Errol Spence vs. Ryan Garcia: Trash Talk Erupts on Social Media

By Tim Compton - 05/08/2024 - Comments

Errol Spence and Ryan Garcia exchanged trash talk today on social media over Spence’s dismissing the possibility of fighting him.

When asked by one of his followers on social media, Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) ruled out fighting Ryan Garcia, saying he doesn’t take tune-ups.

Payday Blindness

It was a remark that showed that Spence feels he’s still above Ryan, even though he’s coming off a devasting ninth-round knockout loss to Terence Crawford last summer, and is seen as washed up by fans.

That loss was a wake-up, and people no longer view Spence as the same fighter. Instead of taking the lifeline that Ryan is throwing him, Errol is living in the past, believing he’s still the top guy at 147.

Spence doesn’t seem to realize how bleak his career situation is because if he thought things were bad, he’d jump at the chance to fight Ryan and pick up a massive payday in the process.

Errol doesn’t realize his dire his career situation is now because if he did, he’d be begging the cash cow Ryan Garcia for that payday to keep him afloat a little longer. He ain’t going to get that kind of money fighting Sebastian Fundora. That fight will bring pocket change compared to the dough a match against Ryan would.

Errol Spence Jr: “I’ll legit beat his a** at the [AT&T Stadium at 154-160] off the strength of him testing positive, but I don’t take tune-ups. Tank didn’t get to finish you Cause you quit like a hoe like we knew you would do.

“Go find someone to play with. Stop letting this boy get a pass like we don’t remember you taking a knee & getting up at 10. Coward as f***.

Ryan Garcia: “Please let’s run it. I will gladly destroy you and finish the job. Crawford almost did I will finish the job.”

Will Spence’s pride block him from the payday Ryan is offering him, or will he come around when he sits down and thinks it over?

Hopefully, Errol doesn’t pass up this excellent fight because he’s going to be wracked with regret if he fails to take it and winds up making far less in a match against Fundora.