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Marcos Maidana vs. Adrien Broner Would Be A Real Test For Both

When I was watching the Broner vs. Malignaggi bout on Saturday night, I noticed a few things which force me to expect Broner to hit the canvas against fighters with power in both hands. I noticed that Paulie was landing a lot more shots than most had expected him to, and if only his punches had more weight behind it, Broner would have a different time in the ring.

The day after the fight, Marcos Maidana mentioned that he would like to fight and would beat Broner, and I instantly got hyped up about the idea.

Broner vs. Maidana is by far the best fight for both fighters, and would be a real challenge for Adrien, and a decent payday for both. Maidana would not only take Broner’s best shots, but would fire back. Maidana is a fairly hard hitter, fights stiff making his punches crisper, and simply does not ease off.

Beating Malignaggi did not answer the main question for many boxing fans: Is Broner the real deal, or is he cruising through the subpar competition. Although Paulie is a good fighter, definitely not subpar by any means, he is not known for getting his opponents in trouble. As a matter of fact, I think that Broner should have performed much better than he did against Paulie, but a win is a win.

If Maidana makes big enough waves and voices his opinion on Broner, I think the public will start buying the idea and demanding the fight.

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