letter sent by the IBF to Richard Hall informing him that he had tested positive for anabolic steroids, click here

***To view a copy of the letter sent by the IBF to Roy Jones, Jr. informing him that he had tested positive for anabolic steroids,

Posted May 10, 2013 5:33 pm 


Gon…. You write nothing but drivel and hearsay from websites who are anxious to sensationalize everything they can to get surfers to click. I know the people and all the facts involved. You said Roy didn’t take fuel or test positive for Ephedrine — and he admits he did.. So you’re wrong.. He admitted to the whole world that his positive test for Ephedrine came for his consumption of Ripped Fuel. He hadn’t realized it contained a banned substance but he was still responsible for everything that goes into his body so he fessed up.

Everyone knows you don’t need new testing samples and new tests… They have plenty of sample for when you gave your original specimen because you need to be negative for PED’s and banned substances on the night of the fight in question.. Later samples don’t apply.. I don’t know what I can say to make this clear to you, but the writers on these sensationalized websites are like the tabloid writers.. They make up sensationally distorted stories to lure idiot readers like you.. They take bits and pieces of conversations and use innuendo.. They’re yellow journalists — but that’s where you get your news and you believe any stupid thing they write. I suppose you read the National Enquirer too.

Posted May 10, 2013 5:21 pm 

Gonzo of Nazareth

And show me where I said I dislike Jones you pathetic weasel. Unlike your faux Christian ass, I dislike cheating.

Posted May 10, 2013 4:13 pm 

Gonzo of Nazareth

The IBF wanted to ignore the whole affair from the start, they had make it look like they were doing something which is why they sent Jones a letter 5 months later. . It has never been confirmed what the source of Jones’s positive test result was, only Jones’s team claims it was due to Ripped Fuel, there original story was nasal spray

Posted May 10, 2013 4:06 pm 


What a performance by the greatest athlete today,if you thought that was boring you need to change sports not now but right now,the man put on a clinic and for those of you who said oh he lost his legs ,his movements not there anymore ha ha ha! he looked like he was fresh out of the olympics,just give the man his due already you hatas ..yuup

Posted May 10, 2013 2:56 pm 


Tark – my post said he has not taken stricter test, try read properly. I said nothing about any agreements.

Posted May 10, 2013 12:30 pm 


Gon… You’re uninformed as usual… You’re getting your misinformation from sensationalized websites that are the tabloids of the web. You’ll believe any crap anyone feeds you if you don’t like person being attacked. You probably think Obama was born in Kenya. They didn’t need to do a 2nd test for Roy or Hall. They had backup samples taken on fight night. False positive tests happen and that’s why they have back up samples. That’s how they nailed Lance Armstrong years after his first tests were negative because new testing technologies are continuously being developed to find previously untraceable cheating, and they keep the samples frozen for decades. No suspensions or fines were incurred on Hall or Roy, as there would have been if the follow up tests were positive. Roy absolutely tested positive for Ephedrine because he took Ripped Fuel. He readily admitted his mistake and hired a consultant to make sure he never used a product with a banned substance again. You live your life in total darkness and probably get your misinformation from hate mongers like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Matt Drudge.

Happy Boy… Pacquiao agreed to all of Floyd’s testing demands long ago. The only thing holding up the fight for the last 18 months has been Pacquiao’s refusal to take a smaller cut of total revenues from all sources than Floyd.. He finally agreed to take the lower cut and the fight would have gone forward if he hadn’t been crushed by Marquez.. He has to beat Rios and Marquez in comeback fights to make the matchup anywhere close to as rich as it was. Try to keep up to date.

Posted May 10, 2013 10:24 am 


Pac has still not agreed to stricter tests till today, so I guess he learned from the best.

Posted May 10, 2013 5:32 am 


Roy Jones and Richard Hall both tested positive for steroids in one sample of their testing.. Those were a false positive tests due to faulty testing.. When they tested the B and C samples they all sailed through negative for any PED’s … On another occasion Roy tested positive for Ephedrine.. Ripped Fuel was the product with the Ephedrine in it. This is factual.

Posted May 9, 2013 9:38 pm 


Actually they put steroids in lots of medications… The also spray them covertly on supplements to make the supplements seem very effective… I would never buy an over-the-counter product in a health food store that promised to make me bigger, stronger, or faster.. I wouldn’t even buy vitamin pills.. None of that stuff is well regulated.

Posted May 9, 2013 9:30 pm 

Gonzo of Nazareth

Edit> too

Posted May 9, 2013 6:53 pm 

Gonzo of Nazareth

Hidalgo.. Jones didn’t test positive for Ephedrine.. he tested positive for anabolic steroids then, as seemingly all drug cheats who’ve been caught red-handed, he proceeded to blame it on an over the counter supplement (Ripped Fuel) and then his attorney contradicted his story by saying it was a nasal decongestant. His testosterone levels were elevated over six times than normal, it’s EXTREMELY unlikely that an over the counter medication could do that. He also refused to submit a second test to find out exactly what steroid it was to.

Posted May 9, 2013 6:52 pm 


Again Tyrone Jones… Leonard was 34, NOT 35 when he fought Norris. Please don’t fudge and learn simple math.. And Keith Mullins WAS better than Norris on the night they met.. That’s why he knocked Terry out.. Norris had a glass chin, so the whole package that was Keith Mullins was able to beat Norris, even though Norris had superior speed and craft and Mullins was very green.. Norris was favored and would have faced Oscar De La Hoya had he won that fight, but Mullins was tougher than Norris counted on him being, and not as much of a rookie as he thought.

On the other hand Norris was better than John Mugabi because he canned Mugabi’s ass in the 1st round. He could see Mugabi’s crude swings coming from across town. Leonard was favored to beat Norris when they fought so most people thought Leonard was better — but they were mistaken. Leonard wasn’t fast or good enough to find Norris’s weak chin and Norris timed Leonard’s slow leads easily and even dusted Ray’s shorts on the canvas a couple times. It was an embarrassing night for Sugar Ray Leonard, even though Ray had a great night a couple years earlier, putting gloves in the face of the much slower Hagler. Speed is relative, and some guys are slower than slow.

Mayweather is 36 years old.. He has never been beaten. Nobody’s going to give him a pass because he’s so much older than the super talented and undefeated Canelo and Broner, who are in their early 20’s. God knows those fights won’t be easy. Canelo is bigger, stronger, younger, and physically tougher.. Broner is younger, faster, much more aggressive, and punches harder. We’ll see what happens and if Floyd’s great technical mastery can overcome his age and all these other deficits.

Posted May 9, 2013 1:23 am 


Ephedrine is also a stimulant. I’d find it really really hard to believe an intelligent guy and experienced professional boxer like Roy Jones Jr. didn’t triple-check everything he consumed.

Posted May 9, 2013 1:10 am 

Tyrone Jones

Tark, You are obviously grabbing at straws but still wrong. Leonard was indeed 35 when he fought Norris but my point was that everyone doesnt age the same and that fact is especially exasperated when one considered all the wars Leonard was in compared to Floyd. Using your unorthodox philosophy, a Keith Mullings was better than Norris ever was merely because he kO’d him when Norris was just 30 years of age. So please.

You are also incorrect about the the different weight classes. For instance, welter to light heavy is a difference of 27 pounds whereas super featherweight to jr middleweight is a difference of 24 pounds.

And you are wrong about Roy Jones Jr. who was caught using androstenedione

Posted May 9, 2013 12:20 am 

Fish Eyes

OCTAVIUS72, good comment..

Posted May 8, 2013 4:41 pm 

Bubba Gump

Khan whips Floydie

Posted May 8, 2013 4:24 pm 


Roy tested positive for Ephedrine… It’s a fat burner that’s an ingredient in Ripped Fuel — an over-the-counter drink that Roy didn’t realize contained an ingrediant banned for boxers… Ball players may take Ripped Fuel but not boxers in many jurisdictions.

Banned substance listings should be coordinated across pro sports.

Posted May 8, 2013 2:51 pm 

Gonzo of Nazareth

Roy Jones, like the thousands of American athletes who had their positive test results swept under the carpet during the late 80s and 90s, was juiced out of his effing mind during his prime years. Let’s not forget that minor little detail shall we Floyd ”We really hate PED cheats.. honest guv” Fans. lololol.

Posted May 8, 2013 12:27 pm 

te tumbo

Btw, if Pacquiao* really wanted to face Marquez again, he wouldn’t have priced himself out of a 5th matchup. $13 million may be more than the $3 million that Marquez agreed to for their last bout but it’s less than half of the $25 million Pacquiao* collected. Marquez remains the greater Fighter and Ring-Warrior.

Posted May 8, 2013 11:35 am 

te tumbo

Rios is going to exploit Pacquiao’s* vulnerability to right-hands and uppercuts and Bradley is not going to outbox or outpunch Marquez. although, at 40, one wonders how much longer Marquez can sustain his second prime? usually decline can only be exposed in an actual bout but if a fighter does reveal decline in the gym, they can be sure to be moved-up the priority list of potential Pacquiao* opponents by Roach. in fact, Roach is once again applying his deficit-analysis to explain his selection of Rios as Pacquiao’s* next opponent. according to Roach, Pacquiao* dominated Alvarado in sparring, which will translate into a Pacquiao* win v. Rios. boxing math by association very rarely pans-out like some “experts” anticipate.

Posted May 8, 2013 11:33 am 


OCTAVIUS72 – True that, it’s about preference, a KO or a boxing clinic however we should not be hypocritical by calling one a cherrypicker and one a warrior when infact both boxers pick and choose as they wish.

Posted May 8, 2013 4:11 am 


Rios is not a good tune-up for Marquez because he’s not a master boxer — he’s basically a straight ahead slugger who eats punches.. Pac is coming off a KO loss and he’s going to get hit really good again.

On the other hand Bradley is not a good tune-up for Pacquiao — and he will be a tougher guy for Marquez to get past than Rios is for Pac.

Posted May 8, 2013 2:54 am 


Happy Boy; LOL!!!!! Floyd should just fight his mandatory challengers like he just did and let Pacman pick and chose who he wants to fight!!!!I personally feel like the fight with Brandon Rios is a joke. But whatever. Folks are going to tune in because they are looking for a KO; and I guess at the end of the day that’s all that matters to some. Everybody doesn’t look at the BIGGER PICTURE and see what’s really going on here!!!!!

Posted May 8, 2013 2:24 am 


Truth is, Pacquiao is really a puffed up lightweight. Alvarez and Martinez are really way bigger than Pacquiao. These guys have heavier bone structures than Manny, so let’s give it a rest.

Posted May 8, 2013 1:49 am 


Alvarez – Mayweather. Why not? Big box office. Mayweather finally takes on somebody bigger than him – ala Pacquiao.

Posted May 8, 2013 1:42 am 


@ Hecdog… You wrote, “Floyd Mayweather and Roy Jones never use correct technique as true fighters do.” … That’s an interesting comment. Would you care to elaborate on their incorrect technique since you’re so knowledgeable in this area? Having been a professional boxer and trainer myself, I view Floyd’s technique as virtually flawless. Roy Jones was slightly stiff through his shoulders, his upper back, and through his neck area. I knew Tarver would be a huge problem for Roy because AT is more fluid in all those areas and not as tied up. His body is more lithe and flexible and he defends better. In my view Roy did too much upper body strength training. Boxers love to work on those guns—but there’s a certain way to do it without losing any fluidity … and actually making gains.

Roy never rolled or evaded punches as masterfully as Floyd—but Roy’s technique was certainly better than 99% of “true” fighters I’ve ever studied—including Leonard, Hearns, Hagler, and Duran. Both Leonard and Hearns were far worse than Roy at slipping right hands. Hagler could be reached by almost anything a crafty boxer like Leonard threw. Duran was a better boxer than Hagler pound-for-pound. Roberto’s 3rd DeJesus fight was about on the same level as Roy Jones for his Toney fight. That was peak Duran. But none of the above compare with Mayweather Jr as a defender, master of varied styles, or making strategic adjustments.

Posted May 7, 2013 11:49 pm 


@Tyrone Jones… Leonard was 34, not 35, when he was dominated, floored twice, and out-classed by China-chinned Terry Norris. Why fudge Ray’s age? Norris was a Julian Jackson KO victim and wasn’t the toughest available opponent for Leonard.

On the night Leonard fought Norris the 3 Middleweight Champions were Mike McCallum-WBA… Michael Nunn-IBF… and Julian Jackson-WBC… They won those titles after Leonard was stripped—for avoiding the top middleweights contenders after he beat Hagler.

Donny Lalonde was a cherry-pick. To get the Leonard fight Lalonde was forced to drain down to the 168 pound limit. The WBC waved their rule against a boxer winning 2 separate division titles in one fight—so the fight was basically a canard to give Leonard more prestige and world titles. It was tailor made for Leonard’s benefit. Leonard also received a gift draw in the Hearns rematch. Sugar Ray publicly that he should have 4 losses on his record because Hearns beat him in their rematch.

The highest weight title Leonard legitimately contended for was against the unknown Lalonde at 168—which is 21 pounds above welterweight.. Mayweather won 2 World Championships at 154 against HOF caliber fighters: Oscar De La Hoya and Miguel Cotto. That’s 23 pounds above super-featherweight where Floyd fought most of his career fights.

Posted May 7, 2013 11:33 pm 

BEARS (with a quak quak here and a quak quak there here a quak there a quak everywhere a quak quak)

Get to what level exactly? Beating guerrero? Loosing to diaz andsalido? Getting a mayweather invite? Haven’t u heard even kahns in the discussion and an ortiz rematch. Please b red, enlighten me, what level is it you think guerrero is on? The slow flat footed feather fisted level? The level where he has multiple losses at what 120 something? That’s the garbagelevel he is on, what level were u talkn about?

Posted May 7, 2013 11:26 pm 

B Red

Bears your a hater, Robert Guerrero is not garbage. Fighters dont get to that level without being able to fight at a high level.

Posted May 7, 2013 9:32 pm 

B Red

Left Hook, im chillin man, how is it out there in Scotland

Posted May 7, 2013 9:26 pm 

BEARS (with a quak quak here and a quak quak there here a quak there a quak everywhere a quak quak)

I think may would strugge with canelo. May looked vulnerable against cotto. Guerrero is garbage so is ortiz. There is nothing impressive about them. Guerero is a slow flat footed feather fist. If mays not coming in like against the little guys like he didn’t make weight for marquez and may won’t weigh in fight night. Mays lookin good against the robert guerreros of the world and that ain’t sayin much. May looked crappy against a washed up cotto. No fighting canelo wouldn’t even be close to one sided. Mybe in the addle brained mind of a rabid floyd mayweather nutthugger. Canelo poses a very serious threa to may and his money and its the primary reason for ducking. Its why may can’t even fight at 154 now. Too much risk. The only comforting thing about all this is broner is coming to expose may on the 147 front. Mayweather will retire a cowardly duck. One of the biggest ducks of all time. He’s already ducked pac and martinez and by the end of it we will add everyone at 154 and broner. Its the reality. This mayweather will beat everyone relevant talk is garbage. You can’t attribute victories to him he hasn’t gotten in the ring. Maybe with the ortiz’s and guerreros of the world that flys. But not te canelos, trouts, pacs, martinez’s, and ggg’s.

Posted May 7, 2013 7:10 pm 


Maracho, Jesus was never a creator.

Posted May 7, 2013 6:59 pm 


Suprem courts really Tark blowing smoke up his own ass lol

Posted May 7, 2013 5:43 pm 

Kid Blast

B-Red has the beat

Posted May 7, 2013 5:11 pm 


So rule out GGG.

Posted May 7, 2013 3:51 pm 


If Floyd ever fought GGG, he certainly couldn’t be accused of cherry picking. I like that better than Martinez who I think is fading.

Posted May 7, 2013 3:49 pm 


One thing is for sure. Floyd will cherry pick his next opponent again. So yes, more likely it will be glass-chinned Khan. Talk about fighting in the UK already started so you all know where that is going.

Posted May 7, 2013 2:56 pm 

flash knock down

Flash KnoDown
A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.
A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.

A Top Contributor is someone who is knowledgeable in a particular category.

Your Resolved Question
Show me another »
Austin Trout was ROBBED!!!! and I can prove it. Why is it raciest to prove a point?

I am a fan of both fighters I don’t love Trout more than I do Canelo I just think Trout is a better fighter which he proved but the good old people in Texas made sure that was not going to happen. After Trout watches is fight today tomorrow he will demand a rematch and will claim he won the fight which he did.

I scored this fight round by round and Trout won 9 rounds two rounds even with Canelo winning 1the seventh. Even if I were to give Canelo the two even rounds and give him a 10-8 seventh round which I did not. Canelo knocked Trout down in the first 12 seconds of the round but Trout got up and won the rest of the two minutes and 48 seconds of the round going away
Here is the break down round by round
1.Trout won this round big when I us the word Big it means that the fighter won this round clearand going away.
2.This round I scored it even because both fighters had their moments but neither took the round.
3.Trout won this round Big Canelo would jupm in throw on punch then stay on the out side and let Trout pick him apart with his jab.
4.Trout was a lot more busy and controlled the fight from the out side.
5.Trout won this round Big
6.Trout won this round Really Big something happen in this round Canelo stopped fighting and Trout gave him a boxing lesson.
7.Canelo won this round because he knocked Trout down in the first 12 seconds of the round but was unable to capitalize on it and Trout got up and took control of the rest of the round it was the only time in the fight that either fighter was really hurt.
8.Trout won this round Big was in total control.
9.Trout grave Canelo a boxing lesson Canelo was tired and he just stood in the middle of the ring and tried to slip Trouts punches he did make Trout miss most of his shots but not all of them . When has any one won a round for not fighting back defense is great but you got to hit the other guy.
10.Trout won this round Big in total control
11.This round I scored it even neither fighter was able to take the round and it was the best round of the fight great exchanges by both fighters
12.Trout won this round Big they told Canelo that he had the fight won before the round started so his corner told him to stay away which he did,
In Texas the judges tell the corners the scores in between rounds . By the scores the only way Trout could have won was by knock out.
You can not win a fight when someone is hitting you four punches to one every round and that is what Trout did. If I’m wrong go back and look at this fight. I know I lost money on this fight not the first time not the last that’s why they call it gambling but Trout did not lose this fight he was robbed.
2 weeks ago

Additional Details

Kalambre it was not Big because it happen the first 12 seconds of the round and Trout won the rest of the round. Big that’s why I said it the way I did.Trout won the fight and I got screwed.

2 weeks ago

Posted May 7, 2013 2:40 pm 


If Floyd fought Canelo next- which Golden Boy will not allow, btw- he would shut him out. If Martinez came down to 153- 152, he would eat right hands for 12 rounds non stop. GGG is a huge middleweight, so it’s not a fight that makes any sense. I think the guy who comes out of those fights coming up at 140 (probably Matysse) will give Floyd a good fight, but the reality is that Arum fighters are probably off limits and he’ll probably stay at 147.

Posted May 7, 2013 1:04 pm 

It’s Me, Ernie

Triple G would be an interesting match up with Floyd. Floyd’s superior skills would probably carry him, but you never know with those heavy hands of GGG. I still feel there is a sweet spot on Mayweather just like his uncle had that will make him go lights out, the problem is his exceptional skills have kept him safe all these years…

Posted May 7, 2013 12:10 pm 

BEARS (with a quak quak here and a quak quak there here a quak there a quak everywhere a quak quak)

Floyds last fights souldnt be garbage they should be trout, martinez, canelo, pac, and ggg. All huge fights all worth watching.instead we have talk of garcia, kahn, ortiz rematch, or bradley. Honestly this I about the king of garbage. When u can put a list together like the first one the fact that people have even conceived the second is ridiculus. Fighting just one on the first list is better then fighting the second list combined. Lol. 5 cent was right. Floyds a coward. His rabid sack slurpers are little biatchs.

Posted May 7, 2013 12:03 pm 

BEARS (with a quak quak here and a quak quak there here a quak there a quak everywhere a quak quak)

I mean seriously what non vulnerable opponent is may not gonna fight? Probably not one. The best fights are at 154. The only one that might be ok is mathysee but I have 2 watch tape and lok at him as I don’t know much about him. Bradley doesn’t makesense provodnikov made mince meat outta him. Kahns utter gerbage, tim hit it with garcia, and that article below actually mentioned an ortiz rematch? Bahahahahaha! This guy could fight canelo, trout, martinez, pac, and ggg yet all we here about is utter garbage matchups with utterly vulnerable fighters. I understand mayweather is a garbage duck but that doesn’t excuse east side boxing from putting up garbage nut gurrgling articles on floyd when what needs to be said needs to be said………putting up a list like kahn, garcia, bradley, and ortiz rematch on an article when u can put up a list like CANELO, TROUT, MARTINEZ, PAC, GGG is an insult to boxing and its fans. Mayweather is becoming an insult. Clearly 50 cent hit the nail on the head when it comes to mayweather and its demolished his legacy because its obviously true. We need a larry merchant type writer on east side boxing.. someone who doesn’t like sack slurping and keeps people honest. That doesn’t exist on east side currently. “Impressed” is not a term that comes close to describing any facet of eithe fighter in the mayweather vs guerrero bout. If u were impressed, ur a nutsack

Posted May 7, 2013 11:47 am 

Tyrone Jones

Vivic, Floyd spent just two months in a well fed American jail, which aint enoough time to deteriorate the body.

Posted May 7, 2013 11:41 am 

Tyrone Jones

Tark, Sugar Ray leonard won championships all the way up to light heavyweight so thats five weight classes and he also turned pro a bit older than Floyd. He also fought three of the fabulous four and KO’ed Mayweather’s dad. At 35 he Leonard had already been in all kinds of injurious wars so when he fought Norris, he was basically past it. Mike Mcallum lost to kalambay so leonard went and fought for the Light heavyweight championship. Finally, The fabulous four were never caught using using steroids like Toney, Jones, etc.. But three of them did duck Aron Pryor.

Posted May 7, 2013 11:38 am 

BEARS (with a quak quak here and a quak quak there here a quak there a quak everywhere a quak quak)

Tim- your post is the best I’ve read on this thread. Gets to the meat and potatoes of the matter. Basically, mayweathers lineing up the garbage and has been. The fight that must be made is canelo vs may or clearly we have yet another duck session by mayweather. Looking at mayweathers career of ducking and his opponents and state of opponents (or when he decided to finally fight). I don’t think there is anyway to give floyd even consideration for goat. Ducks don’t get consideration for goat. Sorry. Mayweathers a duck. The facts can’t be denied

Posted May 7, 2013 11:28 am 


The bulls beat the heat game one!!….!!!! Where’s redmond?!?!m

Posted May 7, 2013 11:15 am 


SREDMOND. I watched the Guerrero fight again, and I was amazed at how many times Floyd held on. Boxing is a sport where two men fight. Defense is absolutely necessary, but seriously, Floyd didn’t just back off a bit, he was moving 10 ft away in 1/2 a second. Why do you think the fans were booing? Floyd sprinted, hugged, pushed off over and over. One shot at a time. Floyd is a great athlete that uses his athleticism to win fights. He’s not a true well rounded fighter like a Duran, Leonard, Hagler, Robinson, Chavez Sr. These guys fought in all areas, and none of them held on for life and sprinted away at blazing speeds.

Posted May 7, 2013 10:43 am 

Supreme Court

Your last post alone set you as a verified Boxing Expert. You know the technical aspect of boxing; you know boxing history, and last but not the least you can analyse data.
Kevin iole (Yahoo), Dan Rafael (ESPN), to name a few, have respectable positions , but none of them can provide the kind of analysis Tark displayed in his post here. They are opportunist, former D-students who got jobs from phone calls… When have you read any of them referencing history to analyse a current situation. the concept of GOA entails HISTORY. How come one can come to any conclusion without referring to history? That’s how we distinguish D-students from A students. Kevin Iole from Yahoo praises Pacquiao for beating Oscar, Hatton, Mosley, then criticize Floyd for beating the same guys past-prime….wait a minute….Floyd beat them before Pac did!……That’s how you can spot and demonstrate an “empty suit”…

There are a handful of other posters here who have been granted Immunity by the Highest Court because of their knowledge of Boxing.

Then we have “empty suits” like Fight Aficionado who can only think by his D!ck…
And the herd of disoriented critters who are here to vomit their camouflaged racial hatred…

Posted May 7, 2013 9:31 am 


B red.. My sentiments exactly, why comment when its just gona be pure negativity all the time. How u anyway man?

Posted May 7, 2013 9:18 am 

Supreme Court

Fight Aficionado: poor redneck!
Mayweather is the highest paid athlete in the world, if you are bitter about that go F!ck your own sister like most peckerwoods do! That would relieve you from your hatred….

Posted May 7, 2013 9:09 am 

Supreme Court

Yes Goran…We all know you can see all that from your couch, in front of your TV….
Another pseudo expert who wants to underlines his technical skills by undermining others…

Posted May 7, 2013 9:05 am 


Hecdog, wants to treat Mayweather like Wilt Chamberlin and change the size of a boxing ring to 10×10 in order to limit his elusiveness?? That’s crazy!! This same poster was literally slobbering because the SUPER economical Rigondeaux out pointed Donaire is a non action fight, terrific work on Rigos part but he was not even close to as aggressive as the older Mayweather was at times… Floyd was tagging Guerrero with bomb after bomb… Yet Hecdog wants to pretend Rigo was Arturo Gatti against Donaire? Yet try and change the sport to limit Floyd’s technical mastery??? That’s the height of hypocrisy but then again this guy is still droning on about the 2010 version of Pacquaio when the 2013 version was blown out by a guy who also fought at 126 pounds (Marquez) this guys a monument to double standards….

Posted May 7, 2013 6:58 am 


Anyone laying Roy Jones and Floyd Mayweathers accomplishments off to pure athleticism and a lack of technical skill is making a variation or the old “smart, cerebral athlete” vs the guy who supposedly came out of his mothers womb ready to box, play basketball or football… To reach the highest levels there has to be innate athletic talent, there are also a constellation of attributes that are developed, cultivated and maintained… Roy and Floyd are both legendary for their self discipline and intense training methods.. No Alcohol, Drugs or showing up out of shape (Hopkins shares these traits as well, but he’s not as athletically dynamic is either man… Fact is that Floyd Mayweather is easily one of the most MENTALLY strong fighters in boxing history, he literally has the weight of the sport on his back, HUGE obligations to fullfill and EVERY boxer imaginable gunning for him… His detractors will move the bar for respect or Greatness by the day…. Vivek Wallace is right Canelo and Trout are the flavors of the month yet they are discussed with mythical ability that NEITHER man has shown because they are YOUNG and BIG…. That’s the new push, get FMJ out of the WW division where he is clearly physically more suited to operate…Canelo is very poised, sound technically and he can hit but I don’t see anything that suggests he’s an elite fighter… The version of FMJ that faces Guerrero would pot shot him with ease for 12 and cruise to a victory… Then the barbarian hoarde will be up in arms because FMJ used his advantages in foot and hand speed to avoid Canelos ONLY shot, his size and power…. This is gonna continue till Floyd takes a loss or retires…

Posted May 7, 2013 6:49 am 


Tark….that was a hell of a post :)

Posted May 7, 2013 6:09 am 


Suggestion: Canelo to Fight Pacquiao, then Canelo/Pacquiao winner to fight Mayweather.

Posted May 7, 2013 5:40 am 


Tark my friend, I like your post. You made many good points,and I applaud you. I did pick Guerrero because I thought Guerrero’s emotional and spiritual strengths, and the decline of Floyd’s skills would be enough, but I was wrong. He had more than I thought he did. I till think it’s his athleticism and speed that give him the edge. His era isn’t very strong. The guys in Floyd’s era would have been destroyed in Leonards era, and if Floyd were in Leonard’s era, he would have been beaten IMO by Leonard, Hearns, Benitez, Duran, Norris and the body snatcher. Great fighters like thee guys fought. Floyd is fast, but really lacks the technical aspect of throwing punches correctly. He’s ready to run or move as many say after he throws. Did you count the number of times he held during the Guerrero fight? That’s not fighting. I’m definitely not a fan of Floyd, but I admire his athletic boxing skills. He is agile, fast and has incredible timing. I really think he has his own road maps to every ring floor he fights in. I would really like to see new ring sizes for his fights only that are 10ft by 10ft. We would all then see what he’s really made of. Do you know if he ever ran track?

Posted May 7, 2013 3:11 am 


Right, we just want to know if Floyd is really like Mike so our children’s children wont one day say Hmm boxrec shows Mayweather beating quite a few legondary warriors but mostly right after they were comming off some serious beatdowns.

Posted May 7, 2013 2:07 am 

Fight Aficionado

“Michael Jordan at 90% was still heads above everyone across from him.” – Jordan did not duck Ewing, Barkley or Kobe so we know he was more clutch than them all. Floyd ducked Tszyu, Williams, Margarito, Pacquiao, Martinez, and now Canelo so we don’t know if he’d hold is own against them.

Posted May 7, 2013 1:57 am 


Floyd is an infinately better athlete then Guerrero, when you have two guys who are equally tough and have excellent boxing IQ’s the guy who is faster will win, just ask Bermaine Stiverne. Atleast with Bermaine he was a largely untested commodity coming into the fight with the much more experienced Arreola, but you could just see for a big guy he was quick. The reference to Michael Jordan was interesting because in his day MJ could score over anybody regardless of height or size, because he was fast and had wicked vertcal leap

Posted May 7, 2013 12:30 am 


Vivic have you studied the term developmental evolution or are you merely taking gringoman’s word on faith? I mean, are you really claiming random mutations over predisposed parental effects, epigenetic switches, hard work, and Jesus?

Posted May 7, 2013 12:17 am 


GOOD JOKE. JOKES are LESSER than FACTS though. Thats why Redd Foxx had his possessions seized for tax evasion and his JOKES couldn’t HELP him. Just as YOUR JOKES didn’t help YOU. Floyd is the GOAT.

Posted May 6, 2013 11:36 pm 


The Fight vs Canelo is VERY intriguing as Canelo is one of the BEST at finding a WAY to land a Punch. NO way can Floyd stand in front of him and continue to NOT get hit….Thats why he brought his Dad back. He’s always 2 steps ahead and knew that IF he wants to face strong 170 pounders he needs to UP his Defense. And the improvements were EASY to see….Floyd Sr. made sure that Floyd doesn’t spend as MUCH time on the ropes and in the corners…he got out of those situations pretty QUICK this time where in the last Fight he laid there and Roger didn’t change it. He became complacent as Floyd’s trainer…. This was a critical change to defeat Alvarez. IF he lays on the ropes and in the corners against Alvarez he’d get knocked out. Canelo is a master at POPPING the LOCK on your Defense IF you stand there and give him time to figure out the combination …With Floyd Sr. in Floyd’s corner he’s going to get the BEST instructions and HE is the BEST at executing them….Floyd’s Defense is MUCH better than Trout’s. And SO is his Offense….Floyd should take the Fight ASAP as no one gets YOUNGER and getting older favors Canelo.. Right NOW Canelo doesn’t have the hand or foot speed to beat Floyd. He also can’t DO Offense and Defense at the same time like Floyd although he may work on that for his next Fight. His team is GOOD at working on his weaknesses which was his lack of head movement prior to his last Fight. … Floyd by Pot shotting CLINIC.

Posted May 6, 2013 11:15 pm 


Thank you TARK for that wonderful post. I enjoyed it. No fighter has fought every opposition available. Everyone knows that BOB ARUM is the reason that the PAC fight with Mayweather was not made. Get over it Guys! Mayweather is a GREAT fighter. Saying that he is not is like saying Michael Jordan wasn’t that good of a Basketball player.

Posted May 6, 2013 11:10 pm 

Tomato Can

B Red, I know. It seems some fans have more fun hating than just enjoying the sport.

Posted May 6, 2013 10:30 pm 

B Red

Tomato Can, its funny how the posters comment on a fighter they dislike. If i dont like certain fighters im not going to spend time posting on there threads

Posted May 6, 2013 10:00 pm 

Tomato Can

A lot fans will never grasp the fact that Mayweather is a ATG. They’ll pick apart his resume, and state that he never faces the best compitition. But I’m quite sure most open minded long time boxing fans will tell you he ranks right up there with the best of them. He took some shots in the Cotto fight. Mosely Caught him with a good punch, but really he hardly gets hit at all. With his dad in his corner, it looks as though he’s going to be even harder to hit. Pretty impressive. You can slap some people in the face with Greatness, and they’ll call it over rated. Like Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather won’t be around much longer, you better enjoy the hate while it lasts.

Posted May 6, 2013 9:32 pm 

Tomato Can

Oh, man that’s it? Guerrero’s dad is a sherm head.

Posted May 6, 2013 9:22 pm 


@Hecdog… You put your money where your mouth was and bet on Guerrero to beat Floyd… Gutty call by you — but the result doesn’t qualify you as an expert on Floyd.. Not only did you say Guerrero would beat Floyd’s ass, you said Guerrero would beat Floyd so bad the referee would stop it.. You still don’t want to give Floyd credit.. I thought Floyd should be a -1200 favorite instead of -700 and that’s the way he fought.

Floyd is the GOAT. But he fought most of his career fights at 130. Leonard started at 147 and moved to middleweight. There’s a greater weight disparity between super-feather and welter. Let’s face it Leonard was not as good a defender and did get punched in the face a lot, especially by Terry Norris when Leonard was only 34.. Floyd is 36.

And you wrote, “A great fighter takes on everyone. Leonard vs Hearns, Duran vs Hagler, Hearns vs Hagler.” … How about the guys who Leonard and Hearns ducked??? Mike McCallum, Michael Nunn, and Julian Jackson??? Those guys became the Middleweight Champions when Leonard was stripped of the title for not defending it even once because the top contenders were very tough.. Leonard fought who he pleased.. While they were Middleweight Champions Leonard ducked down to 154 to fight Norris, an easier target who had been crushed 3 or 4 fights earlier by Julian Jackson. Ray lost and dropped out for another 6 years.

You are totally incorrect in comparing Floyd to Roy Jones or saying he’s not a good technical boxer.. Roy was a good technical boxer and a tremendous athlete.. Floyd is a great technical boxer and a good athlete.

Hearns was leading Leonard on points for 13 rounds.. Iran Barkley outpointed Hearns once and knocked Tommy out when Hearns was 29.. Check Iran Barkley’s fight with James Toney.. Toney dominated Barkley and stopped him.. Nunn, Benn, and Kalambay also beat Barkley…so I thought he was an interesting choice of opponent for Hearns given the fact that McCallum, Nunn, Kalambay, Toney, and Reggie Johnson were also in the divison at that time.

Hagler was good, but the natural middleweights he fought were not that superb. Nobody like Toney, Jones, Johnson, McCallum, Nunn, Benn, Monzon, Hopkins, or Valdez. He did get beaten by a welterweight coming off a 3-year-layoff, and had to go the distance to beat an overstuffed lightweight in a close fight.

I don’t think you can fault Floyd’s boxing knowledge and skill, and lay it all off to “athleticism” … as Floyd says, skills pay the bills.

Posted May 6, 2013 9:17 pm 


losers still pay for this garbage fight? what trailer court did they find this author?

Posted May 6, 2013 8:23 pm 

Kid Blast

TARK , yes his brain is wet.

Posted May 6, 2013 8:08 pm 


No other fight makes sense right now except for PBF vs. Canelo, two undefeated fighters. PBF has fought north of 147lbs twice now. But, DLH and Cotto were past their prime so the challenge wasn’t as tough. The same can’t be said for Canelo who is young and strong, even though I think PBF beats him in a rough and tumble fight. Khan is fast and has good power, but that is about it. He has terrible defense, doesn’t know how to make adjustments, average stamina, and quite possibly has the WORST chin of any fighter at the elite level. A very strong arguement could be made that Khan is not elite. One solid right hand from PBF will put him to sleep….does anybody actually want to see that? Except for maybe die hard PBF fans. And Danny Garcia, please people. Zab Judah started beating him in the championship rounds, what do you think PBF would do to him? Let’s not go there. If PBF vs. Canelo doesn’t happen next, then somebody is ducking somebody. Maybe Canelo is ducking PBF or PBF is ducking Canelo. That fight has to be next.

Posted May 6, 2013 7:38 pm 

The Prince

Look at Guerrero himself. The man claims to represent God, but he fights dirty in the ring. He even tried to do it a couple of times against Mayweather during the fight, but Floyd stopped most of it from happening with his defense and tying him up. That’s why he was pissed at the end because Floyd didn’t go “toe-to-toe”. Well, Floyd didn’t have to go toe-to-toe; he landed 60 percent of his shots.

Posted May 6, 2013 7:16 pm 

The Prince

And here I thought hecdog would just eat his crow and deal with it like a real man. This was the same guy preaching that Guerrero would beat Mayweather because he’s a man of God and Mayweather is the evil Dragon. Turns out the fight was nothing like that. So what does he do? Look for reasons to continue discrediting Mayweather winning, rather than give him his props. I’ll say this much, I believe in God, but some of the biggest liars and hypocrite’s I’ve ever met, were people who claimed to be so tight with God and waste a lot of time preaching and judging other people as sinners.

Posted May 6, 2013 7:12 pm 


GOOD for HIM. The Top 2 Fighters of THIS era are facing Top 10 P4P opponents while HE is taking a tune UP vs a #0 P4P Fighter. Marquez is facing Bradley and Floyd just faced Guerrero. Bradley and Guerrero would SPANK Rios.

Posted May 6, 2013 7:12 pm 


Manny Pacquiao will face former lightweight beltholder and current junior welterweight contender Brandon Rios in a welterweight bout in Macau in China on Nov. 23

Posted May 6, 2013 6:45 pm 

te tumbo

i favor Floyd but (once again) without the actual matchups, it’s impossible to tell. even speculation is complicated when you have to consider all of the dimensions represented by that time-tunnel roster of great fighters. still, none of these guys are smarter than Floyd and that’s what makes him so versatile and dangerous.

Posted May 6, 2013 6:29 pm 

te tumbo

at 140lbs, prime JCC, Whittaker, Pryor, Duran, and DLH would’ve given Floyd a lot of problems but handing Floyd his first “0” isn’t enough as demonstrated by Duran v. Leonard I. the question is, which one of these fighters could’ve defeated Floyd 2/3? that’s what proves, which fighter is greater.

Posted May 6, 2013 6:25 pm 


Q-hecdog can disagree all he wants. The FACTS agree with YOU and MYSELF. Floyd is the GOAT. Compubox agrees with US. SO hecdog needs to learn more about Boxing.

Posted May 6, 2013 6:21 pm 

te tumbo

sorry, you can’t just cite JCC Sr., Whittaker, Pryor, Duran,and DLH without the actual matchups v. each other or Mayweather himself. nonetheless, i can confidently post that Floyd is not less than every great fighter of the previous 25 years. that is either an example of knee-jerk anti-Floyd bias (most likely) or a startling lack of knowledge in the topic of Boxing. Floyd is among the best that has emerged in the past 25 years, which is saying a lot. several excellent fighters have emerged and made their mark in the past 25 years.

Posted May 6, 2013 6:21 pm 

The Prince

Q – Like I always say: Don’t be surprise if you start hearing people demand Floyd fight one of the Klit brothers before he retires. Floyd is a light weight fighter who advanced to welterweight. But people demanding he fights at Middleweight and Super Middleweight. It’s crazy.

Posted May 6, 2013 6:11 pm 


Q, I’ve got to disagree with you. Floyd is exactly like Roy Jones Jr. Both use their athleticism and use their own techniques when throwing punches. Both never use correct technique as true fighters do. They use their speed, agility and reflexes, but you can’t say that Floyd has a better techinally sound left hook to the body as JCC Sr. Fighters are taught to throw punches with correct positioning, balance and fundamental technique. Floyd and Roy throw their punches at angles or distance that your normal boxer couldn’t. it’s due to their athletic ability. You won’t see many fighter throw the straight right leaning forward on their toes and landing like Floyd does. That’ not the correct technique boxers are taught. The are taught balance, positioning, and proper form. Floyd is a super natural athlete. If Chavez could fight Floyd the way he did, I think JCC Sr would have been too much for him in his prime. Pernell Whitaker I think could have beaten him and Pryor, Duran and Oscar in his prime would have beaten him also IMO. Great athlete, good, nah, super boxer, but not great IMO.

Posted May 6, 2013 5:24 pm 


I’d also like to point out the FMJ is CLEARLY declined, I don’t care how stupid and useless he made Guerrero look in there. He was still… limited.. and his legs are just.. heavier… it’s not so fluid anymore. Compare his offense in that fight… to his offense against Gatti (don’t focus on the opponent but the raw hand and foots speed and the twitchy speed of every little defensive movement)… and go look at his bout with Corrales to see his prime legs… it’s like his moving from his toes… like his toes are so powerful (yeah it sounds dumb) the he pushes off from them and glides. Now, no….. he even went off balance with lots of movements. His legs ARE a bit shot…. it’s not the same… he’s not walking and turning you into stuff, as much as kinda jumping… and stumbling a bit even…. he’s well past his prime folks. These aren’t his last 5 fights for no reason. I’ll miss him, but hey…every fighter has to go away at some point.

Posted May 6, 2013 5:17 pm 


I can’t imagine having FMJ below top 25 ATG… when I think JCC Sr would be in the top 25… maybe at 25… and I think FMJ a prime FMJ would have definitely beat him. Floyd’s length speed, reflexes, offsetting movement, and counter ability, would have won the day. Say FMJ had a tough first bout with JLC (Castillo didn’t really do any damage at all, and this against FMJ in his debut at the weight and injured.. yes.. Floyd had to go southpaw after the 2nd round I believe, after winning an easy round).. because we can also point out that JCC struggled against slick boxers… and FMJ is more well rounded than any slickster JCC Sr. every fought. That would have been the easiest ATG match-up for FMJ IMO.

Posted May 6, 2013 5:11 pm 


All those guys you list were losing to guys like Guerrero at FMJ’s age… let alone after multiple year long layoffs.

Posted May 6, 2013 5:06 pm 


Hecdog: Jajaja… no no, all many had to do was take his test. If I’m not mistaken most fighters today are on the test bandwagon.. even Erik Morales and JMM have voiced there approval of that. Manny ducked that fight when he ducked a test, then oddly enough after that… he started to “decline” rapidly and immediately. Floyd can’t fight on the inside? Do you watch boxing? Floyd is one of the ATG infighters. He’s just versatile… what do you think his shoulder roll is? it’s a infighting technique that HE’S made famous. He’s technically maybe the greatest ever. He has a left hook, a right hand… jabs to the body when he needs it… head movement, foot movement, untelegraphed everything… he adjust.. can take a punch.. can get hurt then continue to shut you out. And we can criticize every resume, but FMJ also has an ATG resume, unless you can name me 49 better.. all time (I’ll wait). Hearns-SRL-Hagler-Duran all fought in the same era… that’s not Floyd’s fault ..and you can list those guys in that era above ANYBODY OF ANY ERA… it was deep at that time… there were also Aaron Pryor, Alexis Arguello etc. But please… FMJ will be top 25 ATG on any reasonable ATG P4P list… easy.

Posted May 6, 2013 5:05 pm 


hecdog: Jajajaja…. Floyd is old, if you’ve seen him throughout his career “before he made it MEGA STAR status” he threw many more combinations, at his lower weights, and in his prime. His athletic ability is more highlighted by those who that don’t really understand boxing. He’s quick, he’s fast handed, but his punch technique is…. pure what the people in the boxing gyms try to teach you. The MAIN thing that one is taught.. if you’ve ever boxed with a coach and gotten in the ring… is to NEVER TELEGRAPH, that’s rule #1 for both offense and defense. Floyd has NO SHOW with his punches, you go into the fight KNOWING he’s going to throw his right… and then he hits you with it 50 times, and you never can time it anyway. That’s pure craft. His offsetting movements.. his feints are brilliant, and he adjust from second to second in the rounds…. and he has enough power to get respect from these guys and have them going at some point in just about each bout. It’s not all about combo’s, and if you are speaking about accuracy, he breaks all records for any non HW for accuracy, and his hit to not hit ratio beats them all if I’m not mistaken. He would have anal banged JCC Sr. IMO and just about any fighter ever from 130-140 (his natural divisions)

Posted May 6, 2013 4:57 pm 


Public Enemy: I don’t agree… Floyd is a natural 140, although with all the inactivity and his age… he probably couldn’t get back there without burning himself out. I also think Danny is a career Jr. WW and FMJ fought a large percent of his career as a Jr. Lightweight. Fighters move up, I don’t see the problem with a BIG PUNCHER, who isn’t a speed guy to begin with, but well rounded, can’t move up one division to fight a natural 140. Danny is also listed as being taller than FMJ. I don’t think Danny is good enough to beat FMJ, BUT.. I think Danny is a tremendous fighter, and why not take those millions to throw his hat in and try? Why not move up one division? His first division, to fight a guy campaigning in his 4th? And Rios is such a naturally big fighter that Robert Garcia thinks he can go as high as 154 some day if I’m not mistaken. He’s not a 135 much less a 130 pounder…. Broner left 130 because he could not make the weight at all, he’s growing and with his build is at least a natural 140… Rios left 135 because he could not make that weight at all. How these guys are now 130 pounders, beats me.

Posted May 6, 2013 4:50 pm 


Floyd Mayweather fought a good safe fight as he always does. Robert Guerrero tried, but he couldn’t match Floyd’s athleticism, hand speed and movement. Floyd is without a doubt one of the best athlete’s in all of boxing, but he is not a great fighter by any means. Not in the sense of a Sugar Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Robinson or Julio Ceasr Chavez Sr. Mayweather uses his lightning speed to hit one time and moves ASAP. He will never throw fast precise combinations like the legends I mentioned. Mayweather has proven time and time again that he will not leave his comfort zone in the ring or his opponent selection. He had his chance to take on the legendary Manny Pacquiao, which would have broken all of boxings PPV records. All he had to do was sign the fight and make it happen. Forget the drug testing stuff. Remember Fernando Vargas when he fought Oscar De La Hoya. Vargas was ripped like a mountain, and he tested positive. What was the outcome of the fight? De La Hoya didn’t care, he took the challenge on and won. So Mayweather’s excuse wasn’t very good. Manny alo had som say, but Floyd could have made the fight happen. A great fighter takes on everyone. Leonard vs Hearns, Duran vs Hagler, Hearns vs Hagler. Great fighter fight everyone. Mayweather has fought two solid fighter in his career. Corrales and Hernandez. Both in their primes, and Floyd beat them. The rest of his resume isn’t very impressive. Hatton (media made fighter), Judah (weak, no chin), Mosely (old and almost ko’d him), Castillo (should have been a loss or draw), Cotto (old, way out of his weight div), Gatti (serious, great fighting heart but very limited). We can go on and on and no one stands out. Floyd is a super athlete.but not a truly great fighter with technique. He’s athletic, and too fast for his opponents. He doesn’t fight inside, he counters and get out of the way. Yes it works, but again, he should stand and fight once in a great while. Why do you think fans were booing and leaving the MGM? His legacy will always be tainted. Sugar Ray Robinson was the classic and greatest boxer of all time. He had style, form, technique, fought inside outside, and fans and fighter appreciated him. Sure it was a different time, but he was a fighter. I do admire Floyd’s talent, but he could have done so much more. He will go down as one of the top 50 fighter, but not nearly at the top.

Posted May 6, 2013 4:48 pm 


“Floyd lacks the stones to fight either Martinez or GGG, even at a catchweight.” – First off, if Canelo doesn’t lie down to the terms of FMJ and take that fight, then he’d be ducking plan and simple… even Manny kinda f’d himself with that… but Canelo? He can’t expect to dictate NA-DA. And “stones”? How about Martínez doesn’t have the stones to fight GGG who is in his division? Heck, how about Sergio/GGG don’t have the stones to fight Ward who is a division higher? How about Canelo doesn’t have the stones to fight GGG? Now THAT’S legit stuff that I just listed. Do you all not realize how small Floyd Mayweather is? lol… I’m in the twilight zone or something.

Posted May 6, 2013 4:37 pm 


te tumbo- Canelo vs Lara? He better not run out of gas like he did against Trout. Lara hits harder, is a sharper puncher and is better defensively than Trout. I have a feeling that’s a fight Golden Boy will never do.

Posted May 6, 2013 4:36 pm 


Kontiki: Actually I don’t think Foreman said that, he may have been a bit swayed by the extremely bias anti-mayweather talk “Floyd said he’d do this, but it’s much tougher than he though so let’s give Castillo the underdog rounds” nah, I had Castillo winning maybe 3 rounds. Floyd was the ONLY one landing clean effective punches… the only time Castillo landing was when he held and punched at the body… I threw that work out, and without that…. focusing purely on clean effective punching… I couldn’t give Castillo more than about 4 rounds personally. The judges got it extremely right, and during the rematch Merchant and team spoke about how the ringside judges and others also were confused by how people could have thought Castillo won. But hey, these are the people that say Ponce beat Broner and JMM beat MP 4 times (instead of the 1 out of 4).. any close fight with a Mexican fighter… will receive an epic spin job. That fight wasn’t anybodies robbery, even if you would have scored it differently based on what YOU appreciated more (that’s why we have 3 judges instead of 1). I think that SD in the ODH Vs. FMJ bout was an attempted robbery. How you could have scored that fight for Oscar, I’ll never know. I gave him 3 rounds.

Posted May 6, 2013 4:33 pm 


Zilla: It’s subjective if Trout beat Cotto easier. He took less punishment, because he’s much bigger than Cotto, but he probably lost more rounds than Floyd and was less accurate against Cotto. You should also put that in your calculation. Trout hurt Canelo to the body and Canelo was gassed by the 7th round, but Trout couldn’t hurt him forreal forreal… but FMJ is quicker than Trout, although not as rangy… and FMJ also demonstrated more power than Trout against Cotto, having Cotto wobbled multiple times and out on his feet in the 12th. There are lots of things to consider. I don’t think Canelo gassing that badly by the sixth round bods well for him against FMJ. But we’ll see what happens. I think there are better fighters than Canelo at 140… it’s just that Canelo’s punchers chance is a bit better since he’s naturally about 2 or 3 divisions bigger than FMJ.

Posted May 6, 2013 4:23 pm 


Floyd’s Last five


Canelo’s Last five


Posted May 6, 2013 3:56 pm 



Shane Mosely
Oscar De La Hoya
Zab Judah

Very good fighters

Shamba Mitchell
Jesus Chaves
Ramon Rios
Angel Manfredy
Carlos Hernandez
Chop Chop Corley

Posted May 6, 2013 3:50 pm 


Mayweather will not risk fighting Canelo because he will not take the risk. Risk u ask well Canelo beat Trout who beat Cotto easier than Mayweather. Wait a minute Mayweather wouldn’t take risk before Trout fight… Guerro too slow and has to have feet planted to punch. Even Floyd Sr himself said he could take Guerro. So why fight him, easy pay day. Sorry I am just upset at myself for being so stupid for dishing out $69.99 for lame match up. If Mayweather grows a pair and fights Canelo my pick is Mayweather by decision.. Please do not say Canelo has not earned shot because we all know how Mayweather picks his opponents but I’m sure some of us will not agree but know the truth deep down inside. Peace…..

Posted May 6, 2013 3:49 pm 


No contest

Posted May 6, 2013 3:48 pm 


yep yep, big props to Mares.

Posted May 6, 2013 3:45 pm 

te tumbo

correction: Lopez’s stock figures to plummet following his KO loss to Mikey Garcia and i seriously doubt he’ll be up for even Castellanos by September. perhaps Ishe Smith will agree to face Cotto in the prelims instead?

Posted May 6, 2013 3:44 pm 


Sam- Good point.

Posted May 6, 2013 3:43 pm 

te tumbo

meanwhile, Mares continues to fight them ALL, without hesitation or promotional excuses. Ponce was a tough and formidable nut but Team Mares engineered and Mares executed a Mayweatheresque fight-plan that featured boxing and explosive punches delivered at a higher weight, no less. the stoppage was premature and Ponce was building-up a head of steam but Mares expertly derailed De Leon with a sudden combo that was exactly what the fight doctor ordered. i figured Ponce would give Mares a lesson in powerpunching. instead, Mares delivered an excellent boxing-punching performance for a TKO win. how many of you were favoring Moreno to give Mares a boxing lesson? instead Mares turned it into a clinic on unrelenting pressure and powerpunching. a featherweight showdown between Mares and Garcia is now shaping-up. Donaire and Rigondeaux don’t figure to step up any time soon and Salido, Gonzalez, and Ponce are now out of the running. however the list of B-side players will make for exciting undercards, e.g., Ponce v. Salido, Gonzalez v. Fortuna and you could have Castellanos v. Lopez as a prelim. Canelo v. Lara headlining. that’s a fight-card worthy of a September 16 fight-night.

Posted May 6, 2013 3:41 pm 


Everybody wants Floyd to fight Canelo but let me tell you all that you will never see that fight. Mayweather will stay at welter 147lbs. only. He will rule that division until he retires. He is not gonna go up in weight and risk losing to a bigger, stronger and younger man. Thats not happening! Anybody that is at welter has a shot at fighting Mayweather but not a middleweight. Let’s face it, he could have made alot more money fighting Canelo than fighting Guerrero but again it aint happening, just like the mega fight with Pacquioa never happened and now its just pointless.

Posted May 6, 2013 3:36 pm 


Salido beat Guerrero? How in the world was Floyd not supposed too?

Posted May 6, 2013 3:31 pm 


PBF vs. Canelo is the only fight that matters right now. Honestly, who else does the general public or even hardcore boxing fans want to see PBF fight? If Pac-man can win his next 2 fights in dominate and convincing fashion, then he could be a viable option again. But aside from that, who else? Who else can Showtime sell to the public? I too think PBF beats Canelo…..but, the fight is BIG right now. It truly doesn’t need more build-up, as PBF is a super-star and Canelo is a super-star in Mexico. I mean, Canelo is a bigger super-star than Guerrero, so why not?

Posted May 6, 2013 3:30 pm 

te tumbo

i did give Guerrero the first two rounds when he was throwing without regard for what Mayweather was doing but several times after walking Mayweather down, Guerrero lapsed into a defensive paralysis as he tried to anticipate an opening that he could ex. . . : “PoP!” Swish-swish! Repeat process, is how the fight unfolded from the fifth round on. Floyd gradually and predictably grasped the momentum of the bout and compelled Guerrero to react to him, which brings us back to square one: defensive paralysis followed by “PoP!” Swish-swish! Repeat process. unrelenting pressure that includes a lot of punching with little to no regard for the opponent’s fight-plan would’ve been the only way to exploit what may be Floyd’s only flaw on any given-night. Guerrero thought too long and wrong.

Posted May 6, 2013 3:30 pm 

Public Enemy

Kid Blast – Danny Garcia is physically way too small for Mayweather at this stage in his physical developement.. Danny would do better taking on Bam Bam Rios and some of the other 130lb’ers.. even Broner at 130lbs..

Posted May 6, 2013 3:24 pm 


De La Hoya tried to force a fight on Mayweather. Floyd let Oscar fire away futilely a few times and he gave up. JL Castillo had the benefit of a pulled rotator cuff and landed a few rights—but still lost by 5 points on all cards, and objectively lost every round of the rematch. Hatton forced a brawl for several rounds but the punishment he absorbed was fierce. Guerrero didn’t freeze. What a good boxer like Floyd does is look for an opening so he can lead—or for a incoming punch to defend or counter. If none of this happens he can’t stand there and stare at the other guy all night—so if his opponent has a high guard he either jabs the abs or feints and punches between his opponent’s gloves to tighten his guard, so he can whip a left or right hook around his gloves. If his opponent holds his guard low to draw a lead, he obliges with feints, jabs, and straight rights to his nose. If he connects he follows up. If he misses he notes what his foe did to make him miss and adjusts. All this is tactical. It has nothing to do with boxing skills or hi-tech.

What a good brawler does is walk in and throw. It makes things interesting. It’s hard on the face but he gets more offers from matchmakers. A good boxer and his team have to work harder to get the right opponents—especially if he can punch. They’ll line up backup opponents in case the first guy cancels. It can be a hard road getting fights until he breaks through to main event status—and then it can be many years before he gets a title shot even if he keeps winning. You have guys as old as 36, who are undefeated—like Malik Scott—who are still looking for a fight that could possibly move them into a title shot discussion. Floyd has had a dream career. His dad really knew the game inside and outside. The business side of Boxing is just as important—if not more important than the Boxing side.

Posted May 6, 2013 3:14 pm 


Ted… Guerrero’s father is brain dead. He’s not even funny.

Posted May 6, 2013 3:11 pm 

Public Enemy

It was a good weekend of Boxing and although I predicted Mayweather would out Box Guererro I was actually rooting for Guererro because I do think he’s not a bad guy and considering all he’s been through with his wife I thought it’d be nice if he could pull off the upset even though I’d never hear the end of it from you know who.. His Dad was a bit crazy but like in the Danny Garcia case these are Dads who are very supportive and protective of their Sons so they will sometimes go overboard.. Nothing against Mayweather who I thought made a major shift in his whole attitude in a positive direction.. Patching things up with his Dad.. I just typically go for the underdog and there was no doubt that in this fight Guerrero was the underdog.. all in all a very good weekend of Boxing..

Posted May 6, 2013 2:50 pm 


Prov yes. Forget about the other. He no longer is on the site but you can alweays come back and post. I’ll pass this time but at least I asked for permiison and would have attributed it to you.

As for anyone’s mansion, you are awlays welcome to my “PLANATATION.”


Posted May 6, 2013 2:46 pm 


Khan vs Broner would be intresting.

Posted May 6, 2013 2:45 pm 

te tumbo

wait. i have one condition: give my regards to Don from Prov and “Old Yank” if he’s finally ventured beyond the sandbags and trenches surrounding his mansion.

Posted May 6, 2013 2:41 pm 

te tumbo

it’s a public post. let your personal ethics determine what you do with it . . . or simply join the good, bad, and ugly fight-crowd on ESB.

Posted May 6, 2013 2:38 pm 


Do you mind if I put your post on another site in quotations?

Posted May 6, 2013 2:13 pm 


Not bad Tumbo

Posted May 6, 2013 2:12 pm 

te tumbo

it’s impressive how Floyd’s mere presence seems to freeze opponents in their tracks. thinking too long about timing Floyd before being startled by a “Pop!” in their face and Floyd shifting right out of their crosshairs. they don’t dare charge too hard because it only triggers the same sequence of events but quicker. they think they can land from a distance and consistently find themselves flailing at air and/or being countered from a range they didn’t expect. Floyd was rusty . . . for the first two rounds. from the 5th round onward he had aired-out the exhaust and was hitting on all cylinders. the one and only Mayweather-flaw that an opponent can’t count on exploiting is Floyd’s relative lack of durability. he’s built for highways not off-roading but there’s yet to be a fighter whose been so overwhelming that they’ve been able to force Mayweather into the trenches. Castillo came closest (IMO, Chavez did pretty well too) and not coincidentally Floyd experienced an injury in that fight. anyway, by living clean and training regularly, Mayweather has managed to minimize if not eliminate ring-rust or ringwear. i don’t envy any fighter scheduled to face Floyd in September. barring an aggravated injury, he’ll only be quicker, stronger, and smarter.

Posted May 6, 2013 1:43 pm 


Guerrero tried but his knowledge is limited due to a bad teacher/trainer
, when are fighters going to learn that even though the division has a weight limit, you don’t have to come in at the exact weight, you come in at your most comfortable wgt. he was a little soft and slow,,,,,even though he wasn’t gonna win he could have been better conditioned to avoid punishment and land more punches. Floyd trained to be at his best and easily made wgt. If Mayweather was to challenge at a higher weight he would still go in at a peak wgt. and not the limit…

Posted May 6, 2013 1:35 pm 


I thought Love pulled it out by the reasons Wallace pointed out. Though I can see the fight going the other way too with no argument. The round Love got knocked down in he was actually winning till the last 15 seconds. I like Rosado and he’s a problem for anybody. Love still has a couple things to learn. One is he is not as fast as Floyd

Posted May 6, 2013 1:17 pm 


I just wanna know who is out there for Floyd at welter? He is the top dog from welter down and honestly he can
Beat every 154 out there at the moment, that are just bigger so he takes a little more punishment. But like I’ve said before, you know your great when people either constantly say, he can’t beat so in so from 1970 or how come he doesn’t move up when clearly there is a limit that you can move up no matter how much skill you have

Posted May 6, 2013 1:14 pm 

Tomato Can

I’m not saying he doesn’t think, I’m saying it comes easy to him. If you asked what he’s thinking in there, I bet he would tell you, I’m thinking about winning.

Posted May 6, 2013 12:24 pm 

Tomato Can

Mayweather doesn’t have to do a lot of thinking at this point, it’s all down on natural ability. He see’s an opening and takes it, he knows what his oppenent is going to do, before they do it. He doesn’t do the exciting stand and trade thing, but what he does works very well, and it’ll work with anyone he’s in the ring with.

Posted May 6, 2013 12:23 pm 


Tark.. He also has the clearest boxing brain, the guys a thinker in there.Wallace is what he is a writer. I agree what a load of novice things to say

Posted May 6, 2013 12:03 pm 


Guerrero’s father has to be one of the worst trainers (and people) that I’ve ever seen. Did they even work on upper body movement? He needed to throw 20-30 jabs per round. It looks like they trained for in fighting that was never going to happen. “Throw the uppercut”? LOL.

Posted May 6, 2013 12:01 pm 

Public Enemy

Mex – I think Mickey will win the fight but I hope JuanMa gives him a good fight and shows he’s still in the Mix..

Posted May 6, 2013 11:55 am 


Leo Santa Cruz is a beast!!! Juan ma and Mikey fight in Dallas tx ???????

Posted May 6, 2013 11:53 am 

Public Enemy

kangriPR – I too see it as a tough task for JuanMa coming from his losses and little Vacation.. personally I think it was the wrong fight and way too soon.. but JuanMa is looking for that big win to catapult him back to the top. and JuanMa has good skills and KO power so who knows… but I would have to agree that it’ll be tough for him to beat Garcia considering Garcia has the momentum at this time.. but it does show JuanMa isn’t looking for EZ fights…

Posted May 6, 2013 11:49 am 


Vivek writes…,” “I just went to the left, this time, let me feint to the left, fake the right, THEN land again with the left. Hi-tech stuff” … Hi-tech??? Multiple feints mixed with deceptive footwork aren’t examples of finesse. Such things are attempted by novice boxers.

The science is in the perfection of the stance, the balance, and how well footwork and feints are executed. Floyd had a perfect stance when he was 5. His execution is flawless. Vince Lombardi said, “It’s not how damned tricky you are. It’s how well you execute.” Guerrero’s dad was a poor boxer. He taught Robert flawed technique—for example Robert’s stance sucks. RG has a forward head and leads with his face. When Floyd fights Canelo or Broner he won’t rack up these monster stats. Guerrero is a very tough guy and his only chance was if Floyd broke both hands on his extra hard head. Guerrero’s biggest assets are his focus, concentration, athleticism, physicality, attitude, spirit, and relentless determination. Heart and desire can overcome a lot technical flaws.

Posted May 6, 2013 11:49 am 


PR- I’m looking forward ot the Burns v Chelo fight this Saturday.

Posted May 6, 2013 11:47 am 


PE- i dont see how JuanMa beats M. Garcia. I wish him the best though. It will be good while it last, It will end in a KO either way. Mickey has alot of fans in PR.

Posted May 6, 2013 11:46 am 

Public Enemy

Mex – Angulo is a tough SOB and has some good Boxing Skills but he’s lost a few when he stepped up.. sht happens.. all he can do is continue vs Lara he has the punchers chance.. Lara is typical Cuban and relies alot on his Boxing Speed.. he has some pop as we saw when he flattend Paul Williams.. it’ll be another Great fight..

Posted May 6, 2013 11:46 am 


“PE…angulo is a one dimensional fighter ..straight forward brawler. Lara will get him. Even if Rosado and Angulo fought again Rosado will get him.” Don’t bet on it, Mex. I’m favoring Angulo it that fight.

Posted May 6, 2013 11:45 am 


Leo Santa Cruz- throws some mean body shots, would enjoy seeing him step up the comp.

Rosado- Move down to 154 please, Rosado v Ishe/Canelo etc,, way more interesting. Rosado absolutely won the fight.

Mares- I like Mares, needs some refinement though. Want to see him against Nonito.

Guerrero- had very little chance, Cotto is just a more skilled boxer that Rob. Would like to see him in the mix with Broner, Maidaina, Khan…etc. Much respect to him, he’s a warrior.

Love- doesn’t have the goods in my opinion. Quillin would KO him pretty easy.

Garcia/Karim confrontation- What the hell was that? Rosado was about to throw down on him and his boys for talking silly to Danny. Its crazy how Danny gets hated on, he is really a humble kid. As Cotto though, he takes care of business in the ring.

K.Chocolate/Ishe confrontation- I think Pete was a little wasted, Ishe is too small.

Posted May 6, 2013 11:44 am 


PE even thou Love won the fight due to the judges ..Rosado came out winning a lot of fans including Mexican heard the crowd post fight. He got my respect.

Posted May 6, 2013 11:44 am 


PE…angulo is a one dimensional fighter ..straight forward brawler. Lara will get him. Even if Rosado and Angulo fought again Rosado will get him.

Posted May 6, 2013 11:41 am 


only people braver than rosado are his handlers…he needs to stay at 54 and fight often…we know he has limited amateur experience, but fighting lesser fighters to get seasoning will not alter his fans opinion of him…wish him well

Posted May 6, 2013 11:38 am 

Public Enemy

mex – What do you think about Angulo vs Cuban Lara?? that’s another good one coming up..

Posted May 6, 2013 11:34 am 

Public Enemy

Mickey Garcia vs JuanMa next.. It’ll be a tough fight for JuanMa coming back from his little vacation but it will make for a lot of bullsht crap on these boards pre-fight..

Posted May 6, 2013 11:33 am 

Public Enemy

Mex, it’s all cool.. the Mexican fighters did put on a good show.. Guererro tried his best but I don’t think anyone really believed he’d be able to out Box Floyd and it was apparent that Floyd was not going into this fight to Brawl.. Mares did show some kinks in his armor and will have a tough time with the higher level of opposition but he’s young and still developing.. the other Mexican looked but but that Venezuelan guy was just way too small… Rosado got screwed but what can you do? I guess he’s the new Collazo… all in all a good weekend of Boxing thanks to all these guys…

Posted May 6, 2013 11:31 am 

Dr. Phil Thieze-Knutz

‘…People are pointing out how sharp and defensively sound he was in his latest fight. The main reason for that, was because ….not struggling to make 154 like the Cotto fight….’ Lil Floyd’s defense didn’t suffer because he ate a couple more hot dogs. It isn’t a struggle to gain 5lbs. The main reason is lil Floyd & Cotto are better boxers than Guerrero.

Posted May 6, 2013 11:26 am 


Public E…Rosado beat Love hands down…me and crew were pulling for Rosado..nothin but respect.

Posted May 6, 2013 11:09 am 


Miatestomper, punch the arms and shoulders is not fighting dirty and it’s not illegal. You punch your opponents arms to make them hurt, to weaken them. Same with the shoulders. You punch the solar plexis, the stomach, the head, the neck, the chin, the ears, the ribs, the nose, the kidneys–boxing is a martial art. It’s about inflicting damage on your opponent.

Posted May 6, 2013 10:58 am 


“As a matter of fact, I think he fought a more intelligent fight than any Mayweather opponent in recent history, excluding Cotto. In the end, it simply didn’t matter.” This is entirely, and was evidently, untrue. From the 4th round on Mayweather had Guerrero following him around the ring like a frustrated puppy dog. Robert didn’t execute squat. He exhibited no “game-plan, and no intelligence. He just kept trying to walk Floyd down and even though that never worked, Robert never changed.

As for Floyd fighting well after a long layoff–that’s what Floyd does best and he’s proven it over and over and over. No mystery or wonder to it! In eight years as a welterweight, Floyd has fought 10 times, and he didn’t fight for two years between his bouts with Hatton and Marquez. Try to remember, Floyd was in jail for a measly two months. Big deal.

Of course Floyd dominated Robert Guerrero. Most everyone expected him to. All the buildup about Robert before the fight was intended to legitimize Guerrero as a viable opponent for Floyd. That’s what hyping a fight is all about.

Posted May 6, 2013 10:54 am 

Kid Blast

Must “The Annoying Watson Twins” be ever present? Does Showtime realize how moronic and bile-inducing they look in there?

Speaking of Showtime, the stomach churning Mauro Ranallo must go. He is worse than Gus Johnson. Another instant screaming talking head who knows squat about boxing.

It’s a veritable freak show out there.

Posted May 6, 2013 10:38 am 

The Prince

I agree about Canelo. It’s far too soon for a big money fight to happen with him just yet, it if ever happens. Also, Canelo himself, has shown no respect for Mayweather and has talked a lot of smack, even giving Guerrero pointers on how to beat him. This could hurt his chances of getting the fight, period. Mayweather is his own boss. He doesn’t answer to anyone. If there’s one thing Floyd has proven over the years, is that he lets no one make him do what he doesn’t want to do. That’s why he left Bob Arum in the first place. Lastly, Canelo is at 154 pounds. Floyd clearly is at his best at welterweight. People are pointing out how sharp and defensively sound he was in his latest fight. The main reason for that, was because he was at his proper walking around weight, not struggling to make 154 like the Cotto fight.

Posted May 6, 2013 10:34 am 

Public Enemy

Look at how poorly Angulo did once he started fighting in the states and had to adhere to the Blood testing.. Kermit Cintron Boxed his ears off and derailed the Angulo Hype Train and Kirkland KnockedhimdafkoutCold in Mexico… Angulo is just another in a long line of Mexican Flops… Without the Juice in his sytem or Bricks in his Gloves just a head first plodding pinyata..

Posted May 6, 2013 10:25 am 

Public Enemy

So Mex do you believe Love beat Rosado???? if so let us all know why???

Posted May 6, 2013 10:02 am 

Public Enemy

Mex – that was a very green Rosado not the person we see today that has KnockedafkoutCold Mexican Soto Karass and stepped up to take on GGG and Love at their full 160lbs… Are you telling us all that Canelo could take on GGG and Love at 160lbs?? Canelo hasn’t fought any fighter half the threat GGG is in his whole career… also, Everyone knows Angulo is a product of Steriods use…

Posted May 6, 2013 10:01 am 


Britboxing, Khan is an ok fighter with speed. He is sloppy with amatuerish ways. Money would most def KO his ass. I predict within his next 3 fights he will be knocked out and fighting on ESPN!!!!!!

Posted May 6, 2013 9:35 am 


Anonymous The game plan is Punch the arms and shoulders but no boxer wants to fight dirty, Edwin Valero and Rocky Marcino are the only ones who cared less of what people thought in punching the arms and Shoulders. When Floyd does the Philly shell everyone headhunts and misses but the arms, ( biceps ) Shoulder are open

Posted May 6, 2013 9:26 am 


Khan will inflict the first defeat on Mayweather.

Posted May 6, 2013 9:21 am 


No gameplan for Mayweather Jr? The GREAT Eddie Futch would have created a gameplan to defeat Money May! The great George Benton would have also! Those 2 trainers were geniuses.

Posted May 6, 2013 9:14 am 

guido now lara didn’t do enough to beat paul comment on that

Posted May 6, 2013 9:07 am 


Public E……Rosado got k.t.f.o by Alfredo A…Cmon son!! Although I like Rosado but he don’t have a chance against Canelo.

Posted May 6, 2013 9:03 am 


if anyone who turn down the biggest money offer there is.. and you brag on how youl beat that guy… you still dont want to fight him.. and just offer millions of excuses… then you smell duck.. there is no other way around that… ITS A DUCK!!… tell floyd to man up..

Posted May 6, 2013 9:02 am 

Dan D

No trainer, fighter, commentator, analyst or fan has a clue of what a fighter actually needs to do to beat Floyd Mayweather. Everybody seems to have an opinion, believes they have seen a flaw to exploit but they all come up short. Now the ginger Mexican is being touted and also Golovkin, a fully fledged middleweight. They simply have run out of viable opposition for Floyd. As for Guerrero, he should settle his score with Broner, who is gonna beat Paulie silly for 6 rounds an then walk away with the WBA Welterweight strap. That would be a good fight but I think Broner would take Robert out by TKO.

Posted May 6, 2013 8:55 am 


LOL… “Robert Guerrero actually surprised me! His ring intelligence and the collective team game-planning of Team Guerrero was incredibly proficient.”…….Robert Guerrero’s game plan? Really? What was it? Other than getting hit by text book straight punches all night long. If had good ring intelligence he would be slipping shots like he was at the beginning of the fight. Later in the fight he just stood there. Meanwhile, his incompetent trainer is telling him to throw uppercuts??? WTH kind of advice is that? Exactly how are you going to land an uppercut when the other guy is fighting at a distance and defensively?

Posted May 6, 2013 8:28 am 


Really? Easy fight to predict. I called it UD Mayweather.

Posted May 6, 2013 8:20 am 

Public Enemy

vivek – good write up.. regarding Rosado, He’s really a 154lb fighter who stepped up recently to take on GGG at full 160lbs and refused a catch weight.. with very little time afther that fight he takes on this second fight at 160lbs because he couldn’t get a fight at 154lbs with the other guys at taht weight including Canelo. I believe Rosado needs to stay at his true weight class 154lbs and not be impatient and take these needless fights against guys who come into the ring as light heavyweights. at 154lbs I think Rosado would give the other guys at 154lbs a really good challenge.. If Rosado followed the carefull match making we see with Canelo, he too would be undefeated.. Do you believe Canelo would’ve been able to handle a 160lb GGG or Love???

Posted May 6, 2013 7:15 am 

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