Has Kell Brook Retired? Amir Khan Says He Should, Is “Broken And Already Slurring”

08/14/2019 - By James Slater - Comments

It’s been quite some time since we saw former IBF welterweight champ Kell Brook in action, and even longer since “The Special One” lived up to his far from modest nickname and looked impressive in a big fight. Brook, still only 33 yet inactive, has fans wondering if he might have decided to retire already.

Last seen winning a wide yet dull decision over Michael Zerafa in December of last year, Brook, 38-2(26) has not convinced us he has recovered from the bad beating he took from middleweight Gennady Golovkin (September of 2016), or the stoppage loss he suffered in losing his belt to Errol Spence (May of 2017). Brook may or may not give it one more go and fight again but one man who says he does not want to fight him for fear of inflicting further damage on Brook is Amir Khan.

Khan, speaking with Ask The Experts Podcast , had some quite chilling words to say about Brook; the man who has, as we know, been calling Khan out for years. Khan says Brook is “broken,” and is “already slurring.”

“Kell Brook, I really feel he should retire,” Khan said. “I don’t want to fight him, give him a beating and hurt him. He should retire because he’s had two eye sockets broken, he’s already slurring. He’s been beaten up basically. Kell has nothing exciting going for him that’s why he keeps calling my name out and living off the back of that. If thd fight happens, it happens and he would get hurt. Boxing is a tough sport, especially when someone is already broken. I don’t want to be giving any more punishment to him.”

Khan himself had looked to be about finished, at least at top level, yet the former 140 pound champ still has his speed and, as he showed in Saudi Arabia in an easy win over the too-small Billy Dib, some serious earning power. Is Khan right, is Brook really damaged goods? Brook would no doubt disagree but until he can prove he’s not done – by taking a meaningful fight and winning it – Brook will have one big question mark next to his name.

Khan Vs. Brook passed it’s sell-by date a long, long time ago, and there really is no desire to see it now. We can agree with Khan on that score, at least.