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Andre Ward

Why Andre Ward SHOULD Rematch Carl Froch in Nottingham (VIDEO)

In a recent interview discussing his future, missing in action world class boxer Andre Ward told Sky Sports that he is interested in a rematch with Carl Froch. The two first met in the Super Six Final back in December 2011 when Ward defeated Froch by unanimous decision in a fight that was much less competitive than the scorecards suggested.

“The UK is one thing, Nottingham is something different” said Ward. “I’m not willing to come to Nottingham, I don’t think I should have to, but Wembley stadium, the UK as a whole – I would love to come”. Continue reading

Carl Froch will not be forced into a Ward rematch

Carl Froch got some pretty bad news with the WBA wanting negotiations between himself and Andre Ward. Froch has already come out and said that fights against Ward, Hopkins and DeGale simply did not interest him and he would likely retire rather than face any of those names. Having beaten Mikkel Kessler in their rematch however, Ward is the only unavenged loss sitting on the Brits resume. Continue reading

Rumor: WBA Orders Ward-Froch Rematch within 120 Days

Joe Latti, Brick City Boxing – Andre Ward has received scrutiny in his career for not defending his titles as often as many would like. Last week when “The Ring” stripped the super middleweight of his Ring Champion belt and rankings for not defending his title against a top 5 contender the past two years. Rumors and speculation are flying around Twitter this morning as there are talks of a press release that was sent out that says the WBA has ordered Andre Ward (27-0, 1 KO) and Carl Froch (33-2, 24 KO) to square off again. The two parties were told they have 30 days to reach an agreement, and fight within 120 days or they will send the contest purse out for bidding. Continue reading

Why not honor Kessler’s illustrious career by letting go of your animosity towards Andre Ward?

It is said that the Vikings were valiant warriors who utilized axes, swords, spears, and knives while raiding land. The Viking warrior from Denmark, Mikkel Kessler wasn’t any less valiant in his career than the Vikings of the past, though his weaponry did differ. His arsenal, which included jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and straights got the job done, all but three times. One of these three occasions was to an undefeated legend named Joe Calzaghe, another was an avenged loss by Carl Froch, who one could make the argument for Kessler, as being past his best days.

Now the third opponent is the one that may help define Kessler’s career, one that is difficult to do so? So just how great was Mikkel Kessler? A fight against a prime Kelly Pavlik, coming off wins of Jermain Taylor, would have definitely added a plot point to his narrative, or even a fight against then young Andre Dirrell. As of now, Kessler is stuck somewhere in between good and great, as he is better known for his failure to colonize British land and American soil, than what he had accomplished with his fist. Continue reading

Abel Sanchez – Ward wouldn’t last 12 rounds with Golovkin

The trainer for ‘Triple G’ Gennady Golovkin called out Andre Ward and his team in a recent interview with FightHype. In the interview he said that Ward shouldn’t mention Golovkins name is they were not willing to put money on the table in the form of a fight offer. Andre Ward is the guy who has Jay-Z in his corner and is generally regarded as the A side in the fight due to his victory in the super-six tournament so it is down to him to contact Golovkins people and start negotiations for the fight.

I do understand the problems Golovkin and his team are facing as the fighter has become a victim of his own success. In the destruction of each and every opponent they have faced, they have scared off the top names in the business. Continue reading

Who are the best undefeated fighters in the sport?

Many of the sports most dominant fighters throughout history have taken losses and this is the same today with many of the top rated fighters such as Wladimir Klitschko, Manny Pacquiao, Saul Alvarez, Adrien Broner, Juan Manuel Marquez, Carl Froch, Erislandy Lara, Miguel Cotto and literally hundreds of others having tasted defeat before in their campaigns to the ring. Despite what many casual fans seem to think today in the Mayweather Era, a loss does not mean anything if a fighter can come back from it and rise again to the top of the sport. Fighters are generally more remembered for the quality of opposition rather than the raw figures.

Nevertheless there is something exciting about watching a fighter who has never tasted defeat. A man who has had his hand raised each and every time he has stepped through the ropes. Here is my personal opinion on the top batch of currently undefeated fighters in the sport today. Continue reading

Andre Ward: It’s Time To Up The Stakes

I remember a few years back, when the ingenious, six-man tournament conceived by Showtime, aptly titled The Super Six, had been organized and announced; the contracts were newly inked and the six combatants were confirmed. Proven warrior Mikkel Kessler was rightly the favourite going into the tourney, whilst several other, well-known names were guaranteed to be excitingly competitive. Andre Ward, an Olympic gold medallist, was somewhat of an unknown quantity back then; whilst clearly a fundamentally sound boxer, his relative inexperience coupled with a fairly thin resume (at that time), left a few question marks hanging over him. Continue reading

Left-Hook Lounge Mailbag: Mayweather vs Pacquiao, Roc-Nation, Andre Ward, Broner, & More!

Jason H. (Brooklyn, NYC): I was very shocked to see your post last week about Mayweather and Pacquiao and the fact that the fight is nearly signed. Considering all that has happened since this fight was first discussed, can you give your thoughts on the road to get here and what you think it will be like once they actually fight?

Vivek W.: The road to get here…..all the drama between the two camps, the lies, the lawsuits, the subsequent bouts…’s been a hell of a ride, but truthfully, I don’t know if I’d change any of it. The buildup we’ve just experienced is unlike any we’ll ever experience again. Some say the fight is years too late. I say there’s never a bad time to see a good fight. When you examine things closely, both men have appeared to slow down a bit. That being said, they both remain head and shoulders above practically all of their contemporaries! Styles make fights, and this showdown is no different. Continue reading

Froch not interested in Golovkin or Ward, wants Chavez Jr

If he can’t get his desired fight against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in Las Vegas, IBF/WBA super middleweight champion Carl Froch says he’ll be hanging up his gloves and going into retirement. He has no interest in taking plan-B backup options of facing Gennady Golovkin or Andre Ward, even though both of those fights would do quite well on British pay-per-view and would likely sell as well as Froch’s recent fights against George Groves.

Froch wants Chavez Jr because he thinks he can beat him, and he likes that Chavez Jr has a large Mexican fan population that follows him. Continue reading

Let the Games Begin: Ward, Golden Boy, Schaefer, Broner, Khan & More!

The year 2015 is starting off with a bang- not neccessarily in the ring, but definitely outside of it. The pieces on the chess board are moving into place and when the smoke clears, we will (maybe) have a better picture of the boxing landscape.

Andre Ward

Andre Ward’s frustrating court battle with Goossen Tutor apparently has come to an end. Jay Z’s Roc Nation announced the signing of Andre Ward during their initial boxing card last night in Madison Square Garden’s theatre.

What it Means Continue reading