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Andre Ward – Hits Back At Golovkin Camp “Ducking” Accusation

American 168lb boss Andre Ward, who finally returns to the ring against Britain’s Paul Smith on June 20th in his hometown of Oakland, CA has spoken to following Saturday’s defining fight for Floyd Mayweather, to address the issue of GGG.

There have been numerous times that the Kazakh middleweight punchers trainer – Abel Sanchez – has accused the former P4P American of avoiding stepping in the ring with his fighter – something Ward vehemently denies.

Of the potential for a massive fight with Golovkin – who himself isn’t a huge 160 – and the rumours that have gone back and forth, Ward said; Continue reading

Does Willie Monroe Jr. even have a chance against Gennady Golovkin?

Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, better known as Triple G, has become a boxing star. His aggressive, drama show style, has sparked the interests of even casual boxing fans.

The way he stalks his opponents, is how you would expect a lion to walk down a gazelle, if it were caught in a 24 x 24 cage. There is no awkward tension, but instead a relaxed predator that knows he is in complete control. Who wouldn’t be entertained by such a show of pugilism?

There are however skeptics, that will bring up the burning question, who has he fought? Continue reading

Manny Pacquaio – The truth behind that shoulder

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I think it’s safe to say that one of the greatest conspiracy comedies of all time is the Robert De Niro/Dustin Hoffman collaboration ‘Wag the Dog’. The film depicts the lengths that unscrupulous spin-doctors will go to in pursuit of a politician’s re-election. The movie is hilarious at times but it is a clever movie throughout and it certainly makes you wonder if you should ever believe more than 50% of what you are fed through the media. I worked in a job for many years where you were advised ‘to believe half of what you saw and absolutely nothing of what you heard’. Having worked there over three decades, I fully concur with that wisdom. People will believe what best suits their interests and, sometimes, the emperor’s new clothes will pass as high fashion if the end result is the one you really want. Continue reading

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao: Recap, Highlights, and Aftermath (Video)

After waiting more than five long years, the richest fight in boxing history became a reality this past weekend when Floyd Mayweather Jr improved to 48-0 with a unanimous decision victory against long time rival (at least outside the ring) Manny Pacquiao, whose record dropped to 57-6-2. Continue reading

Boxing’s Deep Blue – Is Floyd Mayweather simply too good to be great?


Painfully efficient, cold, calculated, elusive, and unforgiving; Deep Blue, a machine built by IBM in the early nineties, came onto the scene and suddenly made masters of the game of chess appear ordinary and vulnerable. Gary Kasparov, a renown chess master known for his aggressive and dynamic play, fell victim to Deep Blue’s strategic dismantling in 1996. Kasparov’s aggression was simply no match for the machine’s lack of emotion and relentless calculations. Continue reading

Fights Mayweather Should Take


I am going to state the obvious just so everybody knows my point. Floyd Mayweather is a businessman first and a fighter second (maybe). He treats boxing as a business and not a sport. Smart if you are a man driven by money. I realize that Mayweather will not take fights that he thinks will challenge him, which is why Mayweather waited six years to fight Manny Pacquiao. There have been some guaranteed first ballot hall of famers who took fights with high risk and low reward. Continue reading

Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Where next?


2012 was a year dominated by many things. The Italian cruise liner ‘The Costa Concordia’ ran aground causing 32 deaths, Usain Bolt became the first man in history to win the 100m and 200m sprint in back to back Olympics, the USADA stripped Lance Armstrong of his seven Tour De France titles, Barack Obama was returned to the White House for another term of office and the world waited with baited breath to see if the Mayan Doomsday Prophecy would see us all enjoy a last meal on December 21st. Continue reading

Mayweather-Pacquiao: Do Superfights Help Boxing? Now Comes the Moment of Truth


In 2014, I wrote an article for this website called “Get Real – Mayweather-Pacquiao Would Not ‘Save’ Boxing.” In it, I challenged the notion that Mayweather –Pacquiao – or any other superfight for that matter – really benefit the sport beyond the fight itself. Continue reading

The farce of the century? Mayweather UD 12 Pacquiao

The triumph of politics and hype over the sport of boxing is unanimous, professional boxing exists as a sport only nominally and has turned into a financial instrument. Show business likes scripts and scenarios and everything was under control last night, judging/scoring and even punch stats calculations occurred independently and irrespectively of the action in the ring or of the actual number of landed shots. The fight definitely did not live up to the hype except perhaps financially – the alleged fight of the century will hardly qualify for a fight of the year candidate. Continue reading

In the aftermath of Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao

It went exactly as feared, or hoped, depending on which side of the fence you were on. If you came in expecting action then you were at the wrong fight. If you came looking for answers and a little bit of drama, then you probably came away satisfied, although perhaps a little bit disappointed. It wasn’t until I first saw them nose to nose at the kickoff press conference that I got a real sense of the size difference between these two men. The stats can tell you a lot, but seeing the two of them face to face, Manny looking up into Floyd’s eyes, really gave a sense of the uphill battle that Manny was facing. However, the fight was not about size, it was about styles, and the common wisdom was that Manny had the style to threaten Floyd. Continue reading