De La Hoya Vs. Canelo Has Overshadowed Canelo Vs. Munguia!

By James Slater - 05/03/2024 - Comments

Well, Saturday’s big fight between Mexican warriors Canelo Alvarez and Jaime Munguia is bigger then ever, and it’s not down to the forthcoming match up getting the fans all pumped up and talking. No, the fight, a good one between two Mexicans (always a recipe for a fun fight, often times a bloody, brutal fight), is bigger because of the nasty, but thoroughly entertaining, feud between Canelo and his former promoter Oscar De La Hoya. As fans know, the two really got into it at this week’s presser, with Canelo letting his insults fly at De La Hoya, this as he spoke, or spat, in his native tongue. De La Hoya was called, amongst other things, A “a** h***,” and a thief.

Canelo accused De La Hoya of stealing from his fighters, Gennady Golovkin (who of course fought Canelo three times) included. This did not sit well with “The Golden Boy,” who not only demanded some “respect” from Canelo, but has also threatened to sue his former fighter for defamation. Yes, this has got nasty, and the big fight looks set to play out in the court room not too long after Canelo has dealt with Munguia, who has almost become the forgotten figure this fight week.

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“I’d definitely going to sue for defamation,” De La Hoya told ESPN. “Imagine the damage it can do to my reputation. Imagine what it can do to my business to fighters [who] are going to believe [Canelo]. It’s terrible. We paid [GGG] everything he’s owed. I’m going to defend myself when somebody’s speaking negative about me and thats what I did. This was my perfect moment to let him know how I feel. It felt so good. Finally – I was just holding my tongue for all these years – and finally I can f*****g tell him in his face, put some f*****g respect on my name.”

These two were not only business associates once, but also good friends. Not any longer. Calling a promoter/former friend a thief is no little thing, and it would be interesting to hear more from Canelo, why he said what he said – had he any actual proof? It will likely come out in the courts, which is where this is absolutely heading and make no mistake.

Not since Mike Tyson and Don King have we seen as nasty and as volatile a falling out between fighter and promoter. And it’s said Tyson gave King a beating one time, his frustrations really being let loose. For a while there, with security personnel hovering, it looked like Canelo and De La Hoya might come to blows!

How this whole episode will affect, or not affect Canelo in the ring tomorrow night we must wait and see. But as De La Hoya said, he has “definitely got inside his head.” Maybe, and maybe this will help Munguia when the real action gets underway.

We have seen some wild and crazy big-fight build-ups these past few weeks, with this one and the Ryan Garcia-Devin Haney fight. Boxing, and the promotion of a fight sure has changed. These days, nothing seems to be off limits!

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