Zhilei Zhang Says He And Deontay Wilder Will “Bang The Hell Out Of Each Other”

By James Slater - 05/08/2024 - Comments

Chinese powerhouse Zhilei Zhang says there is no chance in hell his upcoming fight with fellow puncher Deontay Wilder will go the distance, with “Big Bang” saying there will be some serious leather thrown from both sides on June 1 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Zhang, who recently turned 41, said he and Wilder will “bang the hell out of each other” when they collide.

Speaking with Queensbury, Zhang, 26-2-1(21) admitted he made a mistake in his fight with common opponent Joseph Parker and that he has hired a nutritionist so as to drop some weight but maintain his punching power. Zhang said he is “trimming down” and that he feels “a lot better, but the power is still there.”

Zhang as we know gassed, or fought so utterly cautiously for fear of gassing, when he was decisioned by Parker. Now, though, Zhang says he will be in far better shape for the Wilder fight and that he will be unleashing some “Chinese power.”

“I made a big mistake underestimating Parker,” Zhang said. “I had to admit it happened. At the same time I learned a lot from that fight. We came back, we analysed every little detail and we corrected our mistakes. I believe the next fight, it’s gonna be a new me. I don’t think this fight goes the distance because when Chinese power and Alabama power, we’re gonna bang the hell out of each other and this fight is not gonna go the distance.”

Wilder, like Zhang, has a point to prove, and a career to save, with the former WBC heavyweight champ being equally in need of a win or else. As a result, we could see two somewhat desperate punchers going at it on fight night. If so, we fans will be the real winners! How much has Wilder, 43-3-1(42) got left? How have the years treated Zhang and will he fight with a fear of gassing once again here? Who has the better chin and ability to hold a shot to the head out of the two?

It’s a fascinating fight. And it could well be a huge explosion of a fight. It’s almost impossible to disagree with Zhang when he says this one will not go the distance. No chance.