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Vitali Klitschko

Vitali Klitschko made WBC Emeritus champion

vitali674The WBC is proud and honored to confirm the status of Vitali Klitschko as WBC Heavyweight World Champion Emeritus. Undoubtedly, Vitali has earned that distinction through his actions inside and outside the ring.

Vitali Klitschko is fighting the fight of his life, this time outside the ring. Vitali is showing to the world what is the true heart of a champion by leading his countrymen to battle in the streets in their search of human equality, rights and peace for the great country of the Ukraine.

Vitali Klitschko announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the Ukraine, which election will take place in 2015. Vitali believed he would be able to defend his WBC Heavyweight World Championship, and wanted to do so against the WBC mandatory contender Bermane Stiverne. Continue reading

WBC gives Vitali Klitschko until December 15th to make decision about fight status

vitali674Not surprisingly the World Boxing Council has given WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko (45-2, 41 KO’s) another delay, this one until December 15th, to make a decision about whether he’ll choose to defend his WBC crown ever again. The thing is the WBC already gave Vitali a November 30th extension to make a decision about whether he’ll fight again or not, and when that time came, Vitali got another extension.

Vitali must have a lot weighing on him for him not to be able to make a decision and needing multiple delays whether to say if he’ll fight or not. He’s involved in a political career in Ukraine and that could be the reason why he’s unable to make a decision right now whether to carry on or not. Continue reading

WBC News: Vitali Klitschko has until November 30th to confirm fight plans

The mandatory title defense of heavyweight world champion Vitali Klitschko of Ukraine was not addressed during the mandatory meetings on Wednesday because mandatory challenger Bermane Stiverne and his promoter, Camille Estephan, both of Canada, did not arrive until today.

K2 Promotion’s Tom Loeffler of the U.S., said that Klitschko requested the WBC to wait until November 30 for his confirmation that he’s ready for his mandatory defense. Estephan accepted and replied, “We are willing to wait to make this fight happen, and we are looking forward to making this fight happen.”

Mauricio Sulaiman proposed a heavyweight tournament of the top five or six contenders to determine the next mandatory world title challenger, which was approved by the Board.

A video was shown illustrating the success of the WBC’s instant replay rule, which has been used in fights, whenever possible, for five years, and the WBC’s open scoring rule that has been used in fights, whenever possible, for six years. The Continental Federations were urged to continue to increase their use in their areas.

Ring Officials Board Chairman Hubert Minn of the U.S. gave a report on Monday’s referees and judges seminars, and said that 130 ring officials were in attendance.

The attendance at the convention was estimated at 600.

Reports were presented by World Medical Advisory Board Chairman Dr. Paul Wallace of the U.S., Dr. Clive Noble of South Africa, who has done extensive testing of boxing gloves to find the safest glove construction, Dr. Beatrix Raudszus of Germany, who heads the Medical Boxing Accidents Committee, and Dr. Helen Clausen of Australia, the Director of Neurological Cognitive Research.

Alberto Leon of the U.S., Chairman of the WBC Boxers Foundation Fund, gave a report on the fund’s fantastic success so far — it raised $1 million last September in partnership with Hublot Watches to assist fighters in need — and plans for its continued success in the future. Alberto said, “A lifelong dream of our President, Jose Sulaiman, is now a reality.” WBC Vice President Rex Walker of the U.S. added, “It’s one of the best things the WBC’s ever done.”

President Sulaiman has always considered amateur boxing the “lifeblood” of professional boxing. Ed Pearson of Canada, Chairman of the new World Boxing Council Amateur Boxing program, reported on its great success in his home country, and advised other Board members how to implement the program in their areas, as well as creating international matches. Ed said, “AIBA tried political and legal ways to stop it, but lost at every step of the way.” He gave credit to Dave Allison, who “has done all the work.”

A report was given on the WBC program, “Driving Without Texting,” to which WBC middleweight world champion Sergio Martinez of Argentina and former world champion Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico have given support. Texting while driving has overtaken alcohol as the main cause of car accidents.

Asian Boxing Council Secretary Patrick Cusick of Thailand reported on the very active and successful year had by both his organization and the Oriental and Pacific Boxing Federation, as well as plans for the WBC’s continued growth in China, considered the “next Mecca of boxing” in the world. Cusick also said that three cities in China are preparing proposals to host future WBC conventions.

Mauro Gazcon reported that he will begin Monday to reschedule the highly-anticipated WBC World Cup events. The first was scheduled for October 18 in Mexico City and another during this convention in Bangkok, but were postponed after President Sulaiman’s surgery on October 1.

Tomas Yu of New Mexico, Chairman of the World MMA Council, introduced himself to the WBC with a proposal for the WBC to become involved in world-wide mixed martial arts title fights. His proposal will be reviewed further at the next WBC convention.

WBC Cares Chairwoman Jill Diamond of the U.S. and a group of world champions and other convention attendees went to visit a children’s hospital and orphanage during the afternoon.

A free day tomorrow will be followed by a gala dinner in the evening.

The 51st annual WBC Convention was officially closed by WBC Vice President and host, General Kovid Bhakdibhumi of Thailand.

Vitali Klitschko For President 2015! Will 2014 Be The Year Dr. Ironfist Retires?

vitali9Vitali Klitschko’s retirement plans have been pushed back numerous times, and have been a topic that many boxing fans have been curious about.

Apparently but not surprisingly, according to USAToday, Vitali is planning on running for the Presidency of Ukraine in 2015, thus will be completely submerged in his political duties next year and even more in 2015.

Assuming this information is correct and true, Vitali’s retirement is just around the corner. I doubt he would want to take a two year break and come back to boxing. Not only will his name lose its relevance by that time, coming back at his age will be a serious challenge physically. Continue reading

Team Stiverne calls for action Vitali Klitschko holding WBC belt hostage

801OTTAWA, Canada (August 13, 2013) -The latest ruling by the World Boxing Council (WBC), allowing its heavyweight champion, Vitali “Dr. Ironfist” Klitschko (45-2, 41 KOs), to avoid fighting No. 1 mandatory challenger Bermane “B. Ware” Stiverne (23-1, 20 KOs), has drawn anger from an increasingly frustrated Team Stiverne.

Stiverne has already won not one, but two WBC title eliminators, the latest against Chris Arreola (35-3, 30 KOs) on HBO this past April 27, and three different mandated purse bids have been postponed. Now, the WBC has announced that the 42-year-old Klitschko has suffered an injury to his right hand and he won’t return to the ring until 2014. Plus, the WBC will not make a decision regarding his title situation until the first-quarter of 2014, leaving Stiverne waiting even longer for his much deserved world title shot.

“I would hate to think the WBC treats some fighters more highly than others,” a terribly disappointed Stiverne said. “I don’t understand. (Timothy) Bradley was stripped when he was injured but I’ve read that the WBC would never strip Vitali. Do they have favorites? All fighters should be treated the same. We haven’t heard anything directly from the WBC. The WBC isn’t respecting us or its own rules. I remember when (Oleg) Maskaev was hurt before his fight with (Sam) Peter and Peter was named the WBC Interim champion. This isn’t fair or respectful, and it’s bad for boxing.” Continue reading

“Colonel” Bob Sheridan Says The Klitschkos “Need David Tua”

tua432323As fans will possibly be aware, heavyweight powerhouse David Tua, arguably one of the best fighters never to have captured a major title, will be back in action later this month, when the 40-year-old will tangle with Russian giant Alexander Ustinov.

The fight, a big deal in New Zealand like all of Tua’s fights, will mark “The Tuaman’s” first ring appearance for two years (his rematch loss to Monte “Two Gunz” Barrett) and the Samoan slugger’s fans are hoping their hero can launch one last assault on the heavyweight championship of the world.

I’ve always been a fan of Tua, since he burst onto the scene with his chilling destruction of John Ruiz. And I do think that a prime Tua – say the wrecking machine that ruined Ruiz and went to war with the could-have-been-great Ike Ibeabuchi – would have given Wladimir Klitschko a fierce argument. Continue reading

V. Klitschko vs. Stiverne WBC purse bid postponed again

vitali433OTTAWA, Canada (July 26, 2013) — When heavyweight contender Bermane “B. Ware” Stiverne (21-1, 20 KOs) upset Chris Arreola (35-3, 30 KOs) on HBO this past April 27, in a title elimination bout, it set-up the dangerous Canadian for a super fight versus future Hall of Famer and long-time World Boxing Council (WBC) World Heavyweight Champion, Vitali Klitschko (45-2, 41 KOs).

Stiverne completely dominated former world title challenger Arreola, dropping him in the third round, en route to a unanimous 12-round decision (118-109, 117-110, 117-110) for the vacant WBC Silver title.

A purse bid was set and postponed, reset and re-postponed. Finally, July 22 was supposed to be the final purse bid date when, surprisingly, the WBC once again granted another extension requested by the Team Klitschko, forcing the mandatory challenger to wait once again for his world title shot that he has now earned twice by winning a pair “title elimination” bouts. WBO No. 1 contender Stiverne, who is also rated No. 10 in the world by The Ring Magazine, had knocked out Ray Austin in the 10th round of their WBC heavyweight title eliminator on June 25, 2011. Continue reading

Chisora: Me and Vitali have unfinished business

chisora106Earlier tonight, British heavyweight Dereck Chisora (17-4, 11 KO’s) got a surprise stoppage over American Malik Scott (35-1-1, 12 KO’s) in London, England. Chisora stopped Scott in the 6th round, and there’s still questions remaining whether Scott beat the count.

Replays show that Scott was on his feet at the count of 9, but the referee waived it off anyway. Chisora said after the fight that he wants to go to Germany and fight WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko again.

Chisora said this in the post-fight interview with BoxNation: “I want to fight the Klitschkos. I want to go back to Germany. Me and the older brother [Vitali Klitschko] have unfinished business.”

Vitali beat Chisora by a 12 round unanimous decision last year in February in a fight where Vitali injured his left shoulder in the 2nd round and had to fight with just his right hand for the remainder of the fight. Continue reading