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Is Canelo a Real Threat to Floyd?

canelo931205The build up for this fight is typical of most recent Mayweather fights. Floyd is his normal boastful self, and on the other side is an opponent claiming to be hungry and set to take away Floyd’s “0”. We have heard this exact same script before, most recently prior to Mayweather dominating Robert Guerrero earlier this year. And the fan reactions are as typical as the script itself. Mayweather’s fans/supporters brag that there is no blueprint to beat Floyd, and that he can easily adapt to any style. Mayweather’s detractors/haters (along with Canelo’s fans/supporters) are hopeful for Floyd’s demise, and some still accuse him of ducking Pacquiao in the past. Most others who find themselves in between those two extremes rightly favor the P4P king for the win. Money May has proven himself time and time again against all kinds of boxers with all sorts of styles. Why should this be different? The common expectation is the same as always, that Mayweather outclasses Alvarez and cruises to an easy or fairly easy victory on the cards. Maybe Mayweather could even stop him.

Alvarez may have a better chance than people think, however. He is young, strong, confident, decently quick, marketable, and smart. One or all of these things can play a part in the ultimate outcome. The redheaded Mexican neither looks nor fights like a typical Mexican boxer. He is also unusually patient, polished, and poised for a fighter so young. His best asset is probably his really good timing, which cannot be underestimated as a key weapon going into this. His jab is quite good too, if not underused. Size wise he is the heaviest and perhaps the most powerful man Floyd ever fought. Canelo’s Ring IQ is seemingly pretty good, and he also appears highly motivated. Unlike many of Floyd’s recent foes, Alvarez is naturally bigger and not battle worn to the point that his best days are clearly from years past. Marquez was tiny, Mosley was old, Ortiz was a quitter, Cotto was damaged goods, and Guerrero was a no hoper. Alvarez is a very different proposition altogether, a very different animal. Canelo is a young natural 154 pounder who is prime and determined. When was the last time Floyd fought somebody like that? Canelo could be the best Floyd has faced since Castillo, and maybe the very best he has ever faced. Perhaps.

But Floyd is Floyd. He is Money Mayweather. Skills pay the bills. He is the P4P king. He finds a way to win. He always has. He always will? Mayweather is the one with the big fight experience. Floyd is the grand attraction in Las Vegas. He has the flash, he has the style, he has the talent, and he knows how to use it. If there are unknown weaknesses lingering in Canelo, who better to find and exploit them than Floyd? Alvarez sometimes gets lazy in the ring. The Mexican has suspect stamina and has never performed on so big a stage. Canelo even occasionally telegraphs shots, and at times he can be patient to a fault. These are all weaknesses that could each play incredibly well into Floyd’s fast but sometimes brittle hands. Mayweather knows what he is doing and has an incredible track record that illustrates his superb Ring IQ. And even at age 36 Mayweather’s reflexes and athletic ability are amazing stuff. On top of all that, the fight taking place at 152 instead of 154 should also ultimately help favor Floyd.

The build up and fan reactions for this Mayweather fight have followed the same script from all his recent fights. Will the outcome also follow the same script from those fights as well? Will it be another dominant win for Money Mayweather? Odds makers and fans have made Floyd the favorite in this one and that is understandable. But Canelo does have attributes that help distinguish him as a standout among Mayweather’s recent opponents. Floyd Mayweather may win this fight, and he may even make it look easy, but Canelo Alvarez is a real threat. Probably just not a big enough threat to actually take that “0” away. We shall see on September 14. But if Floyd does win he will deserve credit and big respect from all boxing fans. Canelo is tough and he ain’t no pushover, even if that is his perceived role in this script going in.

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