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Chisora’s Nutritionist explains how his new lean physique was built

Following Dereck Chisora’s impressive stoppage victory last weekend over Malik Scott, the media and fans alike have been commenting in their droves about how the Finchley Heavyweight looked in the best shape of his career as he toppled the previously unbeaten American visitor.

To get some background on Dereck’s transformation, we spoke this week to Tom Whitehead of Soulmatefood, who were installed by Chisora ahead of his training camp for Malik Scott, to clean up the Finchley heavyweight’s diet that has caused him various problems in the preparations for previous fights. Speaking about the job they have done to transform the physique of newly installed WBO International Champion, Tom told us:

“Dereck approached Soulmatefood to provide nutritional support for his current camp, in preparation for Malik Scott. He had heard of our success within the combat sport scene (having successfully worked with G.B. Boxing, in the years leading to London 2012, professional boxers, Brian Rose and Paul Smith and UFC Fighters, including Quinton “Rampage” Jackson) and wanted us to take control of his diet.

Working closely with Don Charles we aimed to drop Dereck’s body fat significantly while maintaining his renowned knock out power. In previous bouts, especially the Tyson Fury fight in 2011 fight, he had been criticised for coming into the fight out of shape. Dropping this weight will allow Dereck to maintain his work rate throughout the full 10 rounds, become faster, more agile and an all-round more lethal fighter.

His body composition was closely monitored during the camp with consultations at our Harrods based clinic. This allowed us to ensure it was body fat, not muscle that was being lost. We used an InBody 720 Bioelectrical impedance body composition analysis machine that gave us a reliable insight into Dereck’s muscle and fat ratios to allow us to adapt his plan to suit.

As Dereck technically didn’t have to “make weight” we didn’t drastically cut weight but gradually reduced body fat whilst allowing him to maintain a high training intensity.

The basics of his intake were;

· High protein – to maintain lean muscle mass while cutting weight and promote recovery

· Gradually reduced carbohydrate intake – this allowed Dereck to maintain a high training intensity while slowly adapting to a reduced carbohydrate intake to maximise fat metabolism

· High carbohydrate intake in the final days – this will increase carbohydrates stores in time for fight night, giving the energy to go hard for the 10 rounds.

A conventional diet plan, however good it is, still requires the ingredients to be bought and the food actually prepared and cooked, allowing opportunities for athletes to stray away from the diet. Soulmatefood combat this by providing fully prepared meals that only require heating and eating, we feel that this has been the key to Dereck sticking with the plan and reaping the rewards.

We enjoyed a new look Dereck Chisora on Saturday night when he faced up against Malik Scott. A faster, fitter and focused Chisora with the same stopping power as we saw is a force to be a force to be reckoned with.”

To find out how we can support you please contact our Sport Nutritionist, Tom Whitehead on 0870 8033 833 or and quote FRANKWARREN20.