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Amir Khan

Khan’s contingency plan

It would be nice to think that the line has been drawn through the whole Mayweather and Khan chronicles, at least for the time being anyway, but it is difficult to imagine that Khan has seriously discarded any ambition of being handed the May 3rd slot against the number one pound-for-pound king. Yesterday Khan sent out a stream of tweets suggesting that the fight was dead; whether he actually knows [...]

Khan announces Mayweather’s next fight for him

Good luck to Maidana, against mayweather.— Amir Khan (@AmirKingKhan) February 21, 2014 Showing perhaps the main reason why Floyd Mayweather Jr. maybe changed his mind about wanting to fight him, Amir Khan came out today and announced Mayweather's next fight for him by telling everyone on his twitter that Mayweather will be fighting Marcos Maidana next on May 3rd. This is Khan being Khan [...]

Khan: Mayweather cherry picks to make himself look good

Amir Khan is starting to sound increasingly unhappy with Floyd Mayweather Jr. judging by his comments in interviews and on his twitter account. With each day that goes by, it seems more and more likely that Mayweather won't be giving Khan a fight on May 3rd and that seems to be getting to the British fighter. Khan thought he had the fight with Mayweather after winning his poll competition against Marcos [...]

Arum: What Mayweather has done to Khan is disgraceful!

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is all bent out of shape with the way that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has treated Britain's Amir Khan by not naming him as his next opponent for May 3rd, and having him compete for the fight with Marcos Maidana on his website poll at Khan won the poll, but Mayweather still hasn't named him as his next opponent yet. Arum says he would never do that [...]

Mayweather Should Have Picked Khan!

Based on recent media reports, it is highly likely that Floyd Mayweather Jr. will probably face Marcos Maidana rather than Amir Khan on Cinco de Mayo weekend (May 3rd), which is a bit of a shame if you ask me, because I feel that a contest against the Brit would have raised the global profile of boxing. From a purely financial perspective, it made sense for Mayweather Jr. to face Amir Khan, with [...]

Ward likes Khan’s speed and power

WBA super middleweight champion Andre Ward has gotten the chance to see Amir Khan (28-3, 19 KO's) up close now that he's training in the same gym as him in Oakland, California with trainer Virgil Hunter, and Ward likes what he seems. He feels that Khan is throwing with more power than he did previously now that he's with Hunter, and he thinks he could give anyone in boxing a tough time. Ward didn't [...]

Ariza thinks Mayweather may be looking at all the polls in deciding his next opponent

Who says @FloydMayweather is only looking at one poll and not the TOTAL, of all the polls to decide who He fights next.#justsaying— Alex Ariza (@ArizaFitness) February 17, 2014 Strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza thinks Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be using more than one poll in coming to a decision about who he should fight next between Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana. Khan thought he had [...]

Khan: People want to see Mayweather with a different style than Maidana’s

Amir Khan is still trying to sell himself as the right opponent for Floyd Mayweather Jr. by pointing out the flaws in the game of WBA welterweight champion Marcos Maidana. Khan believes that fans ultimately will prefer himself as Mayweather's next opponent rather than Maidana because fans have already seen Mayweather fight a lot of slow fighters. So they now will want to see him face a guy with quick [...]

Mayweather still not ready to announce his next opponent

Amir Khan and Marcos Maidana are still very much in the running for the May 3rd fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. For whatever reason, it's taking Mayweather longer this time to announce his next opponent compared to in the past. That's probably a good thing for the fans because it hopefully means he won't be selecting an opponent that fans project to have absolutely no chance of winning. Unfortunately, [...]

“Floyd Mayweather, Amir Khan, Marcos Maidana, Tyson Fury, and Derek Chisora” edition of “The Pugilist KOrner’s: Weekend Wrap”

Tonight at 9PM EST/6PM PST, “JEK III Productions” presents a special “Hollywood Villain” edition of “The Pugilist KOrner’s: Weekend Wrap”!! Pugilist KOrner listener line: 718-506-1506 During the first thirty minute segment of the two hour program, The Pugilist KOrner team will discuss Floyd Mayweather Jr‘s trepidation in choosing an opponent for May 3rd. WBA Welterweight Champion [...]

Khan encouraging his twitter followers to push for Mayweather fight

Only my follows and fans can push for the fight against @FloydMayweather We need to get tweeting him. Give the fans what they want.— Amir Khan (@AmirKingKhan) February 15, 2014 Showing signs of worry about his status for his proposed May 3rd fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr., Amir Khan is now encouraging his 1.4 million twitter followers to work in his favor to exert pressure on Mayweather [...]

Khan unhappy about having to wait on news about next fight

Amir Khan isn't a happy camper right now after waiting for almost a week without hearing anything from the Mayweather camp about his next fight on May 3rd. Khan thought he had earned the right to face Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the ring by virtue of his victory over Marcos Maidana in the Mayweather Promotions poll last week, but Mayweather has gone quiet ever since he announced the poll. Rumors are [...]